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Mercedes-Benz E-Class: Accessories & Modifications



  • rleyrley Posts: 4
    Not sure if you got an answer yet, but my understanding is that Bluetooth is available, but (and it is a big but) you have to buy a bluetooth interface module. The cost is $350.00! You can get info at Or you could get a handset cradle (if one is available for your phone). Again, go to to get information.

    I gotta tell ya, MB just keeps on ripping you off. I guess they assume money doesn't matter to us.
  • nimhrodnimhrod Posts: 49
    I just read your post from '03 about the NAV CD. Did you ever find a place where you can upidate or trade nav DVD's? I have an E320 CDI and need an update as I'm a realtor, but can't afford the buy the full blown new one.

  • mbmexmbmex Posts: 2
    those tail lights only come in avantgarde package and amg. i just bought a 2003 e320 designo interior and avantgarde package and it came with those cool lights. :blush: ">
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