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Volvo C70 Interior & Trim

johnh7johnh7 Posts: 67
edited April 2014 in Volvo
Ok - so I just ordered my C70 for delivery in perhaps 3-4 months. I still have time to choose my colors. I'm thinking black on black, but I'm wondering if the Cream Calcite might look better with the black exterior since there is more of a variety of color within the context of the total interior.

Personally I'd go for the silver/black combination; that is, if every other car here in the east coast of the US wasn't silver, but

Obviously it would be nice if these were in the showrooms, but they aren't. The only one I've checked out up close is red - very nice, but I've been driving a tomato red A4 for a few years and need a change.

Thks in advance for any help if you've seen the Calcite on a black C70 and have a point of view.


  • jeepwmnzjeepwmnz Posts: 12
    Hi: I have a cream calcite interior on my black C70 that I've had for about 3 weeks now. I love it. I purchased the Volvo interior leather cleaner because I anticipate that it will get dirty driving with the top down. I myself wouldn't go with the black interior; too hot in the summer! Anyway, the cream looks pretty fine!! Good luck; trust me, the wait is well worth it! :)
  • johnh7johnh7 Posts: 67

    I think I'm going in that direction. Volvo might have made it an easier decision if they offered a tan or caramel option or alternatively improved their website so you could actually get a better sense of how the color combinations really look. It's hard with no cars in the showroom. I will get a look at a gold/cream car next week that's coming in but I'm not sure I'll get a feel from that combo.

    I'm not too worried about the cleaning part since it's just so easy to flip the top up, but I was wondering whether the black/cream contrast was too sharp. You obviously like it. I probably will as well.
  • asjaasja Posts: 22
    Color is a personal thing, but I think the Calcite is too white. It's not a practical color for me, so I order the black interior. Plus I think the black interior will make the aluminum trim pop out. I ordered magic blue so it wont be completely black. The demo I drove is magic blue/calcite, and it does look nice, just too white for me.

    I like the red also, just too red, and the silver, well, everyone seems to drive silver. So I was tossing up black, blue, and gray, and decided on blue.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,448
    I like contrast between the exterior and interior..

    I think the most striking combinations have some shade of red or natural brown for the interior color... Not sure if Volvo offers those, though...


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  • asjaasja Posts: 22
    I probably would have ordered the natural leather Volvo offers in other models, but it's not yet available in the C70. But the current choice is black or white, not really much choice.
  • johnh7johnh7 Posts: 67
    I actually got to see a few C70's because they had some sort of event going on here and brought a few cars in. I decided to go with the flextech. Just seems like it will wear a lot better and the quartz is what I wanted with the black exterior. The cream is very light and there's a lot of it.

    Agree with those who say the premium sound is worth the money. The salesman almost blew me out of my seat.
  • I know this topic has been inactive for awhile but....

    I personally like lighter colors in a convertible. Convertibles seem like something that people buy for the summer and the sunny weather. To me, that just makes a lighter color more appealing. A gray/black color might be nice and more practical, but it doesn't really seem as exciting or vibrant in the bright summer sun as a lighter tan/cream color would.
  • I got a dark color interior (off black, as dark as it gets)because I thought it would go better with my black exterior. I think it would be nice if Volvo had the same sort of specially treated leather that BMW now has which reflects light (prevents absorption, I guess) and, thus, keeps the interior at least 10 degrees cooler...
  • johnh7johnh7 Posts: 67
    I did the black with black. Taste is personal, but I thought it was much more sophisticated and I think the darker interior is more consistent with the Volvo dash and console design. Anyway - my ship leaves Sweeden today.
  • I agree and that is also a reason that I picked the black on black. I thought that it would make the brushed aluminum "pop"... How exciting! Hope you enjoy your new whip. Wish I could track mine... it's still not showing on the track website. But your timeline gives me a point of comparison. (You earlier said that your expected delivery is a couple of weeks earlier than mine so maybe I'll be able to track in a week or so.)
  • blamb3blamb3 Posts: 41
    I agree with you on the light interiors on the convertibles. I got the flint grey with the quartz interior(very light grey) it looks great, contrasts nicely with the exterior, and shouldn't get super hot when the tops down - though this time a year in Wi. the heated seats are getting more of a workout than the top. You seem like a smart young adult, convince your Dad to buy this car and I guarantee that he'll be thanking you - this is an awesome vehicle.
  • johnh7johnh7 Posts: 67
    I think the arrival dates are guesstimates - not scientific. The dealer has given me different dates each time I've asked.

