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Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Real World MPG



  • ssanssan Posts: 5
    The power is the same as it always been since new which seems fine so as a basis for comparison I would say that that is not the problem. Dealer said everything came back to spec and now they would pursue the plugs like I had mentioned... after that they seemed to be reaching for a solution...I am reaching as well I realize we do mostly around town driving but in Buffalo NY traffic is never "real' bad. Our other vehicle is a v6 explorer and even that gets 14-16 around town so for the malibu to be getting similar something is off.. Dealer also checked for computer updates etc. Just not sure I want to start spending hundreds of dollars for experimental fixes. On the other hand I would like to solve the problem but at this point solutions seem vast and many!
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 399
    edited August 2010
    I guess I'm out of ideas on this. If you've stuck with stock tires( no reason for odometer difference) and the analyzer came up clear I don't know unless you're a severe lead foot driver. (I know I am compared to my wife, but not that big a difference) Hope you find it as we've always bragged to our friends about how good her Maxx is for an auto V6 when it comes to MPG.(she's got the power when she needs it with no apparent sacrifice in MPG). I don't think they made any big changes in '07 vs the '06 3.5L engine. I would have thought their tests would have revealed stuff like a stuck choke with all the things the computer measures.
  • I recently bought a 2006 Malibu Maxx with 41,000 miles. Yesterday I did some freeway traveling and was pleasantly surprised when my mileage per the DIC read over 32 miles per gallon for the trip. The route included hills, flats and some traffic so the mileage is a good representation of expected future freeway mileage. When I bought the car the DIC read 24 mpg and this is most likely the combined mileage the car gets. :)
  • malexbumalexbu Posts: 169
    I love my 2006 Maxx but the DIC number is about 2 MPG better than the reality. Record fuel purchased and the distance between the fillups, divide the latter by the former -- you'll get your numbers and tnen we can compare them with mine. :-)
  • sgr5516sgr5516 Posts: 156
    I had 2004 Maxx LS. Averaged 24-25 MPG mixed driving (calculated by me). Also, could go 5-6000 miles between oil changes per Oil Life Monitor. That car was totalled around 30,000 mi (no injuries). I replaced with 2006 Maxx LTZ, which has same engine, trans, steering as the 2004. The 2006 lifetime MPG to-date is only 20.4 (calculated) and oil needs to be changed every 3000 mi per OLM. DIC on both overated MPG by 2.0 mi.
  • malexbumalexbu Posts: 169
    Your data on the 2006 is close to mine 2006 LT: 2 MPG DIC overrating, OLM readings equivalent to about 3500 - 4000 miles between oil changes, recent (this sping and summer) real MPGs being 22-24, at the average speeds recorded from 24 to 42 MPH.
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