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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • gabe9gabe9 Posts: 4
    what about the torque convertor?did they have to change that also?
  • gabe9gabe9 Posts: 4
    hi there,how did you fix this problem?My Freestar just did the same thing,i have no idea wich route to take with it.

  • gabe9gabe9 Posts: 4
    is the torque convertor part of the transmission?is it a separate part?how can you tell if it's one or the other THE PROBLEM??
  • bbb_bbbbbb_bbb Posts: 7
    The torque convertor was the problem. It caused other problems with the transmission which meant to whole them had to be rebuilt.
  • misty10misty10 Posts: 23
    When ours first went , we thought it was the transmission too. When it was towed back to Ford he said it was the torque converter. My husband said you have to have a scanner and if there is no reading on the.. input shaft speed...then it's the converter. The splines inside the torque seem to get stripped. It was a huge job to get it fixed...everything had to be dropped. If you have anymore questions I can ask him for you.
  • gobamagobama Posts: 16
    Experiencing the same thing right now with our 2004 Mercury Monterey. 64,000 miles.
    Trans Axle warning light came on. Took it in and same problem everyone else is having. Transmission has to be rebuilt because of this. Approximately $3,000.

    Looking into Class Action Suits and contacting Ford. In the meantime need get it repaired.
  • doodlealldaydoodleallday Posts: 31
    edited July 2010
    Today, I sent my 5th letter to Ford Motor Co. While I realize it might be a lost cause I want the facts on the record should the transmission fail again. I also copied the letter to NHTSA and Center for Auto Safety. I am accumulating quite a file on my 2005 Freestar. I love my van BUT if the tranny goes out again you can bet I WILL NOT BUY ANOTHER FORD VEHICLE!
  • How does one go about getting in on a Ford Freestar/Mercury Monterey transmission failure class action lawsuit?
  • kaki1kaki1 Posts: 7
    My 2004 freestar lost it's tranmission last summer in Houston on a busy freeway in 100 degree weather. Had to pay $3500, rent a car to :confuse: get home (5 and 1/2 hours), then drive back in a week to pick up van. Got 12,000 miles or a year warranty. Expired couple of months ago. Traded it in on a beautiful, certified Honda Pilot. I now can travel and not worry about that Ford torque converter. NO MORE FORDS FOR ME!!! Go Honda!
  • bobbijobobbijo Posts: 9
    I found this forum in December 2009 when the torque converter went in our 2004 Freestar. The repair came with a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty. Unfortunately, I think it is getting ready to go again--or maybe it is a good thing since we still have time on the warranty. Does anyone know how early they can pick up a problem with the torque converter? Right now it is just a slight hesitation or stutter in the same rpm area as it was before--when we were told it was probably a fuel system problem. I've noticed it for the last week & was praying it was just me being paranoid--but my husband took it today and just called & asked me how I thought the van was driving...he noticed the same thing. Can they find a problem this early??? Has anyone else had theirs go again SO SOON? I really believe that ours was replaced just before we bought it (but can't prove it) so if that is true this would be the 3rd time!
  • gobamagobama Posts: 16
    Just got mine out of the transmission shop. They had to rebuild the transmission as well as replace the Torque Converter. This did come with a warranty. I called the Ford Service line and was told that I need to take my receipts to a dealership and they would look into what can be done to help with this repair. I am not holding my breath on this. I was asked why I did not take it to a dealer in the first place and told them that we live in a small town and a Ford Dealer is not that close. I am going to do what they said but again not holding my breath on this. Total cost was $2,200. Ours is a the Mercury Monterey with 70,000 miles.
  • gobamagobama Posts: 16
    Spoke with Ford customer service yesterday and was told to take my repair receipt to a Ford dealer and talk to someone in the service area. I did this and was told they did not know what I was talking about as far as them helping me and I was given wrong information. I called Ford customer service again today and the bottom line is Ford is not aware of any issues like this and is offering no assistance on this. Wasn't surprised by this answer.
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    You may need to inform the dealer that it is a secret warranty. Ford will work with the dealership to reduce the amount of the repair, but it is the dealership who would eat the cost as I understand it.

    Since two class action suits have been file, Ford may not be willing to do anything to help anyone. This is where an attorney could come in handy. Contact one of the attorney who filed the claims and see if they can give you any advice.

    The attorney general of your state may be able to help, too.

    Good luck.
  • Where do I start...purchased a 2004 Freestar privately and after a week the transmission and computer went out. My wife turned it on one day and it wouldn't go anywhere. Had it towed to Ford dealer and they replaced both items. Brought it home and after a week or two the van stalled and coasted to the side of a gravel road. Again would not go into drive or reverse and it happened after a heavy rain which I thought was interesting. Had it towed back to Ford dealer and after a month or so of troubleshooting they thought it was a bad PCM from Ford and they replaced it. (Ford covered it apparently) I expressed from the get go that I thought water was getting into the PCM due to forums like these and they disagreed with me. So I took the van home after the different PCM was installed and the next morning the battery was dead. After troubleshooting, I found out that the van was turning on the radio and listening to 590 AM w/out the keys in the ignition. Again this confirmed my idea about water getting into the PCM. Took it back to dealer and they again disagreed with me and after a couple months of troubleshooting on their part finally found water in the PCM. Except this time they want me to cover the new PCM!! Unbelieveable. They will not back down from this and I even called Ford and complained to them about this whole situation and engineering problem on their end. Nothing...and let it be known that i am a FORD guy! This has really left me wondering if I will purchase another Ford. Very upset. I have spent 3500 on it already and if i have to pay for the PCM it will be another 700. I found a post about a guy finding a firewall support column full of water and drilling a hole in it but the dealer won't even try to find this column. Have tried to pick it up twice and both times the service engine light comes on before going more than 10 miles. This time it is saying the cam sensor. I think water is still getting into the computer even though they claim to have siliconed the heck out of it. The TSB 6-10-14 has already been done apparently.
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    Make sure that they change the part that has the pins where the PCM attaches to the main engine part. We has similar issues with our van, and they changed all that except they mechanics could not the get body parts to close the gap in the vehicle where the cowl meets.