    Anyway - the ship is due in NY on 11/28. It's a 14 day voyage. Don't know about clearing customs and actually getting the car on the lot.
  • tsk1tsk1 Posts: 31
    The amount of time in customs and USDA tends to run from 2-5 days. There are examples with full inspections of selected vehicles that they are held up to 14 days. They then sit in the car lanes until the car carriers arrive. dependent on routing this can take a few days. That said statistically the volvo dealer delivery date estimate is the most probable date. Our vessel arrived at port one day earlier than originally scheduled and we picked it up at the dealer on the originally estimated delivery date (Nov 7). Great car but if you have heard about the 'barking dog' syndrome, it does still exist with the 2007's.
  • Thanks for all the input. I do agree with the point about going along with the interior. One thing I don't love about this car is the interior. I've always liked the luxurious wood interiors as opposed to the more simplistic design of something like the C70, but it's well executed enough in the C70 to gain my interest.

    And as far as convincing my dad...I wish it were easier to do so. I think this is the right car for him, but anytime a nice convertible is available I think it's right for him. This time though, it's more legitimate. He always finds a problem with everything, but I think the practicality of the hardtop with this is definitely gonna help my cause. Also, thanks for calling me a "smart young adult". At least someone thinks so ;) This is definitely a better response than I got the first time I posted on the forums when I was around 13. Thanks!
  • Well young sir - if you like Celestial Blue and favour luxury wood effect - feast your eyes on both, via the pics of Lemenn's C70, as featured in the previous thread 'Volvo C70 Convertible 2006 +'. Log onto page 46 and check out message #906 - and have dad with you to check out the wood effect and particularly the steering wheel - oh, and it's awesome to the touch too!

    Sadly - for you - it appears that the combo is not available Stateside, so maybe I shouldn't whet your appetite and now snatch your meal away.

    Good luck - and remember, your day will come when it'll be you be choosing the family wheels!
  • Haha thanks! I have seen those pics though. I'm not sure I love the wood with this particular vehicle's interior, though the more I see the pics the more I've been getting used to it. I'll have to see how it would work with the lighter interior and the Celestial blue, as I believe that's what we would go with (but we still have a ways to go before we get to make those decisions :( ). I believe the wood is available as a dealer installed option...if not, we could always get it done from an after-market place.

    Fortunately for me though, I'll be getting my permit this March :P Should he get this car by then or even thereafter, I'll have the priveledge of driving it too! However, after speaking with my dad, it seems we'll be replacing my mother's 2001 MDX before his '99 TL (yes, they like Acuras). I think the TL is eventually gonna be mine anwyway, though I'd prefer something a little sportier. Either way, I'll be happy to be driving on my own and just to have some new cars in the garage, so I look forward to these next few years!
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    We also ordered the flint gray with quartz interior. At first we were going to get celestial blue with calcite cream but I preferred the quartz interior because several elements of the interior are already that color or coordinated with it and I thought it would have a more uniform effect. I chose the flint gray exterior because I've seen an Audi A4 ragtop with a similar color scheme that looks really classy. Fortunately my wife indulged me on the choice of colors - remarkable since she has her own opinions based on years in the garment industry. I got to see a C70 like we ordered in poor lighting conditions, so it was kind of hard to be sure but I think it will look terrific. Have you posted any picures of yours?
  • Does anyone know where I can purchase the full interior wood trim kit?
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    You can get it directly from Volvo. See details in this link:
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    It is the same kit that is in the S40 2.4i, so look at one of those before you buy it.
    It is not real wood sadly.
  • I am actually looking for an aftermarket wood trim kit for a 2000 C70. Does anyone know where I can find a decent one? Volvo seems not to sell the entire kit.
  • miamcmiamc Posts: 1
    I love my 1998 C70, but I will admit that it isn't perfect. With proper maintenance it keeps running well, and I've been a stickler about repairing even non-critical problems. But this one has my mechanic stumped, and now it's escalated:

    First the passenger seat froze in a forward position. My mechanic (an independent Volvo guy) hooked it up to his computer and moved it back, but couldn't get the onboard seat computer to work. He didn't have a replacement for that side (only a driver side one), and he didn't want to order one without knowing if it would fix it. Fair enough. I mostly drive alone anyway. So it's been frozen for about two years now.

