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Pontiac Grand Am Brakes



  • So i have me this awesome little car, pontiac grand am se 2.4 liter, 150,xxx great runner great gas mileage, very reliable. well i threw a brake pad in the front driver side, so i replaced the brake pads and rotor, (both front). since i did the brake job, (2 1/2 months ago) the brakes have been squeling very bad and getting progressively worse. also my abs light and check eng. light comes on everytime i drive it lately. (1 week) previously i had the same prob. (Abs)... (after my brake job) the mechanic replaced the front passenger abs sensor which is the whole hub ($200) fixed the prob but now its doing it again. (work done bout 3 weeks ago) so all in all.... front brakes squeeling, abs light comes on, front brakes not releasing rubbing on rotor. oh also.. brakes dont squeel first few miles. only after bout five. work ive done:

    front passenger hub replaced

    Front passenger caliper replaced

    Front brakes ( pads and rotors)

    rear brake drum inspection (both fine little brake dust but plenty of pad)

    what i believe wrong:

    falty or defective caliper? faulty defective abs sensor? pads installed incorrectly? (not likely) rotors installed incorrectly?

    any further ideas? would appreciate some further input and brain storming. thank you
  • diy777diy777 Posts: 1
    I was sitting in NJ traffic for an hour when I noticed my car was running hotter than normal, (3-4 notches). nbd I flipped the heat on and windows down and it was back to normal in a couple of minutes. However, a bit later I hit the brakes and...nothing after a few pumps they came back but only temporary. Now it's like that all the time I have to pump the brakes to keep them working. fluid level ok, vacuum hoses in good condition, new calipers and pads, and replaced the collapsed line on the drivers side. I'm getting frustrated any input would be appreciated.
  • :confuse: I have a 2000 Grand Am and the dash is lighting up like a Christmas tree, every warning light on for no reason! I had it reset by a guy at Advance Auto and it still didn't fix anything. Now I'm hearing LOUD bangs and the breaks lock up on me, in the middle of traffic most of the time! :surprise: The only way to get the breaks to let up is to drive in revere then go forward again, REALLY not possible in a traffic jam! Someone help! This is scary stuff!! :cry:
  • gina35gina35 Posts: 8
    There really is endless problems when it comes to these cars! I had a 97 Grand Am GT, that was a total pain in the [non-permissible content removed]..i couldnt even get my key out of the ignition,it was stuck and i would have to unhook my battery whenevr i went in anywhere! Not to mention sometimes it took me 30 mins to get it out of park..and the power windows?C'mon ppl if u own a grand am u have or have had a problem with ur power windows..and if u havn't..u will have! So even after all this i bought yet another one a 99 Grand Am SE..which i truly believe is possesed..and i still love her..dont ask me why! But no more...lesson learned> Brake Trouble,electrical issues for days,overheating! Grand Ams should have their own LEMON LAW!!! But i will drive mine till the wheels fall off..which may not be much longer! :)
  • i have replaced my master cyl 3 time. abs module 2 times. brake booster as well. booster came with a different check valve as well. and my brakes still lock up after driving for 10-15 minutes. all four brakes lock up at the sames time. it is a gradual lock up. they dont fully lock up. or at least i dont let them. shut the car off for a half a day and they are ok until i start driving again. any ideas?
  • My wife has a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT and it just started making a weird noise when braking at slow speeds sometimes. It seems to do it more when it's cold outside the noise occurs when braking when the car slows down to about 5 mph. The noise sounds like air is being depressed out of a small tube almost like a whoopee cushion and the brake pedal flutters a little bit as well but the car does continue to stop. To me if doesn't feel like the normal ABS brake feeling that the brake pedal does if you push it to the floor. Sometimes after it makes this light the ABS light will come on and sometimes it won't. It seems to make the noise most often early in the morning when it is cold out. Sometimes the noise occurs 3 or 4 times a day and sometimes it never occurs at all. If anyone has any idea's please let me know.
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