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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Owners: Meet the Members



  • weldone99weldone99 Posts: 26
    Presently have a 2000 E class,which was my first experience with Mercedes and a very rewarding one. I read a lot of various stories on problems with the E, but I have experience very few. So I will go out in October and buy another one. Great gas mileage and a beautiful driving experience.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,327
    You will LIKE the car! It is much improved over the previous iteration, and despite the bad publicity, is reliable and inspires confidence when you drive it. I expect the 2004 to be even more improved.
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    Sounds like a good deal to me and the mileage is VERY low..! But I personally would buy an additional year or two on the Starmark warranty, just in case..!
  • cduongcduong Posts: 70
    Do you mean 87,000 miles?
  • iknow1iknow1 Posts: 7
    A Mercedes dealer has a trade - in 1999 E320 with 87,000 miles,has a Starmark warranty 5y/100,000 miles. Black on black,heated seats,moonroof, bose system with CD, etc clean car. Asking price is $22,000
    Is the price right? And is that too much miles? Since the warranty will be for just about 14000 miles before it expires. What maintenance problems should I be aware of?
    Please give feedback asap.Thanks
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    big difference!! 8700 vs. 87,000.... OK, now that isn't such a good deal. I drive more than 13,000 per year so that Starmark warranty would only last me about 8 or 9 months. The 99 has the V6 320 engine where my 96 320 has the straight 6, which had a head gasket at 116K miles (generic to lots of the straight sixes). I believe the V6 hasn't experienced the head gasket problem. So maybe you'll get a number of years of regular maintenance without major repairs. Make sure they deliver the car with new rotors, pads, shocks, tires (or at least with lots of remaining tread), etc. All that stuff will otherwise be needed soon, probably at your expense. Good luck..
  • cduongcduong Posts: 70
    microrepair... What symtom did you have pointing toward a head gasket problem? Is this a special case or expected for ALL '96 E320 . My '96 E320 has only 58K miles. Thanks
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    is basically a slow oil leak at the front of the block mostly on the passenger side. You will see oil dripping down the outside of the block and it will be on your garage floor or driveway.. It appears to be generic to all the straight six 3.2 liter engines and shows up usually around the 150K mark. Mine came a little early; 116K miles..

    After making an appointment (about a 9 day wait) I noticed antifreeze leaking and had to add a couple of quarts of water/antifreeze per day for the 4 days before it went to the garage. I thought it was another head gasket sympton as did the service manager. But after they finished the head gasket and refilled the cooling system, the water pump bearings turned out to be the cause of that leak. So another 2 days in the garage for a water pump. They did give me big discount on the water pump work. They already owned the rest of my monthly allowance (for about 3 years!!) for the head gasket..!
  • Hello, I just became a member and I have a ? concerning my oil light. I have a 1990 190e2.6 I put oil in last week an the light is on again do I have a problem?
  • I realize this is an E class category, but I am having difficulty establishing a price for a l984 500SL in immaculate condition. It is black with tan leather and has 72,000 miles, chrome wheels with all the goodies. My daughter owns the car and is the third owner. It has been maintained by one mechanic since being brought into the country as a gray market car.

    Does anyone out there have any idea what a car like this is worth? Hope someone can help.

  • I am thinking of buying a '04 E320; does anyone know if MB has corrected the electrical and other problems that I read about in the '03 model? I emailed MBUSA but have not heard from them. Any information would be greatly appreciated
  • How much does it cost for the 96 E?
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    I had 3 quotes; one from an independent service center in a range of $1600 to $2400 because they were suggesting that it would be a good time to do the valves and some other stuff as necessary. One dealer quoted $1630 and my own dealer gave the best deal; $1350 and they even gave me a loaner for the 2-3 days it took. The other places did not include a loaner.

