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Acura TL Audio



  • They used to have a small section for DVD audio, DTS and various other 5.1 formats, but no more. Tower records had the best selection. Don't be afraid to try some music that you normally might not listen to. The 5.1 sound is so enjoyable, you're just gonna want more. the stuff by Steely Dan might be the best out there. They recorded/wrote most of the songs with 5.1 in mind and it sounds like it.
  • I purchased a 2005 TL in Nov 04, the dvd audio demo disc was amazing, unfortunately I had to sell it and gave the disc with it. I just purchased another 05 TL, However, the Demo disc is different than the one I had before. Do you know how I could get the other demo dvd audio disc ?
  • In Re: Beatles Love in dvd audio does this come as a 2 disc set ? one in stereo and the other in dvd audio? Can you get this at Best Buy ? Where can I find it? thanks
  • I just ordered the 2 disc special edition. Sounds like what I'm looking for. What others can you recommend ?
  • 3 other great DVD-audio discs are:
    Steely Dan "two against nature" - sonically the best
    Eagles "Hotel California"
    Fleetwood Mac "Rumours"
  • jzuccojzucco Posts: 5
    I have an '05 TL and the NAV failed. Sent it out for repair and it is not serviceable, they state H2O damage which most likely from condensation since it is in the trunk. The issue is that since the NAV doesn't work it takes out all dash systems. DVD/CD does not work. Radio works but no station is listed and there is no clock function. The only solution from Acura is to buy a new $3K NAV system.

    Are there any after market solutions? Is it possible to run the DVD/CD without the NAV? This seems like a major design flaw......
  • Would this problem be covered under mfgs warranty ? 5 yr 50,000 miles ?
  • Just wondering if you had a chance to listen to the Beatles DVD? What did you think?
  • jzuccojzucco Posts: 5
    I would say yes BUT I have over 80k miles......
  • Hey I have the same issue with my '08 Acura Type S. I was about to start analysis on the wiring going to the factory amp but I wanted insurance of the exact source of the signal which changes depending on enginge RPM. And yes it only occurs when the doors are closed. So, I thought that perhaps this noise reduction circuitry was rooted through one of the internal microphones located above the center console next to the moon roof. covering these microphones did nothing. So while at th local Vandergriff dealer in Arlington I inquired of this issue to a service tech who claims to have installed aftermaret amplifiers into cars for a living and he says that these vehicles are not equiped with a noise cancellation system that could induce such a signal. I'm back to square one. I require the interception of this signal to obtain good cabin sound and amplified audio
  • the radio unit and the nav unit both have seperate codes. The factory stuck the radio (5)five digit code on the material outside the glove box door, while the (4)four digit navi code was on a serparate piece of paper inside the glove box. I experienced the same issue as I was searching for the insesant rpm-induced noise which is amplified by external aftermarket amplifiers.
  • krim9091krim9091 Posts: 1
    i just installed a amp and bass speakers in my 2008 acura tl type s and i had the same problem the only way to get rid of it is disconnecting the back microphone that is located behind the back ceiling light all you have to do is take the light down and there will be a green plug just unplug it and your system will work like normal with the doors open or closed
  • Heck I fixed mine a while back and it's still workng just fine. Helped myself by simply unplugging the device located behine the red display under the center channel speaker. I didn't wish to disconnect any microphone which went to the voice recognition Nav. sytem. When I removed my sub and amp system (because my car could get reposessed if I don't find a substantal job that can continue to pay for the car, after being layed off as a systemic result of the President Bush Regime), the car made noticeable noise. I simply wish that Acura would have thought of that. What trips me out is that they put the same systems in regular Hondas as well. I guess I should have watched the Suzy Orman show at an earlier time in my life. Oh well. Things are bound to pick back up in the economy due to our unity of hope as responsible citizens to the great Country.
  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 82
    Can anyone tell me, does the 08 TL have a USB port on the model with NAV
  • nemisis34nemisis34 Posts: 5
    It does not come with a stock accessable usb port, with Nav. The DVD player is hard-wired into the head unit. THe monitor is hard-wired into the head unit. ANd there is no difference on the Type S model.
  • thesellertheseller Posts: 1
    Six months ago my 3 year old put some coins in my tape deck. In addition to the coins i have noticed that when I turn the steering wheel back and forth while night driving the lights flicker on the cd player buttons.

    Anyway, to top it off I started getting some weird random thud noises coming from the sub, even when stereo is turned off. I finally got the coins out, but the noise and flickering lights still persists. In addition the 1,2,3,4,5,6 buttons as well as the seek buttons quit working(unless I hit the left side of the console with my fist). Any thoughts on this???
  • I have an 07 TL with the exact same problem, except the issue is with the driver side rear speaker. It took about 8 months for the system to make the intermitent noise while at the the dealership. Anyway, I was told it was the speaker. Since they don't have it stock I have go back in a few days to have it replaced..... Anyway, after its replaced I'll post if this actually fixed my problem. Btw, the dealer is fixing this under warranty...
  • 08 T/L dashboard center heating vents have no air flow when the heat is on but the side vents do.

