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Jeep Wrangler Tires and Wheels



  • Which tires should i put on my wrangler?

    -Wrangler MT/R w/ Kevlar
    -Wrangler DuraTrac

    or should i go with some BF Goodwrichs?

    and can i put 33" tires on my jeep. I have a 2" lift on it now and i have 32" tires, but can i add that extra inch and not rub?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Fitting depends a LOT on backspacing of your wheels. If you have stock wheels, 33x12.5's will rub when turning. 33x10.5's shouldn't be a problem. Your 2" lift is VERY close for fitting 33's. If you don't offroad it, you'll be okay. If you wheel it, you really need an extra inch or so (a perfect time for a body lift).

    As for brand, go with what YOU feel comfortable with that is in your budget. I run TrXuS personally and they rarely get me stuck. My transmission skid gets me stuck more than any lack of grip from the tires. :)

    If you want brands, take a look at the BFG's, Cooper MT's, and Firestone MT's...

  • Okay well i decided to go with the 33x12x15 Wrangler DuraTrac's
    I'm looking for a good 1-3" body lift or maybe a higher suspension lift.
    Any suggestions?(and i have a 6 speed)

    Then another thing is im tring to sell the tires im taking off.
    I have 5 Sport King A/T's with only 4,000 miles on them.
    Im trying to sell them on craigs list,
    and dont want to mess with ebay b/c of shipping.
    Any ideas on how i can sell these?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Try a local 4WD specialty/repair shop or maybe even the Jeep dealer. I once got a set of tires for my CJ-5 at a service station that took them in trade for some work.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I personally wouldn't go any bigger than a 1.25" Body lift from JKS. Most lifts are 1", but the JKS gives an extra .25". Bigger body lifts raise concern about safety with those longer bolts and IMO look terrible with a HUGE gap between the tub and the frame.

    Combine THAT with a simple little 2" budget boost. A budget boost (BB) is basically coil spacers that fit on TOP of your springs. They usually require a bit longer shocks, but the ride is much like stock. That is the cheapest way to do it. You CAN go with a nice suspension lift from Old Man Emu (OME), Rubicon Express, or any other quality ones out there. You'll generally pay more for this route, but it often provides a great ride and stronger components for your Jeep.

    Personally, I did the 1.25" Body lift with a 2.75-3" suspension lift to give me about 4.25" total lift. I run 33x12.5x15 mud terrain tires too.

  • Thanks for the help Paul.

    Im going to replace my 2" spacer with a 3" spacer.
    I just dont want to mess w/ a body lift since i have a 6 speed and im worried about the looks of a body lift.
    Anyways, Some people hace said it is optional to change the shocks and others have said it is highly recomended.
    can i keep these on, or should i switch them out?

    If i need to change them what should i go with?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    For a 3" lift you REALLY want to change the shocks. Your flex will be limited and you'll put a lot of strain on the shock itself.

    Personally, I run Old Man Emu shocks and LOVE em.

    My TJ has a 1" BL, but you'd be hard pressed to notice unless you know exactly where to look. A BL is a LOT less obvious on darker Jeeps. I have a manual. I did the body and motor lift together. The motor lift gives the motor a bit of a tilt to minimize issues with shifters. It also flattens the angle for the driveshaft to reduce vibes you may encounter with a lift. I had vibes with the OME lift, so I installed the motor lift and all is great now. If you do a BL, but do NOT do a motor lift, you WILL need to relocate the fan shroud around your cooling fan. If you don't, well, let's just say you don't wanna find out.

    Here's my TJ with the OME lift and JKS BL/MML setup.



    If you look in the rear wheel well in the following pic, you can see the gap created by the body lift... not really noticeable.


  • I think when they made the JK model... it meant ..JUST KIDDING!... Because this is seriously some kind of terrible joke. I am the owner of a 2007 Wrangler Sahara. It has 40k on it and has had the Death Wobble for the last 15k. To tell everyone what the death wobble is a a random violent shaking of the truck. The first time it happened I thought for sure a tire had come completely off the Jeep. I pulled off to the side of the road only to find all the tires were on and intact. This was just the beginning of the long still unresolved road with this truck. I have worked with an amazing Chrysler dealership that has done all that they can do. I have spent hours in the phone trying to find someone who just speaks english to help me with my completely unsafe truck. After months of phone calls and no help I gave up. Now I own a truck that has a large loan left on it and is worth about half...i can't knowingly sell of trade an unsafe vehicle. So I ask... Chrysler...who is going to bail me out? The larger issue is there is no fix if your lucky you may get one of the many suggestions to work but it is likely temporary. This is the truck I HAD to have...and now I cannot even drive it. I am a hazard on the road in this thing. :lemon:
  • Hey Jim .... thanks for your post. I am the original owner of a 2003 Jeep Wrangler X. At 65K miles the death wobble started on me. I have taken the Jeep to 3 different Jeep dealers and the tires have been balanced multiple times (road forced and spin balanced). The Wrangler GSA's were new at 60K miles. There is not lift kit on my Jeep and I have only been off road twice in 6 years. MY POINT: Thank you for your post. At 94K miles, I had the track bar replaced, new Wrangler Silent Armours, and new Monroe Sensatrac shocks added all the way around. FINALLY the death wobble is gone from my Jeep. I took your post and several others into the mechanic as "reference" material and he agreed after some test driving and pulling on the slightly worn track bar bushings. Thanks again ... Ron
  • busababe07busababe07 Posts: 1
    I am trying to "pimp" out my 95 Wrangler for my son. I am a single mom so bear with me here...LOL

    I am wondering what size wheels and tires will give him that rugged look without sacrificing safety. He will only be driving around town...maybe 4wheeling once in a while. The jeep is currently stock; exactly what it came with. He is also wanting to do a 4" lift kit? I have been told that a 2" kit would be much better. Any thoughts?

