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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Vehicle Make / Model: Model Year(s):
    FORD / FREESTAR 2004-2005
    MERCURY / MONTEREY 2004-2005
    Manufacturer: FORD MOTOR COMPANY Mfr's Report Date: JAN 04, 2012
    NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 12V006000 NHTSA Action Number: EA09016
    Potential Number of Units Affected: 205,896

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  • ftfclubftfclub Posts: 14
    Just got off the phone with Ford.....they are NOT recalling the 2006 Freestar....that
    has the identical transmission/torque converter problem as the 2004-2005. UNBELIEVABLE!
    Will NEVER buy another Ford automobile!
  • So glad they have owned up to this problem with the years 2004-2005. Upset becasue they still have not owned up to the problem with the higher years. I have a 2007 that had a faulty torque converter. We paid out 2400.00 for a new one. Lets hope they will do this for all the vehicles! I truly hope we are next!!!!!!!!! Antone with this year and higher please fill a complaint with the highway safety, ford, attorney general! They need to pay for ours too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:
  • We are in the same boat as you. We own a 2007! With the same problem! I have filed a complaint with FORD, national highway safety, attorney general and the national trade! Lets hope we are next!!!!!!!! :mad:
  • Ford is recalling 2004 & 2005 Ford Freestars to replace the TORQUE CONVERTER! Replacement won't happen until spring as parts aren't available. Does this mean they're making NEW converters? They need to!
    I was hoping to sell my 2005...this makes it a little more difficult!
  • We also had a 2006 fail to the tune of $3000. How can they not recall those vehicles as well? Maybe it will be done by VIN numbers? I would think it will certainly strengthen the case for a lawsuit when someone in the later model ends up injured or killed. These are FAMILY vehicles for heaven's sake. When ours failed it was my husband, myself and our 2 kids.
    Financially we can't sell the vehicle so we're riding in an accident waiting to happen. Nice job Ford. The commercials stating Quality is JOb 1 makes me ill. I guess we have to remain hopeful. Thanks to those who posted the news so quickly and congrats to those 2004-2005 owners who have suffered.
  • same thing here. 90000 miles, on the interstate, then nothing. dealer wanted $2400 - 2700. transmission shop next door $700. "it's a commom problem with these".
  • I have a 2006 ford freestar and the transmission went out last year the Transmission shop said the converter went out and we had to rebuild the transmission because it had metal shavings through out the transmission costing me $2700. It looks like alot of people are having the same problem as me.
  • Ford issued a recall--- it's pathetic that they took years after the investigation was announced by the NHTSA. Your comments lack the knowledge of what it is like to be driving 60mph on the highway when the Freestar lunges forward, slips out of gear and dies. Don't "guess" about what it is like to be in someone elses crappy Freestar. The fact that Ford marketed this as a family vehicle makes me think they would be ok if our families were injured in crashes or left in the middle of busy highways waiting on a tow truck. I call that gross negligence. If it takes owners of this vehicle to scream lawsuit to make Ford fix their issues, then I'm all for it. Oh wait- that IS what it took, because Ford didn't care to respond until the lawsuits made the press and NHTSA said "enough."
  • ftfclubftfclub Posts: 14
    Call the Ford Corporate Headquarters and complain......I called yesterday, the number is 313-322-3000. The Ford Freestar was marketed to families, women, and Ford can
    knowing leave the owners/families in harms way is beyond me. If I had the time....I would drive this vehicle to the Ford's Headquarters.....and return the DEATH TRAP to them and turn over the keys................actually...we should all set a the media and show up at the headquarters and return the cars.........the entire situation is criminal

