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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid



  • utc2utc2 Posts: 42

    The offer sounds pretty fair. I like the configuration of your car as it has a lot of additional options. May I ask where and who you dealt with?? My target at this point is between 10k-11k off an E250. I'm not sure if we will see significantly better deals in the next couple of months but that is only a guess.

    Enjoy your new car!
  • I don't buy it. I leased five MB from a North Dakota dealer and I lived in Minnesota. He delivered the cars to me. I still gave friends in Mn that buy cars from the out of state dealer. Unless it is a California law??? Makes no sense that you can't fly to Ca. Buy the car and have it licensed in your state.
  • Live in CT.,best deal so FAR is in New Jersey:
    2014 E 350 4matic luxury
    Steel Gray
    Beige mb tex w/burl wood
    Premium package
    Keyless go package
    Lighting package
    Driver Assistance package
    Heated steering wheel
    MSRP $65455.00
    Cash price $56.500
    This car would have to be ordered. Not sure how much better I can do,I do not plan on ordering until November.
    Just shows how an hour drive outside of Greenwich CT. can save you money.
    PS This is with a USSA discount.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,207
    If you take delivery in California, you have to pay California sales tax... If your state doesn't have a reciprocity agreement with California, you'd have to pay sales tax again, when you registered your car (possibly).

    A dealer in California could drive the car across the state line, and deliver... avoiding the state tax, but I could see why they wouldn't want to bother.. It could be that dealer's policy to not sell to out-of-state customers, because of those issues.



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  • 2 more examples. I leased a new 1986 Porsche 911 from the North Dakota dealer. Flew to the dealership and drive the car home. Dealer charged me Mn sales tax and I was billed by Porsche in Mn. Same with the Mercedes I leased. My cousin drove to LA to lease a 2010 Nissan Maxima. Same thing. Dealer charged Nevada sales tax and Nissan billed my cousin in NV. No issues at all. He saved a literal fortune by leasing the car in LA.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,207
    It's easier with leasing.. CA charges tax on the monthly payment, so no big upfront sales tax charges...

    As I live near a border, I buy almost every new car across state lines.. but, those states don't have CA sales tax rules... I can see how the dealer would have a policy of not selling out of state..



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • utc2utc2 Posts: 42
    Just received this quote from DD at MB in Long Beach...

    MSRP 58700
    Invoice 55308
    Price 48008 plus tax and license

    Its close to my ideal configuration but I like the look of the new headlights with the lighting package so I may sit tight until I can find a closer match. Thanks to pingpong30 and others for posting their contacts.
  • Ht123,

    Can you confirm if this quote is for a purchase, or lease? Seems that the offers for purchase have been more aggressive from dealers.

    I am in the Bay Area looking at leasing a gas E350.

    Thanks for the info!
  • utc2utc2 Posts: 42
    I have followed pingpong30's advice and contacted those mentioned earlier from his list of dealerships. I would agree that DD from LB has been very honest and prompt with his email responses.

    I am a little skeptical about PL from Encino. I live about 100 miles from his dealership and I received this response when we started to talk about prices. Unless you have something in writing, I would be cautious with this dealership.

    "You are outside of our selling area and the dealership is not interested in selling you the car! Fyi"
  • You received an excellent deal, I hope that you have already taken advantage of the opportunity as the programs for Mercedes-Benz have already begun to change and dealers are not able to offer such aggressive pricing.
  • And your getting this info from where?History has shown that deals get better in November and December.
  • I concur. I live in Texas and PL from Encino told me his dealership would not sell me a car. I followed LexusBill, Pingpong30 and others advice to email others. DD at LB would. He responds very quickly to emails and gave me a good feeling. I ordered an e350 from him, since non in stock had my specs. It have a Built Date of 11/3/13.

    My only concern is,he could not quote me the final sales price until the car is at the dealership. Best case scenario, the car arrives in Dec and I get a great winter event price. FYI- F.Jones was also willing to sell out of area.
  • For those calling PL at MB Encino, I would talk to the President of the company to inquire about that policy. It is hard for me to believe that if you walked into the dealership, that they would refuse to sell you a car. E
  • lexusbilllexusbill Posts: 59
    edited October 2013
    one can always get a one-way registration to drive it home, then pay DMV when you get home, on tax and tag. for lease, one pays the tax monthly anyway. when you move from one state to another MBFS will automatically adjust your next pmt, based on your new zipcode.

    DD is a great gent to deal with, though not sure why he quoted me a number which is higher than the rest here. he does not have the car i want as well. ordering is good, but he cannot give any "final bona fide pricing", as no one know what the next month incentive will be, esp MF and residual. worst case is you do not get the car and walk away.

    Nov and Dec are the biggest car season for the dealers, and car maker, they will do almost anything to push yr end target goal. I might have to order the car as well. just found out my employer has another deal with MB, so i obtained a control number thru MB to get more discount.

    lastly, i would not go to FJ at newport as the guy would not tell me anything over the email, and i have to "come down to get the best deal", the guy is still trying to sell a car like he lives in the past
  • utc2utc2 Posts: 42
    Sounds like there are several of us in SoCal looking for a competitive deal. I'll pass on my observations. I'm looking for an E250 and I believe the Nov/Dec incentives will be the same so prices should be comparable. Right now 11k off sticker is the best deal I have been quoted locally.

    1.) DD in LB - Very quick responses and seems honest. If I were to order a vehicle (as opposed to current inventory) I would go through him as he seems honest about passing on any extra savings.

