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Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission Problems



  • Great! My coworker Christina, who answers the emails coming in from Edmunds, will be responding to you.
    GM Customer Service
  • NHTSA is investigating GM for the transmission problems with these vehicles GM FWD
    Pontiac Grand Prix GXP, Impala SS, Buick LaCrosse.
    File your complaint at...

    NHTSA Complaint Line
    (800) 424-9153; Open 8AM - 8PM (EST)
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    We did miss the original post, but we don't permit using the forums to organize legal action. The link to NHTSA and the investigation info is fine - just no collecting names, etc., to organize lawsuits. Thanks!


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  • Sarah,
    I just found this forum after my 2005 Grand Prix GXP transmission quit working. I made it to almost 125K miles, so I appear to be luckier than most of the transmission posts. I'm still not happy with the estimate of $2500 that my mechanic just gave me :-(
    This is my 5th new GM car that I have owned, and by far the most problematic and costly!
    As it currently stands, the transmission is done, 2 cylinders have been burning oil for years and I have a hole in the top of one muffler ($1350 just for the part to fix that).
    Unfortunately, I just spent over $1000 on new front tires, leaking oil pressure sensor, four wheel alignment and new plugs & wires.
    Anything you can do to help?
  • We would be willing to set up a Service Request and explore what options may be available; while I can't guarantee the end result, I can guarantee that we'll look into this thoroughly. If you're interested, please send us an email with more information, including your name/Edmunds username, contact information (phone and address), the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage dealership.
    We look forward to hearing from you!
    GM Customer Service
  • I have a 2006 GXP and My Trans just went out also. Car has only 80,000 miles on it and has had all maintiance on it since I have owned it. This is a bunch of Crap if you ask me. GM screwed up with this and they should fix the problem. I think they mass produced the trans for the GTP and put it in the GXP. What ever they did they need to fix it. I AM ON BOARD FOR A LAWSUIT
  • Have you already worked with Customer Assistance? If you would like to get a service request set up with us, please send an email with more information (including your name/Edmunds username, the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your dealership). My coworker Christina will advise you further.
    GM Customer Service
  • I have a 2006 GXP that would slip when shifted from reverse to drive. A long pause then bang into gear. In 2010 I had the dealer fix what they thought was the problem. The problem persisted after the repair. Lately the pause and bang has been happening more frequently. The acceleration is also a little more sluggish like the trans is slipping. I am waiting for the total breakdown, just do not know when. Currently the car has 124,000 miles on it. Any other sign to look for before failure?
  • My trans wasn't slipping but I had problems getting it into manual and the torque converter was going into and out of lockup. At the end the car was misfiring and according to the dealer the trans was making the car misfire. I had a hard time accepting that but with the new trans it does not misfire anymore. So if u start to misfire your getting close to the end. The biggest problem with this trans is it still very easily goes into and out of lockup at cruise and I think it wears on the trans more then others. A new remanufactured trans from GM was $1900 plus labor ($1200). It now has a three yr 50k warranty (or maybe it 36K) warranty but I will be selling the car before its up. Runs like a new car again and it looks like my gas mileage has improved. I'm still upset I had to pay for a new trans at 103,000 miles though, I have a BMW 3 series that runs great with 150,000 miles.
  • We have a 2006 Pontiac GXP and it looks like we might be starting to have transmission problems with it too. It is just starting to feel like it is a miss in the engine but the engine is fine.

    I am wondering if there have been any recalls for this model car? Last 8 digits of vin is 61217114 Any help would be appreciated.
  • Thank you for getting into contact with me on this. I looked up your VIN in our system and am seeing that there are no open recalls on your GXP at this time.

    Is this something you were planning on looking into further at this time?

    GM Customer Service
  • I have a 2003 grand prix limited edition, I"m having the same problems, Have you found out whats wrong. Please let me know thanks
  • i have a 03 grand prix, and is running fine, but when you stop at a stop sign and or light and go to take off, sometimes it shifts hard, like it kicks in to gear.. ? had a computer hooked up at autozone and no codes show.. have changed fluid and filter, then changed fluid again after about 200 + miles. Please help!
  • It's amazing that any owner of a 305 hp GXP to think Generous Motors would develop a new Tranny to handle the power when they probably used the trans from the S/C V-6 and threw a little "holy water" on it..Now the owners with the long term warranty have a great case..

    I've got the 06 GT w/260 S/C which I picked up on a whim due to 1/2 price w/4300 miles and it is close to 65k now..Avoid jack-rabbit starts and one should should get at least 120k before trouble starts..Steering shafts, engine mounts, and batteries are nemesis on mine..Extended high cruising in Florida will kill the tranny for heat is the damaging factor..235 degrees is about all I want to see on the tranny temp..10 to 15 over speed limit with outside air temp low 90s, oil cooler would be the way to go if one wants higher steady cruise speed..

    My ride is okay, not great, but for the price with all goodies, it's a keeper..Royal Purple oil in crankcase, Got rid of the H-rated tires at 40k miles and put on Michelin Harmony rubber, T-rated, 35# cold, rotated every 6k and rebalanced if needed..Went through 2 sets of tires prior, original Michelins went 30k and Hancook were trashed in 10k miles, dealer didn't correct a rear alignment problem..