    I WANT a refund of 3000.00 for the new transmission so.....I can use it as a down payment for a new van................I can NOT in good conscience turn around and sell this a unsuspecting family or dealership
  • I found the recall last night and was very disappointed. 2-3 months ago i was with my 3 kids and doing about 60 when my 2006 Ford Freestar just died. showed not ONE sign anything was wrong. No lights came on, nothing smelled burnt. It finally restarted and i very nervously continued on my way. Never happened again. Right after Christmas, went to get in the van to go to the store and it will not go into reverse or drive. Just sits there and idles.
    My boyfriend had a buddy come down and hook it up to a smaller version of what the garages have to look for a diagnostic code. This gave us no codes and said nothing was wrong. But again, it wasn't the big expensive one garages have. Which is our next step.
    Was going to go back to work and now can't. Odd part is, the day it sh*t the bed was the same dad my boyfriend came home with a car so i could have the van back. Go figure. :( Off to make calls.
  • Anybody find out anything about reimbursement after the fact? 04 Freestar; blown tranny replaced in '09; traded van '10. Just called Ford and they instructed me to take my receipts to the dealer to inquire about reimbursement. Is there a cut-off date? Also, I punched-in my VIN here and, so far, all I get is a message "2004 Ford Freestar - Currently, there are no listed recalls for your vehicle."
  • Same thing here! I called Ford as well! Our 2006 freestar BELONGS in that recall. We have owned it for 17 weeks. It has been in the shop 4 times totaling 12 weeks of us being stuck in a rental! I called the law firm who handled the 04-05 lawsuit and asked them if anything can be done about the later models. She didn't sound surprised and gave me the number to a law firm in Alabama. I am waiting for a call back tomorrow. Maybe they have started another class action lawsuit? I will find out tomorrow. All I know is that I will NOT let this go. Ford needs to take responsibility for ALL models with this hazardous defect. Not just the ones that have had major accidents
  • ftfclubftfclub Posts: 14
    Please post additional information about the possible lawsuit....we would like to join in to..........not letting this go either
  • It was about f....... time !!!
    I already replaced the trans last year (2010). I'm waiting for the recall letter and I really hope that they will pick-up the bill ! Piece of junk !
  • Please let us all know about the '06's. It's BS. My dad said even though we have an '06 it STILL could have an '05 motor in it and should be on the recall also.
    Please post any phone numbers and info you have. I really appreciate it.
  • I just noticed on Friday night that my cruise control switch is just flashing and not staying on, in September my odometer went out my mileage when it last worked was at 145,000. And then just the other day I seen the Recall on yahoo, and then I called my local ford dealership. And they told me that I have to wait until I receive a notice in the mail. And to top it off they had the incorrect address, which I fixed of course. I just hope this Recall Problem is fixed in the next few months.
  • I just called the dealership where I was told to take my receipts for reimbursement. The manager told me they still have no idea how everything is going to work and I needed to call corporate again. I called again, and they are now telling me we can't get reimbursed until we are notified of the recall AND that Ford may want to replace the torque converter even if we've already had the trans replaced. I specifically asked if they would reimburse us for the whole transmission being replaced, being that it was a result of the torque converter, and I was told, "that shouldn't be a problem." I also asked what to do if the trans fails again & was told to take it to the dealership and they will handle it. We'll see.
  • motheyemotheye Posts: 17
    Sounds like we are in the same boat. Same exact failure as everyone else--but the dealership simply said "needs a new transmission'. "Torque converter" was never mentioned. I'm expecting someone to say my transmission failure was not related to this torque converter issue--and I'm not sure how to respond yet. My invoice for the transmission simply states "rebuild transmission, $2800" (including a $300 charge just to check the main board for water!). Any suggestions are welcome.
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    Check out this web page.

