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Dodge-Plymouth Neon Electrical/Lighting



  • shopdog97shopdog97 Posts: 160
    My friend has an '05 Neon SXT and says that every so often his dash lights and headlights flicker when he's driving. He says it started about a month ago and it doesn't happen all the time. He found a loose wire on one of the battery terminals, I think he said it was the negative wire and snugged it up. All was great for about 2 weeks then it starts happening again. I told him it sounds like a short somewhere. Has anyone experienced this problem with your Neon? Please let me know so I can try to offer a solution to him. Thanks a bunch!
  • You possibly might need to replace the circuit board behind the dash. I did mine and all is well. I found a refurb online for less than $50. and replaced it myself.
  • The heater fan and everything relative will not come on, no power. When I try again the next day, all works just fine. Seems when it doesn't work is when it is cold enough that the windshield is icy. But I don't know why that would make a difference. Anybody have any ideas?
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