  • Hello,
    I have a 2003 X model and I put Goodyear Wrangler 30" x 9.5 x 15 Silent Armour tires on mine (cost about $125.00 each) . These tires will fit the stock rims he has (as long as they are 15" in size).

    I don't have a lift kit and rarely go off road (except for the beach sometimes) but the tires look really rugged and drive very securely on the road. If you have lift kit installed for him, I would recommend the 2" lift and not the 4" lift. The higher the lift, the more $$ you'll spend on other parts as the Jeep wears.
  • Dumb question after the fact (30,000 + miles), but how often would be a good idea to rotate front to back / back to front with these tires. '03 Sahara A/T.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Every three thousand miles (do it when you change your oil), although I think six thousand is the official recommendation.
    In practice you can't do it too often, only too infrequently, though for even wear it's important to stick to the same figure.
    I'm coming up to sixty thousand miles on my BFG AT KOs with very even wear and they're looking good for at least another ten thousand.

    The preferred rotation is rears straight to the front, fronts to the opposite position on the rear, i.e. r/r and l/r to r/f and l/f, l/f to r/r and r/f to l/r.
    If you include the spare then choose a position and switch it for that each time.

    Of course, that's all too late for you............. ;)
  • Yea... unfortunately, I went to the Goodyear store where I get most of the light work done and they pointed out that one of my tires has a 'hump' in it and is probably what is causing, or at least contributing to, my 55-58 mph death wobble.

    No mods... stock everything else... So here is the question, Mac, or anyone else... anyone have any experience with the new Wrangler Silent Armor AT tires? I was thinking about getting back into the BFG's. They did point out some of the good stuff on the SA's. Also, they said that this tire also add's about 1/2 inch to the height versus the BFG AT K/O's... Not important, but interesting anyway.

    In either case, rotation is will be the order of the day every oil change!.. After checking, I actually got 40,000 miles on them, but seeing your post Mac, I should have gotten 50,000+ miles...! :cry:
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Yea... unfortunately, I went to the Goodyear store where I get most of the light work done and they pointed out that one of my tires has a 'hump' in it and is probably what is causing, or at least contributing to, my 55-58 mph death wobble

    If you have a warranty on the tires it should be covered, at least on a pro-rated basis.

    Can't comment on the Wrangler Silent Armor AT tires I'm afraid.
    However, I'm still impressed with the BFGs so I'll probably replace them with a second set when the time comes.
  • matt1320matt1320 Posts: 20
    I have the BFG A/T KO's on my '00 TJ. The BFG's are a good tire, however there are others on the market that may equal or exceed their performance at a lower cost. I personally don't care for Goodyear products because of problems with several of their products including the Wrangler GSA, Eagle RSA, and Eagle GA. It appears that most flotation size tires( 30x9.5-15, 31x10.5-15, etc.) are now made in load range C,which due to their stiffer construction for increased load capacity, will make a Jeep ride worse than normal. The stock 30x9.5-15 GY Wrangler GSA's that came on my TJ were load range B. When I upgraded to 31x10.5-15 BFG A/T KO's they were offered only in load range C. There are some all terrain tires in P-metric sizes that are comparable to 30x9.5-15 or 31x10.5-15 in size, yet are SL (standard load) rated, so that your ride and handling won't be as compromised. Some examples are: 30x9.5-15,Cooper Discoverer ATR P265/75-15, General Grabber AT2 P265/70-15, Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S P265/70-15; 31x10.5-15, Toyo Open Country A/T P265/75-15. Although the metric sizes are the same or close, if you go to the various tire manufacturer's websites, you will find that the actual height, width, and RPM measurements give a more accurate representation of their size. The General Grabber AT2 and the BFG A/T KO are both severe snow condition rated by the Rubber Manufacturer's Assoc. Tires that that meet this snow traction criteria have a mountain/snowflake symbol on the tire sidewall. As for the tire rotation, doing it at 3K miles with oil change is a good practice. Tires with more aggressive tread pattern seem to need more frequent rotations in order to wear evenly. I hope this helps. Matt.
  • brandon05brandon05 Posts: 4
    Hey guys i just put some 33x12.50x15 goodyear duratrac's on my '05 X. When i first put my new rims on last summer i bought some cheap sport kings tires on it... i only put 5k miles on them and they were wearing very unevenly. I only have 500 miles on my new goodyears but when it's time should i rotate them the way this guy suggested?

