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Pontiac Grand Prix Fuel System



  • hey i am having same problem with my 2002 GP GT.just wondering if you have since fixed problem and what was problem hope to hear from you soon.anybody know how to fix this ??
  • No luck yet with the problem......
  • No luck yet either on my end. After dropping the tank down the first time to swap out fuel pumps, and noticed I have the fuel pump for the GTP. Go figure, GM trying to save money by using overflow parts. I travel about 280 miles between fill ups. thats my guage.
  • So Ragella you are still having the problem with your fuel gauge not reading correctly after replacing the, wiring harness for the fuel tank, fuel pump and sending unit assembly? I am reading the posts on the fuel gauge problem. I would have guessed the wiring harness would have fixed the problem?

    I have a 2000 Grandprix SE for my daughter.
    I am trying to trouble shoot the exact same problem with the fuel gauge reads full on engine startup and with a couple of minutes goes to empty with the low fuel light on! I even tried swapping out the tank fuel pump assembly with another good unit and still the same issue!
  • Fast Eddie.

    I gave up on the issue after the first time i dropped the tank down, to find out the fuel pumps are different. I work for Autozone, and I did some research. I have the same fuel pump, that goes with the GTP model. I picked up the unit for the GT. It was a pain in the royal, dropping the tank, to find this out. I use the odometer to keep an idea of how much fuel I have. I get roughly 280 miles on a tank. Let me know what you come up with.
  • I just wanted to share this information with all the Grand Prix owners. To access the fuel pump assembly on a 2000 model year & (Other model years), you do not need to drop the tank. In the trunk behind the rear passenger seat there is an access cover for the fuel pump under the trunk carpeting.

    I stopped by my local dealership today and asked about other possible causes for the fuel gage reading incorrectly. The next step after replacing the fuel sender unit and still having the gauge read incorrectly is to trace the wiring up to the front car. Looking for burned spots or animal chew spots in the wiring. The service manager did say they have a special tool to flash the gauge cluster to test for functioning. Cost is $25.00 I would imagine there would be an additional labor charge too.
  • at times while driving my car when accelerating my car jerks before the gear is released and also I can be at a stop sign and my car turns off. It accelerates on its own and decelerates while driving and especially parked and when stopped at a stop sign and light to where it either turns off completely or feels like it will turn off. Could this be my fuel pump or crakshaft?? please help. thanks
  • kamlkaml Posts: 1
    i have a 1993 grand prix 3.1L and it's not getting power to the fuel pump relay when the rest of the relays(AC comp., primary & secondary cooling fans) are getting power. Is there a kill switch or a fuel pump resistor i need to know about?
  • gtp00gtp00 Posts: 1
  • d588996pd588996p Posts: 5
    My fuel gauge is not working right. when I start the car it reads where it is, but when i drive it moves up and doesnt show me where it is until i start it again. it doesnt show if unless i keep turning it on to check. I thought it was the floater from the fuel pump but most floater issues have the needle stuck in one point not moving up and down, or moving up and returning down when stoppping. I dont want to replace the pump yet cause they are asking for 1000 Dollars. I think it might just be the gauge, other that the needle issue everything runs fine, no stalls no hard starts. turns on first try no problems,
  • d588996pd588996p Posts: 5
    did you ever find a solution the the gauge problem? I dont want to spend 1000 on a new tank if I dont need it.
  • Hi I'm trying to help a bud replace his fuel filter on a 93 prand prix se. Here it be?
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