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Chevrolet Malibu Steering/Suspension



  • You can add me to the growing list of Malibu owners with a steering problem. My 2007 Chevrolet Malibu gives me a rattling and noise from and through the steering column at times, and while annoying, I could live with it. However, what I cannot live with is the fact that my steering wheel now will move on its own, jumping left and right. This problem comes and goes, and it has even expanded to locking steering out a few times. Having to fight my steering wheel while driving at highway speeds during my hour long daily commute is an incredible amount of stress.

    While I have read a lot about this problem, it seems like no one know exactly what the issue is. Who do I contact to get this problem corrected?
  • Greetings folks,

    A few weeks ago, I was driving around 70 MpH on an Interstate, passing a semi, and wound up spinning out, doing a full 360 and stopping about ten feet into a grassy median. My car was undamaged other than one tire eventually going down, though I had to be towed out of the median (it was wet). My tires had about 45000 miles on them (same as the car itself), so figured I would replace all of them, and did...with Michelin Defenders, which are apparently excellent tires. I had Pep Boys do the alignment as they did the tire install, but after making my 200 mile round trip commute (I drive 100 miles to and from a University twice per week), my car still felt very loose after I got up to around 70 MpH. Truly, it felt as though I were driving through heavy gusts of wind, even on a calm day. So I took it back in to Pep Boys, and they checked the alignment...and sure enough, it was quite far out again. They redid it, and also inspected other elements of my steering / suspension at my request...and they concluded that everything was fine. On Tuesday, I did my usual commute, and the car felt quite loose yet again. I took it back in to Pep Boys one more time yesterday, and they checked the alignment, various other elements etc., and it came back inconclusive.

    At this point, it seems as though I am just imagining things...and yet the results are legitimate. If I'm driving along and take my hands off the wheel, the car will sometimes take a fairly sudden lurch to the left, or sometimes the right. When passing other vehicles of virtually any size, the air differential is far more noticeable than it ever was before.

    So I guess what it comes down to is this: do you reckon that this is, in fact, just my imagination, or does my description give you any hints as to what might be the issue? It's not undriveable, but I don't feel comfortable going above the speed limit. It doesn't feel completely safe to me, yet I'm not going to take it back to Pep Boys yet again without a good idea of what the problem might be. I'm new to the area I'm in, so haven't found a good mechanic who might actually spend a lot of time trying to find the problem, as opposed to just doing the basic checks.

    Any thoughts you might have would be greatly appreciated!


  • Hello im having the same issue with exact same car and would like a lil more information on this recall, where can this be located so I can have some sort of documentation to show gm. Please help me here!
  • I have a 2014 Chevy Malibu and I am hearing squeaking/rubbing sound from inside when making turns. Anybody know the cause??
  • Although I traded in my '04 Malibu Maxx 7 years back, I do remember 2 of many recalls: its steering column had intermittent electrical contacts (caused steering wheel to pulse/shake), and the intermediate shaft universal joint between the steering rack and and steering power unit was generating clunks and pops. Those were fixed on my Maxx before trade-in.
    Although the Maxx had good seats and was a fine trip car, it had many suspension and trim issues and poor extended warranty support. It was my last GM car.
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