    Reimbursements on Repairs

    If your car is recalled after you’ve already paid for repairs you may be entitled to a reimbursement. Manufacturers must reimburse owners for repairs caused by the defect if the repairs were made within the year prior to the recall. Once the recall is made, and the manufacturers have sent out their last recall notices, you have 10 days to notify the manufacturer of your repairs. You will however need documentation of the repair – so be sure to keep your receipts!
  • I called Ford today and put in a complaint on my 2006 that had the tranny crap out. They said to take your receipts to your Ford dealer OR submit them to the home off ice Deerborn, MI for reimbursement.
    Also, ANYONE who has a 2006 that has the same problems as the 04 and 05 needs to call Ford and complain. I was told the recalls are decided by the engineering dept and its based on the number of complaints and your vehicle. He also told me not all 04's and 05's were recalled. It was based on the info that comes up with your VIN number.
    2006b owners call Ford today and submit your complaint!!! 313-322-3000
  • Our 2006 Freestar had the same problem. The torque converter blew up as our whole family of 4 was crossing a Missouri River bridge in St. Louis. We had no power and no place to turn off. We were traveling for XMAS and had car full of gifts and luggage. I was scared we were going to get hit in the rear as we were coasting to the next off ramp. Lots of people honked and gave us the finger as they went by. Did they thing we planned for the transmission to shell out right there going 75 mph?. Transmission had to be rebuilt. No financial help from Ford. They told me I should have purchased an extended warranty. Sorry but I figured the transmission would last more that about 60,000 miles. I was wrong. I filed a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Board. Lots of good it did. The recall for 04 and 05 models says "THIS CONDITION RESULTS IN A SUDDEN LOSS OF MOTIVE POWER WITH NO WARNING, INCREASING THE RISK OF A CRASH." I guess if the same thing happens in an 06 it doesn't?
  • I called Ford customer service today about my 2006 that the transmission went in 2010. She said that they have had other 2006 owners calling in with the transmission going and Ford is looking into it. She told me that as of now 2006's aren't in the recall but to call the NTHSB and ask to be added into the recall. I've filed a complaint with them back in 2010 and an investigator contacted me for more information for the but when I contacted him when the recall came out he told me to contact Ford. I'm hoping that the 2006 models are added on and I get some reimbursement for the new $3300 transmission I had no choice but to replace. Fords SUCK!
  • 2005 Freestar - No Recalls listed for this VIN on the FORD Website. The Van is back in the shop again, 1 month later after a complete transmission rebuild by aamco, leaking oil/transmission fluid, slipping 2nd to 3rd gear on occassions. They've had it for a week, and agreed to tear it down and rebuild it again 3 days ago.... Thank goodness for the warranty they gave me, but I'm almost to the point of demanding my money back (van fixed or not).
  • ansassansass Posts: 2
    Has anyone had any luck with the 2006. Mine died last night in the highway with 3 kids in the car. Towed to Ford dealer and the torque converter needs to be replaced for only $1700. My vehicle is not included in the 2004/2005 recall. If this is happening to you please call and fill a complaint with the NHST board. Also go to and file a complaint. There are 36 complaints as of right now on there, mine will make 37. Please file your compaints so we can all get our cars fixed or reimbursed. Ford needs to recall the 2006 Freestars.
  • I have filed a complaint and called ford. I just picked up my car an hour ago. Same issues, same bull. Replaced coils, spark plugs, blah blah blah. My van has the same symptoms included in the recall for the 04-05. Ford needs to go by symptoms, NOT by year!
  • I called again to file a compliant with Ford and the national highway safety! I have a 2007 that had the same problem. No warning just lost all power to vehicle on a very busy road! I hope they recall this soon. $2300.00 paid out that we did not have!!!!!!!!!! :mad: :cry: :confuse: :sick:
  • paulflovillagapaulflovillaga Posts: 2
    edited January 2012
    The same with our transmission ~ Sudden loss of all gears!

    After reading all the complaints, the 2006 Freestar MUST BE INCLUDED in the recall.

    Additional problems: Power steering leak, PCM failure, Coolant loss, front windshield weatherstripping, fuel gauge not calibrated correctly, persistent tire pressure warning

    Ford Built Lemon ... $2300 versus $2800 at two, Ford dealers?!!
  • I posted at the time our transmission went out ... no word from whatever gov't agency ....
  • We, too, have the tire pressure issue. Our vehicle's most persistent malfunction is it bucking. Since we bought our 2006, when first beginning to accelerate, it sounds almost like a diesel truck. It is very low and rumbles like a truck would. This happened whether or not the car is going to malfunction or not. When the malfunction happens (which if we are lucky won't happen for a few weeks), the van will begin to buck/jerk and the check engine light will begin to flash. The shop keeps replacing spark plugs, coils, etc. The other persistant issue is, of course, the loss of power. Without prior notice, the car just turns off while driving. Sometimes while driving the van, it will feel like it is trying to stall (if that makes any sense). Then, as soon as I come to a stop, the thing just loses power. Unfortunately, everyone I have talked to said in no way is an 06 able to be included in the recall. So basically what they are saying is that because not enough owners of 2006 Freestars crashed and/or complained, those of us with the exact same defect don't matter. That disappoints me so much!
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