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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz E-Class Prices Paid



  • Just picked it up on Friday

    Sport exterior
    Premium Package
    (Navi, backup camera, etc)
    27 months
    27,000 miles
    $1,000 down includes first month payment and some other bs fees

    Very thrilled by the deal and more importantly by the vehicle. Been driving it all weekend, can't stop won't stop.

    I used a lease broker, didn't go to the dealership other than for the test drive and to see the vehicle in person.
  • vinojon: If you don't mind sharing, what dealership did you lease the car from and which lease broker did you use?
  • Hi all, I see the great deals in southern California, but I'm in Texas and traveling out of state to buy isn't really feasible. Can anyone here give me an idea of incentives/discounts/expectations for an E350 coupe in Texas? Thanks.
  • Don't know about Houston, but here in D/FW last month the two dealership groups were discounting in the 6%-7% range. After getting advice here, I contacted several So.Cal dealerships. One, Dez @ L.B. responded quickly and seemed honest and straight forward. I ordered an e350 sport sedan build, no deposit required.

    MSRP: $65,845

    Sell Price: $54,004

    Dez says he does out of state deals all the time plus he has a friend that can transport the car for $1050 enclosed or $650 open carrier. Shipping from L.A. to DFW will be on my dime, but I won't have to travel there since the paperwork can completed via overnite mail. I will also have to pay the 6.5% Texas sales tax to register the car in Texas, but no Cal. tax.

    The only caveat being if the current $5k incentive ends before the car arrives in Dec. It's unlikely, but if it does end, I can just walk away from the deal according to Dez.
  • bzjambzjam Posts: 12
    I'm looking to purchase in Houston and I'm being told about $7500-8500 off.
  • Oh really? Which dealerships? Thanks
  • Broker name is Joel Flohr at Executive Auto Group, his website is here

    Dealership is in Virginia, I have to check my car to see which one. I'm in FL, he had it sent down here.
  • Thanks for the information! Enjoy the car. So far, I am being quoted around $560 a month for a similar equipped vehicle in the NY area, but with $2150 down, which includes first month, credit fee, etc. 27 month lease, 12K a year.
  • Vinojon, The deal you got sounds great! what was the MSRP. Did you get the residual buyout or value at the end of the lease.? Mbtex, ? The reason for the questions is that I am actually looking for the exact vehicle in Miami, Fl. and just wanted to use some of your information. Your deal sounds wonderful and it is in line with what I would like to put together.
  • Cap Cost is $51,175
    Residual is $38,552
    Yes to MBTex (probably should have gone for leather, if only just for the smell!)
    Did you give the lease broker a call?
  • kvincekkvincek Posts: 21

    I am not sure where to post this question. I do apologize if I am posting at the wrong forum. I am interested in buying a CPO 2012 E350 possibly with less than 30K miles. MBUSA.COM has the vehicles and most of them are sport version which I don't really mind. Anyway is this a good idea to get a USED E350 and what price range should I expect to pay?

  • aghoshaghosh Posts: 21
    I am also interested in answers as I am in the same boat. Any thoughts?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    We have TMV for certified cars, so that would be the number to meet or beat.

    Some dealers are better than others than checking off the items on the certification lists, so it pays to double-check (or at least spot check) their work. And if you want an MB certified car, you need to make sure it's factory certified and not some sort of dealer or third-party certification.
  • aghoshaghosh Posts: 21
    That link helps. Thanks
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