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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • Is there a way we can register? I bought mine from Hertz.
  • I have had the same problem in June 2010 driving through traffic and two lights no warning at all I got it over on the side of the road and had to wait for a wrecker then after talking to a Ford mechanic he said it was the transmission we took it to a transmission shop that has good feedback and he said he gets at least one a week sometimes two we spent over 1600.00 to get it repair and then yesterday Feb 26 2011 going to another town to see my brother in the hospital I heard a noise and felt a surge pulled into a parking lot and called my husband when he checked it he heard the noise and pulled the car in gear nothing it had went out again so we had it towed back to the transmission shop.We will not know anything til later this week but it is in the transmission. I have contacted NHTSA in June and did not hear anything from them until Sept they requested all the information on what was done to the van at the tranmission shop I again contacted them this morning after reading all of the complaints since the 8 months in which I filed I questioned them is it going to take a family member or whole family to get killed before something is done there are too many complaints not for something to happen. I also want you all to know I have contacted FOX NEWS someone needs to get the message out about this and make Ford replace it,when you can go online and punch in FORD FREESTAR and see all these post about the transmission and nothing is being done FOX reaches alot of people. I don't feel someone should die before this is taken care of. I have three kids and we still owe on our van it is crazy that so many people have posted but they have not made Ford recall this. People please file with NHTSA and contact FOX NEWS like I did and maybe something will happen sometimes you just got to get their attention.
  • We had our fixed at our local transmission dealer and then again yesterday when it broke down we had it hauled there again but we was told by them that they had the new updated parts when they rebuilt our trans but then it went out yesterday and it was replaced in July 2010 and we will not know anything until later this next week what went out
  • jeepermeo2jeepermeo2 Posts: 7
    edited March 2011
    Report the problem to NHTSA.
    Here is my report:
    Transmission went out on 10/30/2009 with only 69613 miles. Had it repaired at a local shop for $1593.75. They gave a one year or 12000 mile warranty. I think they said it looked like it had something to do with the torque converter. On 2/15/2011, less then 18 mounts after repairs, with 88109 miles on the van, 18495 miles on the rebuilt transmission, it went out again. I was lucky, both times it quit when my wife was backing out of the drive way so no one was hurt. I have not had it repaired as yet. I am still trying to decide if it is worth having it repaired a second time if it is not going to be dependable.

    If you can't get this to work, it would not go thou for me, call;
    Toll-Free: 1-888-327-4236
  • parent3parent3 Posts: 3
    I got my van back today and they said it was the torque converter it came apart inside the first time the pump went out then the torque converter went out thankfully they gave us the 12000 or 1 year warranty so we was not out a dime Thank the Lord! I am dealing with a Stephen with NHTSA as soon as I wrote him today with the update on the van he emailed me back thanking me I have been dealing with the same guy since September so maybe something will get done this is just crazy,as I was waiting for my keys to my van the office manager said they had just got a call yesterday from another Freestar owner going 70 miles on the freeway and nothing just went this is just too common for Ford not to do anything I emailed Ford today also.
  • Hi Everyone..My wife was driving our freestar (it had only 67K miles) and the car died on her and she had to coast the car until it stopped...Luckily she wasnt on a highway but it could have still been dangerous....Make a complaint with NHTSA, I did and they got back to me and I sent them all the info from the mechanic.....Since many people had this problem it must be a design, production flaw....Hopefully nobody got or will get hurt from the defect....Take Care ...
  • sdwzoosdwzoo Posts: 1
    I too have experienced transmission problems. Fortunately, it was the vss signal within the transmission (590.00), and not 3500.00. But, I expect complete failure any day. I approached my dealer with this transmission issue. Of course he pleaded ignorance! Then into his song, and dance about all vehicles having problems. This issue with the Freestar, has been ongoing since (2004), seven years. A recall of this magnitude, will definately not be issued by Ford.All we can do is continue to post with NHTSA, and provide facts, that this issue is prevalent.Ford, and the NHTSA have been warned, and facts documented of this obvious safety issue. Un fortunately, someone will have to lose a family member, before action will be taken. However via our endeavors someone will at least be more than adequately compensated, as this problem is well documented. The NHTSA, has been investigating this issue for seven years! The NHTSA, along with Ford will certainly have questions to be answered oneday.
  • I need to know who to contact about transmission problems with my 2004 Ford Freestar, my transmission went out suddenly yesterday and I was stranded on the side of the road for a hour, thankfully my 2 kids were not with me at the time but they very well could have been. :mad: I don't have the money for a new transmission or even an used one and I don't want to have to buy a new car my van is paid for. Please someone respond with helpful information!!
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    After dealing with this issue for two years, I have come to the conclusion that public safety in the eyes of the government does not mean anything. Corporations rule this country so the people do not matter.
  • jdee77jdee77 Posts: 2
    So I have know about this problem with these vans for a few months now and I thought oh maybe Ill be lucky and I wont have any problems or maybe I can trade it in before something happens, BUT it has been raining a couple days and today when driving it started shifting erratically out of no where and it seems like its when im going just about 40 and above, or whenever there is even the slightest of hills. I know whats happening I just know its going to happen, I just checked my fluid and it had some specks of metal in it on the dipstick. Now what am I supposed to do. This is absolutely disgusting, I will NEVER EVER buy another ford in my life and I will make sure I tell everyone I know to tell everyone they know about this problem and the way ford is handling it. To put this into perspective, everyone was jumping all over toyota for the problems those cars were having and the government fined them a record amount for not acting fast enough on the issue, I think that people need to come down on Ford just as hard because they are well aware of this issue. ..... .... I will not be silent about this, I will gather the facts and represent them to anyone who will listen and I think everyone here who has this problem should as well.
  • My darn van is in the shop for some routine maintainence. THe mechanic asks when I last had the tranny fluid changed. I am now at 116,000 miles. Had a complete tranny replacement at 88,000 miles. He said the fluid looked like it had never been changed. Dear Ford Motors, help out your customers and do the right thing and have a recall. Something is wrong with the trannies in these vans. Rant finished! :lemon: :lemon:
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    I would encourage everyone to write to Fords Automotive Safety Officer and make him aware of the safety issues with these vehicles. He believes that it is a customer satisfaction issue. If you do not agree with this belief, express your concern. My letter is being complied. Lets flood his office with out customer dissatisfaction.
  • er1457er1457 Posts: 8
    I wrote a letter to Ford's CEO on March 25,2010. I never received a reply. Ford is most definitely aware of the problem. I believe they will not address this problem until the Government gets involved.
  • gobamagobama Posts: 16
    I contacted Ford regarding my 2004 Mercury Monteray last July and spoke with them directly. They acted like they had never heard of the problem. I also contacted NHTSA on their website. I had the same issue that everyone else is having, at about the same mileage.
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    Since Ford wants to bury their head in the sand, we need to get more attention to this subject. Lets flood a major media outlet with our letters.