    Is this normal?
  • I am trying to by a new car stereo (with iPod, Bluetooth, USB) to replace the existing Acura stereo. however it seems Acura has proprietary control and "
    If the factory radio is replaced, the factory sub will no longer work." - this is what the supplier of new car stereo says. unless I replace it with a new sub which is too much trouble.

    any suggestion ? thanks
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    yes, I asked about this on my 06. With heat selected I expected all the airflow to be from the lower vents but on the TL you still get airflow from the upper side vents but not the center ones. This is even if you have foot vents selected vs auto. Not how I would have designed it but that is how it works.
  • It's unusual but the car stereo guy's right...more or less. The factory sub is powered by the factory external amp located behind the passenger side front kick panel. Unless you know about electronics and aren't experieced in it I would suggest not spending the time to attempt wiring anything into that factory amp. Nothing is marked on it and it's difficult to get schematics for it. In most Acura's I've heard, the rear panel the subwoofer is mounted in incapable of handling a lot of vibration....So removing that subwoofer is a viable option since replacing the head unit negates the presence of it anyway; UNLESS, you simply purchase small 100-watt amp and wire that into your new head unit. You can remove the factory amp in this instance as well. The subwoofer wires will be color coded which go to that factory amp. Peer at the wires connected to the factory subwoofer and write down the color codes, find the wires at the harness that went to the external amp and seperate them.. All of the speaker wire will be similar and will match in pairs. It's much simpler to rewire all of the speakers in the car if you are replacing them. If it's not a 5.1 surround system it may be a bi-amped system. All of the 5.1 surround systems use one external amp for all speakers. But if all speakers go to this one amp then you'll have to pig-tail speaker wires from the plug-in area where the factory amp was, to the new head unit. Most Acura audio systems sound better than even aftermarket head units, because of their external amp. Alpine makes an amplifier that has five channel output which would be the best sounding option to hang toward. No addition of an enclosed subwoofer is necessary by using this option, but even adding a small one such as a bazooka tube mounted away from the floor and close to the back seat on the underside of the horizontal sheet metal would add a tremendous amount of bass. The factory sub doesn't truly add a sufficient amount of lower end decibels that are equal to the decibels the other drivers can produce....This is the primary reason why most people who love music add subwoofers.
  • thanks for the detailed info. I temporarily will use a FM transmitter to listen from iPhone when driving. Acura doesn't have any new stereo available for 01 TL, and for the same 01 TL stereo that I am trying to replace but not able to, they are selling as part with listing price of $850.!!!

    I guess it must be very difficult. otherwise the vendor (Clutchfield) will say they can make the new stereo to work with Acura installed sub.
  • I have run across this post several times over the course of the last year. My 04 TL has had the EXACT same problem as you described. After reconnecting the battery, everything works, except for the DVD-A. And, it will load the DVD but simply does not play anything. Did you resolve this issue. Though I'm certain others have had this problem, you have the only post anywhere on the web that discusses it.

    Best Regards,

  • jwboothjwbooth Posts: 27
    I have an 09 TL w/Nav. When I download more than one CD title by the same artist, and I do a Music Search by Artist of the music I've downloaded to the hard drive, it only directs me to ONE of the titles.

    E.g., I downloaded a lot of Rickie Lee Jones. The first one was a 3 disc set, "The Duchess of Coolville".
    I then downloaded about 4 other different CD's by her.

    If I do a Music Search by Album, each of the albums are listed.

    But I don't recall the album names for many of the artists for whom I've downloaded multiple titles, so I do the Music Search by Artist.

    It only has ONE listing for Rickie Lee Jones. If I select it, it takes me to "The Duchess of Coolville" and all of the songs from the 3 disc set.

    But it doesn't list all of the other CD's by her which I've downloaded.

    The manual covers Music Search by Artist on p. 326. There is no mention of this problem.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    If you have an '09 TL w/Nav and you have downloaded more than one title by a particular artist, I'd be grateful if you would do a Music Search by Artist, and let me know if you have the same issue.

    Any idea where I go for an explanation/solution/fix?

    I plan to ask the 2 Acura dealers in town, but when I was last at one of them and asked a question about the sound system, the service rep knew less than I did and suggested he'd ask one of the salesmen. A salesman won't know anything about this or how to remedy this unless he owns an 09 TL and encountered the same situation.

    I also plan to call the phone number listed as Contact on, but would be surprised if a phone rep can help with this.

    Any idea where I go for an explanation/solution/fix?
    It seems it would take an Acura sound system engineer to be able to provide further info (unless any of you can).
  • I will do it tonight and let you know, I have never done music search by artist- I do by album.But I have burned several CD's by the same artist, so I will let you know.
  • jwboothjwbooth Posts: 27
    Thanks, billyperks2. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Won't contact Accura until I know if it's a problem with the software in my car, or a problem with the way they designed the software.
  • ok-I did it.First it brings up all the artist alphabetically and it list how many songs for all the different cd's the artist is on.So if I have two cd's in memory with that particular artist, the name will be listed twice for the two cd's and the number of songs for each of the cd's .So probabaly there is a glitch in your HDD.
  • jwboothjwbooth Posts: 27
    billyperks2 - Thanks much. You've been very helpful.

    I'd like to make sure I have this straight before I contact Acura:

    In my case - If I've downloaded 2 different CD titles by an artist, and I "Search by Artist", and click on the artist's name, it will only list the artist one time, but IT WILL list the total number of tracks I've downloaded from both CD's.

    Just to confirm - when you've done the same, and you've downloaded 2 different CD titles by an artist, and you do the "Search by Artist", it lists that artist 2 times (one under the other)? So that you can click on either of the titles, rather than only one?

    Is that correct?
  • jwboothjwbooth Posts: 27
    Sorry, I wrote that wrong. It should've said::

    "In my case - If I've downloaded 2 different CD titles by an artist, and I "Search by Artist", , it will only list the artist one time, but IT WILL list the total number of tracks I've downloaded from both CD's."

    ALSO - it does not list the title of the CD for any of the artists in my "Search by Artist" file.

    Does your "Search by Artist" file list the title of the CD alongside the artist's name?
  • It does not list the title but the artist name appears more than once for each album that I have downloaded with his/her name. For example if I downloaded two CD's with Bob Marley, you would see his name listed twice with the number of tracks on each of the two cd's.
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