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Chevrolet Impala Performance



  • jpstax1jpstax1 Posts: 197
    Actually it's a highly modified 5.7 liter small block engine that's used by NASCAR racecars. It makes 750 HP.
  • kmausskmauss Posts: 74
    Hello! I've had my '07 Impala just over a week and loving it! I do have one very slight concern, and I plan to take it back to the dealer in the next few days, but I wouldn't mind other takes on it as well. (by the way, this is the 3.5 L V6). The car seems to shift a little "stiffly" or "roughly" -- I'm not sure how best to describe it. I can feel it more at low speeds.

    Now this car was a sales demo that had just under a thousand miles on it when I took it off the lot last week, so I would think/hope that if the salesman driving it noticed anything funky, he would have had somebody check it out. I could easily put it off to "it's a new engine and it's just a little stiff" but on the outside chance it IS something more, I'd rather be safe than sorry. I also drove the same car for seven years so it may be that I'm just not used to the feel of it yet.

    The car, is of course, totally under warranty so I'm not worried about cost. But I'd be interested in hearing from other folks --- new car getting broken in or actually something maybe not right? :confuse:

    I'm thinking I'll run by the dealer Friday afternoon. In the meantime, I'd love to hear from some other folks who have new(er) Impalas. Thank you! :)
  • shop4unowshop4unow Posts: 2
    I have the same problem with my '07 Impala. I've had it since Memorial Day weekend, and purchased it with 600 miles on it from the dealership. It has a funky clicking/dragging feel to it - mostly when decellerating and driving in city traffic. I've taken it to two different dealerships now, one who said they checked it out and could not find anything, the other who changed the oil and told me to bring it back for further investigation.

    Before I go back to the dealership of my choice, I'd like to be armed with some useful information. My husband drove it and could also feel it (slightly). My daughter drove it and could feel it. But, they do not drive it on a daily basis like I do. I know something is not right. I would appreciate if anyone else could help out with this problem - knowing if there are any recalls. I'm driving the car hoping it doesn't break down at any minute. :sick: Thanks!
  • I have taken my 2002 impala to the shop 2 or 3 times for a vibration or shuddering in the engine ---i am assuming. Everytime they get in the car they tell me they do not feel it. The last time that i took my car to the shop it was doing it just about everytime i would get in the car. I don't feel the vibration in the steering wheel and i have had my tires and front end checked and they tell me they are fine. When i am going down the road the vibration starts at about 25mph and will let up at 60mph but at 70 it starts again. If i let off of the accelarator the vibration goes away. Could you tell me what this is because apparently these mech. have no clue and they are looking at my car. By the way when i took it in for this problem they told me that my intake manifold gasket was bad so they replaced that, the water pump and thermostat. They said that my car had never had a tune up so they did that and an oil change and one other thing but charged me 1100.00. He told me that the tune up should solve the problem with the vibration. Well it didn't. :mad:
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