    Any suggestions. I still am responding to Fords safety officer, but I will write as many letters as needed. Any vehicle that acts as bad as this one does, needs to be removed from our roadways.
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    I wrote several letters to Secretary LaHood and never got a reply. I do not count on the government to correct this issue with any speed. They may be waiting till these vehicles disappear due to age.

    The safety officer for Ford addressed a letter from NHTSA stating that it was just a customer satisfaction issue not a safety issue. I beg to disagree with this statement so I will make my feeling know to him. I do not know how he can sleep at night knowing that children travel in these vans. Shame on him!
  • @ jdee77 -- Hi there! I have posted on here a few times. First, my transmission went out in January, and I had to have it rebuilt. Then I thought it went out again exactly one month later, but it was the camshaft sensor that needed to be replaced. Now, about three weeks later, I have had my van towed for the fourth time in the same amount of months. It was acting like it was having transmission problems again, but apparently the seal that encases the computer is not adequate--according to FORD. My mechanic said that my computer today was spitting out multitudes of codes, and how it was so strange. He then said he found a bulletin (not a recall notice!) from Ford regarding the seals around the computers and how water/moisture can get in behind the seal. Well, that is what is happening now to my van. It acts like it is having transmission issues, but it was just my computer going nuts because there was water/moisture in behind the seal. They are going to let it dry out and put a new, better seal in. Of course, since this is not a recall from Ford but a BULLETIN, I have to pay for it--another $250 out of my pocket. I am a single mom of five, so this is alot of money for me. I live in the Pacific Northwest where we have constant rain, and my van has been acting up since November of last year (I bought it on August 28th). So maybe you are having a bad seal problem like I am having. If you take it to a mechanic, have them look up the bulletins from Ford regarding this. I am hoping my computer is not damaged beyond repair and to the point I need to have it replaced. I hope this helped.
  • I forgot to add that my van (2004 Freestar) was also having issues as soon as it hit 40mph. When I started to have the initial problems, it would get to 40 and then just die. I would be able to start it back up again, but it would die again as soon as I got home. Come to find out, it was probably the camshaft sensor failing. With my transmission problems, I have found out that I was actually experiencing three issues all at once--the transmission, camshaft sensor, and the seal around the computer. I am hoping and praying that once this last thing is fixed, I will not have anymore issues. I keep telling myself (and others) that I am going to just get rid off it by letting someone take over the loan payments for me. They can have my headache, but then I start getting a tinge of guilt. It is too bad that Ford can't seem to develop any kind of guilt. It is not like it is the Ford Mustang that is having issues. It is a FAMILY vehicle, so that means when it breaks down, there will usually be families stranded.