    I believe that most of the design flaws with this vehicle should be recalled. Please write to the attorney general, NHTSA, and file a complaint with the Center for Auto Safety.

    Best wishes.
  • eploetzeploetz Posts: 3
    I just had a situation where when I started the car, I felt a burst of dampness on my foot (which was on the brake). Then came a smell like model airplane glue or the smell that comes with spray paint.

    Has anybody else had this? It doesn't seem to affect the car's operation, although it's rather unpleasant.

  • eploetzeploetz Posts: 3
    Clarification ... It's a 2004 Monterey. It's already had the transmission (twice, we think --- once before we bought it) and computer problems.
  • It's incredible how many people have the same problem( transmission or convector whatever is going to cost me $1,650.00) with this van. Mine broke in the Florida turnpike with my 2 yr old son and wife inside and a big thunderstorm that lasted more than 45 minutes baby crying and scare. Same as everybody wont change gear and the engine running like there was no problem, not even a sound of braking or a sing days before IT JUST STOP.......
    please if anybody needs me to cooperate with singing a letter to file a complain to Ford i will do it .....It's unsafe for a family to have a minivan like this....
  • I am looking at all of these and it seems we share the same story!

    We were on family vacation with our very nice '04 Freestar, 83,000 miles on it. Purchased June 10. battery went on the way OUT for vacation... (the original factory battery was still in it!), and then on the way back home the transmission just SHUT OFF. We live in northern Ohio, but our van is stuck in Augusta, Maine. We are now without a vehicle, and as long as we don't have over 3,000 bucks, the van stays there.

    I need info on this class action lawsuit. Where can I go to get this info? When did it start? When was it filed? I am at my wits end, because I am concerned that this local dealership won't help me.
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    NHTSA just moved the Defect Petition on the 2004 model year to a Preliminary Evaluation on August 23. It is just for the 2004 models.
  • It is obvious that it does include years beyond that. It's too bad they are only starting with the 2004 models and not including the other years that have the very same issue.
  • What a weekend from hell. I am a single parent with three children and my transmission died. Can't get a new car because I owe to much money and have no way to work. Can't afford to fix it. :sick: :cry: :mad:

    The car gave me no problems before that and it just would not go forward. I have read all of your posts and it would seem that Ford would have done a recall on the vans. Wonder if someone should call a news station an report it. Ford does not seem to want to help. If I new how and who to contact I would do it.

    I have always like Fords and have nerver had a problem until this one. I really need some help. Any suggestions.
  • Start with your local dealer and the Ford Motor Company, and your state's attorney general's office. File a complaint with the National Highway Safety Administration, the more they get the more Ford will have to answer for.
    The dealership has ways of helping. Ford didn't like it, but they helped me the first time mine went. Mine has now gone twice, so get it fixed if you can get their help, and get out of that van as quickly as you can. I am in the same boat with owing more on it than it will ever be worth, and now have much more cash into it than I should. Ford needs to face this problem head on, but they are not. It doesn't say much for the American auto industry. My next car will be foreign engineered and produced, I am that disgusted with the issue.
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    There are too many sad stories on this site. I do not understand why the government is not taking any action against this company.

    I feel so bad for Singlewkids. Ford provides secret warranties through the dealerships. Ask Ford how a recall is made on a vehicle. See what they tell you. Keep fighting for what you know is right!
  • Root cause of Torque converter failure, from my point of view. From what I have been reading most folks are on vacation and probably carrying additional weight (luggage, people, etc, which one would expect to) and traveling on hot days so there appears to be a greater load on the engine and transmission. After some duration of time on the trip, the combination of the heated transmission fluid and extra weight/load causes the splines on the torque converter to fail. Once the metal pieces from the converter splines enter the transmission fluid, they end up contaminating your entire transmission system. Now you’re into having to replace your entire transmission vice just the torque converter which more than doubles your repair bill.
  • I have the Mercury Monteray. I agree will everything you say. Mine issue took place on a hot day coming out of the mountains. The only difference is I had 3 adults and no other extra weight. My transmission person explained it the same way you did.
    It has been replaced and works great now. However, we did take out an extended warranty on the rebuilt transmission.
  • Your extra load was the mountains....
  • I was alone, in an empty car, about ten minutes from my house, on a hot Texas day in August, (about 100 degrees), when my transmission failed with absolutely no warning. My car hadn't been over 45 MPH, until I started to accelerate onto the tollway ramp, where it failed. I doubt if my transmission ever had a chance to overheat.
  • You need to read a little longer and a little deeper, sir, because your point of view is wrong. I am a former auto technician/service manager with a college degree in automotive technology, no longer in that line of work though. I own an '05 Freestar with a tranny that gave up the ghost without warning after church in the parking lot in January at 52K miles. No mountains, no luggage, no heat. The trans had been serviced right on schedule at about 30K. While heat, weight will add to the fatigue, the problem is with the DESIGN--bad converters. It goes and then instantly spreads metal and destroys the tranny. I love the van overall, but I'm waiting and hoping to get some $$ back someday.
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