Chevrolet Impala: Fuel/Fuel System

sbb2sbb2 Member Posts: 4
Hello everyone, I'm seriously considering the Impala SS as my next car. What grade of fuel is required for the SS 5.3? I drive alot of miles per year, mostly highway. I prefer the Impala's interior and Bose audio option over the Grand Prix GXP interior. Any changes for the SS in the future? Thanks!


  • quietproquietpro Member Posts: 702
    The manual recommends 91 or better but the engine runs fine on 87. I have run both and think I can feel the difference in acceleration but it may be in my head. Others have mentioned that approx $3 difference per tank full is worth the added performance and I tend to agree. Also, one has mentioned improved economy with premium fuel but I haven't noticed a difference...yet.
    As for the Bose system, it sounds great at volume but there is an issue while listening at lower volumes. Basically, it's a hiss similar to old cassette tapes that you can hear at low volumes or (since the sound system handles door/warning chimes) whenever there are chimes. Road noise drowns it out for the most part, but it is definitely noticeable if you listen to the radio at moderate volume with the ignition off. Try it at the dealer and you'll most likely understand what I'm talking about. If you happen upon a dealer that has a Bose system WITHOUT the low volume hiss, please pass that along to all of us. :) We are all waiting for a possible fix.
    One last thing, don't be fooled by the EPA mileage estimates on the sticker. So far, no one is getting anywhere close to 28 mpg highway.
  • matt0199matt0199 Member Posts: 1
    Hi i have a 2002 impala with about 140k miles on it. it was a well maintained company vehicle, but the gas guage hasnt worked in who knows how long.

    it fluctuates up and down all the time.

    is this a common problem? how can i fix it?
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    2003 Impala 3.4 a little history about it the lower intake gaskets replaced 4 times electrical system been worked on 5 times. This was when the car was under warranty. and the car only has 51,000 miles one it. now the fuel injector are going I put it on a scanner at a local shop to find the number 2 injector is out which one is that or should I change all of them ?
  • quietproquietpro Member Posts: 702
    Fuel injector problems are pretty rare. If you haven't already fixed this, just replace the one bad injector.
  • rbraserbrase Member Posts: 9
    Did you find out what the problem was?
  • johnnymayzjohnnymayz Member Posts: 1
    It could quite possibly be the altinator although it sounds strange, but that happened to my 1990 Lumina it was doing that for a while and when I replaced the altenator that stopped, figured I would mention it since the Impala is luminaesque.
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    1995 Chevy Impala, the gas pump keeps shutting off and wont let me fuel the car. I have replaced the vapor sylanoid and canister....
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