    Needless to say, my own dealer got the job and they did a good job except stripped a couple of threads in the head that hold the spark plug cover in place. There are still 5 other screws that hold the cover just fine. I discovered this last week when I changed the plugs myself. Not a big deal since I don't think it will ever get another spark plug change; it's got 126,000 miles now. At least I won't be the owner at 200,000.
  • Just bought an 04 e320. Am not experiencing the same electrical problems others have posted, but i am having some other computer related transmission problems. I've had the car a month, and it has been in 3 times for the same reason. Sometimes the car does not engage in gear, you'll rev up the engine and nothing, then suddenly with a huge bang the gear engages. I think its computer related just because all the other electrical issues people have been talkin about. The dealer is now going to replace the entire transmission. I'm trying to get a new car instead. Does anybody know what this will do to the value of the car if I sell it in a couple years. I imagine having the tranny replaced on a car with 200 miles on it is not a small job and will probably show up on a VIN report?
  • My name is Peter K., and I go by pkmaven. I live in Southeastern Ma., 15 minutes east of Providence, R.I. I bought my 1987 300D Turbo in '92 with 90k miles on it and it runs flawlessly. I am the second owner who my friends think is obsessed with his car. I don't deny it! I have done much work including updating, replacing, and modifying. I now have 250k miles, but the car hasn't changed. MB US Tech Dept told me just before I bought it that I could expect 400k miles from this very rare MB. It was only imported one year to the U.S. This 124 body car was used in Europe as a taxi cab for years before it arrived as a six cylinder turbo diesel on the 100th anniversary of Daimler-Benz. The interior is as new-better, and the trunk is much better than new. The audio system is state of the art sonically, and there is no rust under my car. All the wood has been restored and I replaced all the vacuum pods in the climate control system. I upgraded to 16" wheels, Sport option sway bars, Euro headlights/wipers, braided stainless over teflon brake lines, Zimmermann cross-drilled rotors with Rotex Gold pads (no more black front wheels.) When we have a photo gallery I will post pictures.
  • I have had the same oil light problem and it seems to be everytime I put oil in the car. I drive a 1994 E300 Diesel. Even though the car has plenty of oil the oil light comes on. When I check the oil I have plenty there so I just wait unjtil the light goes out. I'm told it could be a faulty switch in the sump area
  • I own a 1994 E300 diesel W124. The fan for my heater works but it won't give any heat. I am told it is a temerature control solenoid. No one has ever heard of that. Any ideas?
  • Hello Karen and to all My name is Howard and I am new to owning an E class I have a 1992 190E it is brown with leather interior. I do enjoy driving the MB I have owned the car for the last 6 months. I so enjoy taking a drive with the sunroof open I just installed a new radio sounds great. I am a mechanic by trade and certified in Ford but I do enjoy learning all about my Benz I hope to in the near future to but a newer model. I have recently moved to Myrtle Beach from NY so I love the fact I don't have to worry about the same kind of winter driving. I would like to have more info on getting manuals on this model. I am looking forward to the new chat room. :shades:
  • My last benz, a 91 300e needed a new tranny at 100k, because it got stuck in 2nd gear. Now my 98 3320 4matic just had the same symptom. After being at the shop overnight they test drove it and it is "fine". The 91 tranny ran me a few thousand, I have no idea if this one is about to go. Anybody else having transmission issues like this?
  • hlehrhlehr Posts: 1
    I bot my 1998 MB E320 about two years ago. Have been very satisfied and pleased with my decision ever since. Had a need for a fast, smooth comfortable road car for extended trips to visit family in faraway places and the MB fill the bill precisely. It was meant and designed for lunch in Munich after slaving at your desk in Stuttgart all morning long.
    She had about 72K showing on the clock and I took it to a trusted mechanic and to MB for a used car inspection and they both gave it clean bill of health. There were some issues that I had taken care of and now am very happy with a formidable automobile. I have owned many, many different types but this is my first Mercedes. I will probably happily pay for maintenance and since I have sources for reliable repairs in both drive train and brakes and suspension, I feel that I will be treated fairly.
    I think I read that the E body style I have is the last one they made before the merger with Chrysler had any effect on build quality. I think it's the W body style and it was in the pipes long before the merger screwed things up.
    The earlier MB's were considerably more dependable than the newer stuff.
    Just feels like a million bucks! :)
  • Hello, my name is Victor. I recently purchased a 2005 E320
    with 27000 miles on it. Recently the car has developed a rough idle at times, happens in gear at stop usually after car warmed. On acceleration will hesitate and buck slightly
    and than be fine for a while..has been to dealer where all has checked out ok. No check engine light on..was wondering if anyone out there has had a similar issue???
    Thanks in advance...
  • My98 E320 is starting to idle very rough. It has about 139,000 miles on it. I got the oil changed, new oil filter, fluids checked but it didn't help. I use to put the cheap gas in when fuel was so high but the last two or three times I upgraded to the higher fuel. What do I need to do? Working Mom on a budget.

    Thank you,

  • Hello everyone, just got a 2006 E350 but the NAVIGATION seems a bit outdated. Where do I get an updated CD? The NAV is not very detailed either.
  • yes!! i have a 2001 E 320 and it is stuck in 2nd! whats the deal? i need a quick fix. also the battery will not hold charge. it has to be electrical related!
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