    2.) PL in Encino - As discussed, does not seem very honest with his responses. I did call him out on being unwilling to sell to me since he mentioned I live "out of area." Here was his response: "Alright. What would you like me to do? This is not a deal for me. (No profit) fyi"

    3.) ER and JS at FJ in Newport - I don't feel that I will get the same type of deal from these guys. They seem to have the largest inventory so in Nov/Dec they may be more willing to offer better deals. I don't think they would pass on the same savings like DD on a factory build.

    4.) MD at Silver Star in TO - Much like DD, very honest and quick with responses. She also provided the biggest discount at 11k (but I think she was trying to beat DD). She actually gave me the 11k off MSRP price on a car headed her way in November so I suspect she may know that the incentive is the same for Nov??

    Hope this helps some of you out there.
  • Thanks utc2! Does your 11k discount from Silver Star or discount price from LB require a special membership, ie USAA, Costco etc.?
  • utc2utc2 Posts: 42
    No additional discounts for the 11k off MSRP quote. I do not believe you can stack discounts except for perhaps the "loyalty" club membership discount. I will defer to others on that one.

    I was always under the impression that a factory build would negate any huge savings however from talking to DD in LB and MD in TO I believe the incentives will be similar in Nov/Dec and they seem to be wiling to offer the same ballpark discounts.

    Good luck negotiating....
  • Hi utc2,
    Your post is very helpful. I am also in SoCal and am looking to buy a 2014 E350 sedan before year-end. Is the 11k off MSRP for any of their in-stock vehicles? I'm looking for one around the 58k-60k mark, not the higher optioned vehicles. Thanks again for posting your information.

  • thx for the detailed report. i have the same feeling about FJMB in newport. yes, they have the largest inventory, cuz they sell the most MB in the USA. they are also located in one of the most affluent area, so they can be kind of "snobbish" as no quotes are given over the email. at least for me. i would rather give business to smaller places where my business is more valued

    the $11k off is for purchase/finance as there is $2k more incentive

    plus, one should look at % off, rather than straight dollar. to get 11k off on a $58500 car is GREAT. but on a $60+ msrp car one should aim for similar % discount.
  • Lexusbuill, You are so right,we all should focus on % off rather then the money off,that being said i think shooting for around 15% is a very good deal, yes / no ?

    Now if I can find a few people in the NYC area who want to purchase in late November maybe we could get more % off!
  • utc2utc2 Posts: 42
    Lexusbill/Tgseaver are both correct, the discount can be deceiving if not factored as a % off MSRP. Both LB and TO are offering about the same 18% discount. This would be for purchase and either a factory build or car from their own inventory. That said, toward the end of the month I'm sure they might be willing to go even lower on a car sitting in their lot.

    Johny529 - If you are looking to purchase an E350 in that 58-60k range, I would recommend checking or the individual dealer websites to look through their inventory. There are 3000 E350s in SoCal so odds are you will find a configuration you like at multiple dealerships in that range. Then, I would check to find sales staff who are highly rated (like DD in LB or MD in TO). Personally, I like to work with the internet staff that way a final price is negotiated in advance without any face to face haggling. I would wait until the last week of the month to negotiate as they will be more inclined to deal at that time.

    If you are looking for options that are not common (like illuminated door sills for example) then you can probably start your search now since you are purchasing a factory build which can takes week to deliver and your final price is based on incentives for that specific time when its delivered to the dealership.
  • utc2, prior to reading your informative post, i found out from reading this thread you can get 18% off on leasing, and 20% off purchase( quote from Encino). I believe one gent bought from LB for 18% off on leasing
  • actually here in LA. 15% is kind of the "minimum" discount
  • cuibapcuibap Posts: 15
    how much do i expect to pay in Houston for 2014 E-350 sport, MSRP around 65,000.
  • I am thinking of buying an E350 Wagon 2014 with the following options: Premium Package 1, Driver Assistance Package, Park Asist Package and Rear Seat Entertainment. The MSRP comes around $68895/-. Has anyone bought this configuration in the bay area and if so what's the best deal you got and from which dealer.

  • Hey there I'm also going to trade in my current 2010 E350 for a 2014 this month. What kind of deals are you finding? Incentives, etc? I'm a novice at this would love to hear any tips in negotiating. The one im getting has a sticker price of 61k
  • I am ready to pull the trigger and purchase a new 2014 E350 Sports Sedan. I live in San Francisco. Can anyone share his/her experience on the price paid please?
  • benz79benz79 Posts: 5
    Well from my quick search dealers in Bay Area are crooks. I ended up doing my custom order through DD in LB. As you can see from previous posts, he is forward with written deals, and incentives he is passing to you.
    My deal is invoice-$2000-any incentives when car arrive
    For a car he can get from inventory its invoice-$7200.

    GL with your hunt
  • California is amazing...the best I have got here in New Jersey is 6K off MSRP for a 63K configuration...
  • I have been shopping around the Bay Area MB dealers for a while now. Most of the dealers are typical liars and are not interested in your business if you're looking for an aggressive deal. I got my last car, an E350 Bluetec 2 years ago, from RAB Motors in San Rafael. Barry is very forthright. I'm getting my 2014 from him next week. If you talk to him, tell him Kevin E sent you:) He will give you a very aggressive price with no long and drawn out haggle session. They will tell you about all of the incentives, etc. It's just easy. Also, if you'll be leasing, they only quote the buy rate so you know they're not marking up the money factor for extra profit. Stay away from MBSF and MB of Oakland. They are just terrible. Same with Autobahn.
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