    Since 40k miles all work is preformed by a small shop also a Tire Rack installer, 2 ex-GM Pontiac, Buick, and Caddy mechanics..High priced, but great..The car runs at any speed without a vibration to the max limiter..
  • etnbaddogetnbaddog Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    I am in agreement that the GXP's transmission has a design flaw. I had to replace my transmission (about $3K) 1,000 miles away from home in July of 2010. Although it had about 118,000 miles on on the odometer, I bought the car off the showroom floor, followed the service schedule, and used authorized GM service centers exclusively. I replaced it with a Jasper transmision and now at 143,000 miles, 20 months later, this transmission again has failed. The syptoms were exactly the same each time. Fortunately, the transmission is under warranty with Jasper and they are replacing it but they are not replacing the fluid cooler that was severely damaged when the tranny came apart. I will go with an external cooler to keep the temp down ($200).

    I would like to know if anyone knows the issue. The initial codes from the shop indicate excessive overheating of the transmission and Jasper will advise their findings once they recieve this tranny back at their facility.

    I love my car but I cannot keep replacing transmissions and I feel GM should make it right since they were aware of the problem early on. There are several service bulletins, addressing the issue. Someone please help!

    NHTSA Complaint Line
    (800) 424-9153; Open 8AM - 8PM (EST)

    (This is only one of the service bulletins.)
    Make / Models: Model/Build Years:
    CHEVROLET / IMPALA 2006-2007
    PONTIAC / GRAND PRIX 2005-2007
    Service Bulletin Number: 070730012
    NHTSA Item Number: 10021844
  • Did you find out the problem on your car? I have a 97 that's doing the same thing and can't afford a new tranny I'm hoping it's a simple problem please help me if you can
  • I have a 97 Pontiac grand prix gt with the 3800 moor. When I drive the car it'll drive just fine for a short distance then it's like it goes into neutral. When it does this I can turn off the car and restart it and it'll engage however shortly after the tranny will kick out of gear again. It doesn't slip when engaged and it still has power it's just like it slips until neutral hil cruising st highway speeds. Please help me I can't afford to by a tranny.. I hope it's a simple electronic fix. I've already changed the filter and fluid and it stopped acting up for a day or so them started again someone please help
  • I am very sorry to report that my wife's 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP is at the doctors office. They are doing a transmission replacement. Yep it only took about 1 week after symptoms started showing up before it went completely out. I am also sorry to report that in our area it is going to cost about $3000.00 to fix. We checked wit two mechanics and a dealer. All said the same price. Sorry it isn't good news.
  • :sick:
    I hope that the transmission replacement goes well and look forward to hearing an update!
    GM Customer Service
  • jjdx23jjdx23 Posts: 2
    I have a 84 Grand Prix with a 3 Speed Automatic Transmission... I need a list of transmissions that would work with the 305 V8 (perfer slap stick)
  • jjdx23jjdx23 Posts: 2
  • Add me to the list. 96,000 miles (6 months past warranty) transmission totally failed at a traffic light! Had to leave the car 5 hours away to have the $3300 transmission rebuild done. So I have that to pay, plus rental car, lost work and a hotel stay.
  • steve4979steve4979 Posts: 6
    edited April 2012
    And I should add that this is the second GM transmission that has failed for me in the past two years. We have an 05 Chevy Trailblazer whose transmission had to be entirely replaced at only 65,000 miles, again stranding us in another state.

    Over 40 years of owning cars and I've never had these issues with automatic transmissions until we started buying GM products.
  • The District Specialist called me today and they offered to reimburse me for half the cost of the transmission repair. I consider that to be fair and appreciate General Motors standing behind their vehicles, even when the warranty has recently expired.
  • So how did you start this process and what do I need to do????? We have just replaced the transmission in my wife's 2006 Grand Prix GXP at around 70,000 miles. That's $3,700 worth of crap. Had to replace the radiator too because is was so plugged with aluminum from the original tranny crapping out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • I started by e-mailing [email protected]
  • Thanks for the advice. I went to the Pontiac website and sent them a message. They replied I sent them the information they asked for. I actually had a real person to call me and talk to me about oug car & the problems we had.


    Our car quit in my hometown that has no GM dealer. My wife had it towed to a trusted mechanic there. They did the repairs needed to the car & did an amazing job with it, It runs like a new car now. But Pontiac told me they would do nothing due to the fact that a GM dealer didn't do the work. I got a quote from a GM service center & the price was almost exactly what our hometown mechanic charged. Around $3,100.00 It would be worth that for Pontiac to " HELP " with anything.
  • motorcity6motorcity6 Posts: 427
    I know the 2006 GPGT w/supercharged V-6 has a temp readout on Tranny oil and I try to keep it under 235 degrees on the freeway runs..At 90+ outside temp cruising at 80+ the tranny gets a little warm..Try installing a oil cooler and have fun..

    Approaching 70k and tranny works fine. It will go to a new owner if it misses a shift..Pronto!!!
  • I have a 2004 grand prix GT2 and when I am driving in heavy traffic for a undetermined amount of time I notice a delay in shifting from 1-2 and then 2-3. Although it does not do this constantly only after being driven in stop and go traffic or an hour plus trip. Could this be a shift solenoid issue or transmission itself? Any insight would be appreciated.
  • karonnakaronna Posts: 1
    I just had the same problems with my 2002 GT. The problems started last week and quickly got worse. At the fourth place I tried, he diagnosed it within 10 minutes and had it fixed in 2 hours. My catalytic converter was plugged full. He rodded it out and now it runs better than ever. Tons more power, smooth shifting. Might be something to look into.
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