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Buick LeSabre: Problem Codes/TSBs/Recalls



  • piggpigg Posts: 4
    someting new, the car died, only the oil light went on. left the key in position 2 the fuel pump relay the low fan relay, the check engine light, the temp light and the voltage light turns on and off.the batt voltage 12.86 no voltage drop to talk about at the batt. i do not have a wireing digram of the pcm. this feels like a voltage condition or a pcm. after car starts batt voltage back to 13.84.this was the first time thime i did notice this . i want to thank all of you for all the help thats been given. if this rings a bell with anyone. i would love any advice
  • piggpigg Posts: 4
    the repair was the pcm. thanks for all the help.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,497
    Glad you found it.

    Thanks for reporting back. That may help someone else with a related problem when they read the forum.

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  • I just had mine tested and it came up with P0300 "Random Misfire" the mechanic said it's more than likely a tune up deal new wires and new plus it runs and Idols fine but the spark plugs do need changing
  • 93 Park Avenue with 3.8l supercharged Quad B driver code, replaced PCM and EGR still happens any thoughts no TCC shudder. SES light only comes on when coasting with no throttle.
  • quackulaquackula Posts: 1
    This sounds like the exact problem that I am having. Sometimes the engine will shut down leaving the change oil light flashing, I will about ten and it will start right back up again or sometimes you can see the electrical system shut down, the change oil light flashing and come back to normal. After you have replace the PCM any further problems? Thanks.
  • signotssignots Posts: 1
    Service Engine Soon light came on. A friend read the code and cleared it. A few weeks went by and now it's on. Car runs like like before; no issues. What is P0420?
  • repairdad1repairdad1 Posts: 1
    If the crank or cam sensors fail you have No start at all. If you have the tools and the abilty pull the valve covers and check the torque on the valve train and head, autozone can print out the specs for them and if you have a Harbor frieght near you can pick up the two torque wrenches for about $30. I suggest this because they may have been loosened to replace the lower intake gasket,theres no reason to do so but it`s a possibility.Also if you had the upper and the lower intake gaskets replaced depending on how many miles the engine had on it you probably should have replace the head gaskets also.It adds about 4 1/2 hours to the job and about $80 in parts And last did you check the two metal tubes under the EGR valve if they have a leak you won`t get proper manifold pressure
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