    Yesterday the driver side seat adjuster stopped working. I think it's a different problem because if I fold the seat forward the motor moves it forward like it should. But the adjustment and memory buttons won't work. And when I fold it back, it does not move backward like it should. So I daren't lean it forward at all because eventually it'll run all the way up and there won't be room for me to sit behind the wheel. It would be better if it were completely frozen like the passenger seat!

    In any case, does anyone have any experience with or sage advice about seat computer and motor problems. And can anyone explain why on earth they'd build the car so that you can't move the seats without power?

  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,229
    Have had the same problem with the drivers seat on my 99. Sounds like the bracket that holds a little spring that controls the seat micro switch broke. If you're lucky you may see the spring on the rear floor, if so, keep it and take it to the dealer. It's about a half inch long. Yhe micro switch is located on the bottom of the seat back above where it pivots. If you can find it, push it towards the front of the car and all controls should work, for that seat. It is a two handed operation!! This may also be the problem with the passenger side. Cost to fix the bracket at the Volvo dealer was around $50.
  • larry466larry466 Posts: 4
    I have an 07 C70 and the seats are driving me crazy, they constantly lose their memory and besides that when I press the button at the top of the seat to move it forward it does all kinds of strange things like adjusting the tilt, not doing anything, and sometimes moves it forward but won't move it back. Has anyone else had this problem,what suggestions do you have.
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    I have had problems with the key memory as well as the settings on the seats. Often it moves the right hand mirror to the extreme outboard position and keeps pushing it, making a disturbing thumping noise that can't be good. Sometimes it won't stop until I use the mirror control to turn it back. I have't had the car that long but I intend to bring it to the dealer's attention when I take it in for its first service. I also noticed that the key memory only works when the driver's door is open. It stops adjusting when the driver door is shut so I have to stand there waiting for it to finish before I get in and shut the door! I am hoping that there is a software fix that the dealer can take care of.
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    I haven't gotten the memory function to work properly since I got the car. neither the key memory nor the onboard memory works right all the time. The dealer said that it wasn't set properly at the factory, but even after they reset it, it's still quirky. Anyone had similar issues?
  • jecklesjeckles Posts: 87
    My wife also has trouble with the memory function, but I haven't checked out what is happening...

    There are two memories: one for the keys and one controlled by the buttons.

    The keys set the seat and mirrors based on how they were set last time for that key regardless of the memory settings in the seat buttons. So don't get your keys mixed up with your spouse.

    When I borrow my wife's key, I need to press one of the seat buttons to change the seat and mirror. Then the next day when she uses her key, she needs to use the seat button too to reset things.

    However if we don't trade keys, the seats automatically adjust when I open the door using my key...

    Hope this make sense
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    I'm having trouble with both the key memory and the seat button memory. Sometimes the key memory will adjust the seat and left hand mirror but not the right hand mirror. The seat button sometimes will turn the right hand mirror all the way out or all the way in and keep trying to go further making a distressing clunking rhythm until I touch the right mirror button and adjust it. The same thing has happened with the key memory a couple of times. I unlock the car and go to the trunk to put something in and the next thing I hear is the right hand mirror clunking. My wife and I never switch keys. She has never complained about the memory settings but I'm not sure that she understands what they're supposed to do. By the way...the adjustment stops cold if I turn the key before it is finished with the adjustment and doesn't resume when the car starts. I don't know if that's normal but it seems like it takes a long time to adjust and I'm always eager to get going. I still love the car!!!
  • We recently purchased a 2007 C70 (and love it). Should the heated seats reset to "off" when the key is taken out? Ours seem to turn off when the key is out but turn back on when we turn on the ignition the next time. Do we have to make sure we turn off the heat before getting out of the car?
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    My '07 C70 also remembers the last setting for heat in the seats which I think is a desirable feature. A friend of mine has a V50 (same dashboard and controls) that operates similarly. By the way, my mirror memory issues continue. It's been to the dealer twice with no success. This last time, they tried to convince me that I misunderstood the owner's manual because it is written in "Swenglish"! They claim to have updated the software for the passenger door but it's still a crap shoot whether the mirror will work right. It amazing what you'll put up with when you're in love! I still get zillions of complements on my beautiful car.
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