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Toyota Matrix Safety & Crash Test Results

paulie1paulie1 Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Toyota
Here's the latest crash results from National Higway Trans. Safety Admin. They also have results from prior years:


  • joey0708joey0708 Posts: 39
    i thought about buying a base matrix , but i knew i would want to order the side air bags since the regular corolla has a bad side crash test . i found out you have to buy the all wheel drive to get the side air bags . they were not doing them on any other model ,they told me they are not selling that well .i just thought i should get them , with the price you should get them .
  • papafrewpapafrew Posts: 2
    Two weeks after you posted this message, my 29 year old son died in his 2003 Matrix. The car hit a tree on the driver's side next to his head. The car did not have side airbags. No one should buy a car without them. Nor should anyone buy a Matrix. It collapsed on him like a tin can.
    Buy a car with top safety ratings, all the airbags, electronic stability control. See for safety rankings that incorporate as much data as is available.
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