    I am really looking into the class action suit. I have never had a vehicle before that had so many problems. Makes me want to buy a Japanese van or SUV--they work, run forever, and it would be helping out the Japanese in a time they need help!!!

    Ok, off my soapbox!
  • grube47grube47 Posts: 4
    I too have had all the problems stated transmission, Computer, and Cam shaft sensor and the only thing covered under the extended warranty was the transmission thank god they however only rebuilt it and would not replace the whole thing. The cam shaft sensor took 3 trips to the dealer to get it right and the computer was another story in itself. So fed up with this vehicle and still have 2 years of payments to go. Wish there was some way to recoup all the money not to mention rental car fee's and time lost trying to fix the thing. Anyone that has any info on the class action suit and or any other useful info please let me know. I will never again buy a for product. Oh almost forgot just had to replace the fuel rail pressure sensor another 125 for a little plastic piece thank god I was able to install myself.
  • @ grube47
    I had to replace the entire fuel rail!!! Brand new installed would have been $1650, but they found a used one for $750 installed. OMG!!!
  • bbb_bbbbbb_bbb Posts: 7
    I had to have the whole transmission rebuilt last summer. Then after that I had problems with the air conditioner which cost $400 and then then motor in the passenger window had to be replaced. My 2004 Freestar only has around 67,000 miles on it now. It is hard to believe a company like Ford can get off with all the problems the Freestar has. I didn't have the transmission rebuilt at the Ford garage. I was afraid the same parts would be used and I would face the transmission problem again. Plus Ford wanted $3,800 for the work. I was able to get it rebuilt at a transmission shop and the repair price was about half. I don't ever plan to own another Ford.
  • I just had a rebuilt transmission installed in my Freestar with 72000+miles - $2900 this disgusts me so much that there are so many people on hear having the same issues. We need to somehow all get together on this and get the message out loud and clear. (the problem is that so many people are probably having similar problems but not posting)- I was almost one of those people. My car has had a problem with the rough idling- I noticed as soon as I went through a big puddle. I just dropped my car in the shop AGAIN- something is going on with the steering. I just bought this van 6 months ago. There is 1 thing I have learned. - when you buy a used vehicle check with edmunds. I definetely would have never bought this vehicle. I haven't even put 10000 miles on this car and it's been in the shop 4 times in 6 months. This is ridiculous .
  • I just got in my 2005 ford freestar this morning to drop off my kids at school on my way to work and it wouldn't shift at all, not into drive or reverse or anything! I just spent over $300 to have a "coil" replaced about a month ago when it started missing. It felt like it was going to stall out on me at about 40 mph. Of course when I took it into the dealer they also told me about a "bulletin", not a recall, about the seals around the computer letting in moisture when it rained and causing the computer to act up.
    From all the posts I am reading on this site I guess I will now have to have the transmission rebuilt! I am so frustrated! I have driven Fords all my life but after this one I don't think I will ever buy another Ford.
  • misty10misty10 Posts: 23
    Join the club! It's the torque converter. Mine went twice already in my 2004 Freestar. I had no warning just stopped going while I was driving...would not shift at all. Good Luck with the song and dance you'll get from Ford and from the service people who act surprised to hear it. Make sure you join us and report it.
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    Ok. I may have a good contact with a major TV network who is willing to cover this story. Anyone want to share their story?
  • Hey, I think we all have a good story but I think mine would qualify!
  • I am in.... let us know
  • I am in. I have had the fuel rail replaced, the transmission rebuilt, the sensor on the camshaft replaced, and now the TSB about the seal protecting the computer--I had that fixed. Four items within four months.
  • nasirhnasirh Posts: 2
    I just saw your post. I have had same issues with my 2004 Freestar. I just got my transmission rebuilt. I think I also have a problem with Fuel Rail Pressure sensor, code in po193. Can you please tell me where this sensor is located, is it under the manifold or it is on the rail? Thanks
    I found the part of $115 and I can't stand the two dealers I live near and they will rip me off like the time I went to them before.
  • glennm2glennm2 Posts: 1
    My 2005 Freestar has had intermittent transmission problems for over a year. It works great 99% of the time but acts crazy when you least expect it. It won't go in to gear at times, the engine revs high in neutral, then it will barely propel itself down the road. You would think the transmission is toast. A few minutes later, it works fine. The first dealer replaced the throttle body. That didn't fix it. The most recent dealer found moisture in the PCM and fixed for $200.00. It seems to be fine now. If you have problems like mine, be sure to eliminate this possible easy fix first.
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