    "The preferred rotation is rears straight to the front, fronts to the opposite position on the rear, i.e. r/r and l/r to r/f and l/f, l/f to r/r and r/f to l/r.
    If you include the spare then choose a position and switch it for that each time."

    And i bought the full size spare tires... should i throw it into the rotation or not
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    31x10.5's should fit stock. A 2.5" lift with a body lift will give a nice look and you can go up to 32 or 33" tires with a slight lift. 30's or 31's will look too small on a lifted Jeep. Ask me how I know. ;)

    If your son is a new driver, a higher COG vehicle may NOT be your best choice...

  • karlw90karlw90 Posts: 59
    I've read several times that a 2" lift will allow a 32" tire to fit (which makes sense, since a 30" fits with no lift), however does anyone here actually have that setup? That is, just a 2" lift, nothing else, and a 32x11.5 tire? Just wondering if anyone has a real-world example before I commit to 32" tires. I'm getting a 2" RE BB lift done this Friday and want to order the tires soon.

    Also, I just purchased some 15x8 rims with 3.75 backspacing. Since my stock wheels have 5.5 bs, this creates a 1.25" space, my tire will be 2" thicker, but only 1" on the interior side, so I should still have .25" clearance in the wheel well and not have to worry about rubbing. Does this sound correct?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Those will fit fine.

    I run 12.5 wide with 4.25" backspacing with only very minor rubbing at full lock. 3.75" would alleviate it completely for the 11.5" wide tires.

  • saharaskysaharasky Posts: 1
    That was an excellent tutorial in Wrangler tires. Very useful info. Thanks Matt!
  • Hi everybody--- I have a 2009 unlimited Sahara ... I wanted to upgrade the tires and was thinking about a 35" 30570R18 tire---what size lift will I need? can i get away with a 2-2.5" spacer lift, or would this require a whole new suspension? Would I need to modify anything else to get tires this big....and if so what size tire can I get up to (32 or 33) without having to start swapping bumpers, etc so I am not rubbing..
    Thanks for any advice you guys can provide.
  • 2008 jeep 53500 miles

    while driving the jeep shuts off, no noise or any indication of problem. running fine just stops. dash board lights up. put car in park go to start it and nothing no noise not turning over just nothing. push car to side of road and once done pushing car off road it decides to starts and runs fine. no check engine light. a few days before when driving down highway the the dash board lights ups and even the window washer spraied, but car kept running. A couple of times since the car whould have a dead key turn the key nothing no noise, not turn over, etc. then it would start.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Two possible causes spring to mind. First is an intermittent bad connection/ground/wiring fault, probably in the column or dash area.
    Because of its occasional nature the easiest way to track it down is to access the wiring in those areas and just wiggle things around until the fault appears.
    You can often narrow it to one connector or a few inches of wiring loom that way, and then you can go in with a circuit tester to find it precisely.

    Second, it could be the PCM. If so it should still be covered by your emissions warranty, even though you're over the mileage for your 3/36. Check your handbook for details.

    However, the thing that puzzles me the most is the uncommanded activation of the screen washer.
    AFAIK the PCM plays no part in its operation, so it would have to be activated either by a faulty switch (which could possibly be the cause of the whole problem anyway), or by a direct short.
    I'd start my investigation with that switch and the area surrounding it.

    10.5 INCHES WIDE
    15 INCH RIM

  • My daughter loves our 1990 wrangler - she likes the round headlight look.
    Do any of you know if used or new front body fenders-grill-hood will bolt onto our 1990 yj ? :)
  • I have a 2004 Wrangler X with 81,000. The first time I had the Death Wobble was this summer (I live in PA) going 70 mph. Was not fun. I replaced the steering stablilizer (the shock on the factory one was worn out). This seems to have solved the problem. Also had the waterpump go out this summer, but this is the first major maintenance in 5 years. Anyway, I'm looking for tires that are good on the highway, bad weather and some mild offroad. Has anyone heard of Cooper's American Prospectors or have a suggestion for a good median priced tire?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Will a CJ or TJ one drop in? Not likely. But that said, anything can be made to fit with the right size tools. :)

  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I'm looking for tires that are good on the highway, bad weather and some mild offroad. Has anyone heard of Cooper's American Prospectors or have a suggestion for a good median priced tire?

    Can't help with the Coopers, but FWIW I've just replaced my 31x10.5 BFG A/T KOs after 60,000 miles with an identical set.
    These are an excellent all condition highway tire, and very good offroad on all surfaces except deep mud.

    I could easily have pushed them another few thousand miles before the tread became too low to be safe, but I like to keep a good margin.
    As with any tire though, you need to keep on top of rotation, pressures, and alignment to get the maximum mileage.

    They're widely available and I paid $135 ($150 -10% coupon) each plus tax and add-ons at Sears.
  • Sono... A company called Quadratec at one point right after Jeep switched back over to round headlights from rectangular.. offered a headlight bezel that actually gave the round look to the older YJ rectangular headlight. Go to and contact them. Not sure if they have it anymore as the round lights have been around for a few years now, but if not maybe they can tell you who made them. I bet the mfg has a few pairs left. They have EVERYTHING for jeeps. tjd
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