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Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission Problems



  • Good luck to you. I spent over $4,000 and had the car back at the dealer 3 times and the better part of a month without a car before it got fixed (for now). All I got from GM was "I feel your pain".
  • The problem (for now) ended up being a bad valve body in the re manufactured transmission that they installed. There was no charge to fix it, but they had it another week and I had spent over $700 to have the motor mounts replaced when that wasn't the problem.
  • I updated my original post on May 08, 2013 #481. We've never had the car serviced, nor has the problem reoccurred. I manage my fluids myself, changed the oil last weekend. The tranny fluid looked in good shape, up to the top of the level. My wife wants to not press the issue, and get rid of the car altogether, before it starts trouble again, and breaks the bank.
  • gxpjoeygxpjoey Posts: 5
    Amen brother! Of all the bs talk from customer service as to what could be wrong with my 06 GXP Tranny, you sir sound like you have the ultimate answer.I just turned 80k on mine and Its time for an import! No more Garbage Motors!Thanks for the 411.
  • markg16markg16 Posts: 14
    Good Luck however.....and remember to report GM at
  • chrisd2chrisd2 Posts: 8
    I have been reading the Pontiac Grand Prix GXP transmission posts with interest and decided to post hoping someone from Gm would see this and respond, or maybe someone could tell me how to reach some one in authority at GM. I just had my fourth,that's right fourth transmission installed in my GXP in 89,000 miles.The dealer who rebuilt the other transmissions "only" charged me $1621.00 this time it was out of warranty by about 18 days and could not be covered under the 100000 mile ,3 year guarantee. Last time it was $1850 or so. The time before it was only $ 500.00 that one lasted approximately 2,000 miles. When i picked up the car it had many new scratches and a nice new ding. The heads up display also did not work. Back to the dealer today they tell me the problem is inside the dashboard and not related. WhenI called GM I had the pleasure of speaking to someone named Tommy who sounded like he was stoned. He could not string together a even half coherent sentence had no answers just told me my car was out of warranty. Anybody have any Ideas, could really use some help.
  • hello my name is misty and i am having tranny troubles with my gxp to. i have located a transmission that fixes all of GM's flaws. as soon as i can locate that website again i will let you know
  • i have found the website i was talking about. they say they have fixed the flaws in the pontiac trannys. im fixin to get one for mine. try the high performance one is right under $1900.00 and you can also add other stuff to make it better. they build it when you order it. i hope this helps.
  • chrisd2chrisd2 Posts: 8
    I would like to thank all the people who responded to my earlier post. I heard from pontiac the very next morning, they were very concerned about my situation. After three weeks of being shuffled from one person to the next, I was told there was nothing they could do for me because my vehicle was out of warranty. They stated that they had helped me through their assistance program by reducing the price of the transmissions.
    I responded by asking them if they considered transmissions a wear item and asking them to give me an answer as to why I would need four transmissions in 89,000 miles. They only would repeat their mantra that they had helped me and my vehicle was out of warranty. This has been a very frustrating and eye opening experience.
    Not sure what my next move will be considering a lawsuit have spoken to my attorney.
  • samgxpsamgxp Posts: 1
    my automatic transmission is not working. I now have to put the car in manual gear and use the tap shift to drive. the car hesitates a lot in first gear, and the transmission seems to be sliping in manual gear. I don't understand why the automatic transmission does not work??
    2005 I'm at Grand Prix GXP
    98,000 mi

    please help!
  • mrs1986mrs1986 Posts: 1
    edited August 2015
    Hello everyone...I'm the owner of a 07 grand prix.. I've had my car for about 2 years month into owning it, fuel pump went. The car was still under warranty so it didn't kill my I've always kept up on it's maintenance. Prior to owning this one I had a 99 grand last month the transmission slipped. I was at stop sign, preceded to go, car jerked extremely hard..I pulls the car over, turn it off then turn back on and it wouldn't move in DRIVE. Something told me to put the car in another gear and it moved... Car only moves in reverse & 1st & 2nd gear, barely and slower. Aamco told me to either get it rebuilt or replaced.. I don't have $2200 to kick out.. I stumbled across the blog and it's amazing how many of you guys are experiencing this same thing.....This should definitely be apart of a major recall.. I love my Pontiac and I don't wanna give up on it.. what will the dealership do if I take it to them? The warranty expired on it back in October. and on top of this, I still have to make payments on the car as well..I seen someone mention another warranty the car might be under.. I think a 5yr powertrain.....PLEASE HELP!!
  • I wish I could post all over the internet . Do not buy a Grand pix or the tranny then put in the car does not have enough power for the motor. GM screwed everyone who bought one of these eventually you will have to have a new tranny. Why they cannot see this I don't know. Everyone I know who has owed one has had to replace the tranny . Wish I would have gotten off mine earlier. Other then that I love the car. But what a rip off GM
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