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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • Concerning the recalled torque converter, my van is running normally right now. Last week it stalled, zputtered, and galloped home no faster than 45mph with all the idiot lights on. Upon sitting overnight, it ran normal again when i started it but the check engine light stayed on. I've read here some vans no longer run after ford replaces the converter, so i am worried about getting mine done. Should i take it in or not?? :sick:
  • Too bad I didn't research on Edmunds or anything else before buying Ford Freestar! My 2005 Automatic transmission just died at 158,000 miles which seemed too soon till I read worse horror stories! I DID the recall work last year on the torque converter, at a dealership. That was almost a year ago though, with lots of miles in between. I was very lucky that the forward gears died in a parking lot, not on the road. I had it towed to a transmission shop who says the radiator fluid has been leaking into the transmission & ruined it. (because it circulates through there to keep trans. fluid cool). I wonder if this is the Pump issue someone mentioned above. Anyway the transmission repair is going to cost 1200 labor + 2200 parts so 3400! Sounded crazy but I see similar numbers above. But I personally can not afford to buy another car except maybe another high mileage vehicle for $3400 which totally maxes out my finances either way. I see I should at least add to the voices complaining to Ford. This particular mechanic claims that Ford Freestars and Windstars do stay on the road for a long time with rebuilt transmission but of course they WOULD want to say, sure, fix it, it's worth it, wouldn't they; better for business, so who knows. But, I need a car ASAP so I'm going to bite the bullet and fix it rather than dive into another unknown high mileage vehicle.
  • Korum Ford in Puyallup WA are bitches. Rude, inconsiderate, liars, and condescending. Against my better judgement, I took my van in for the recall work and got it back this same day. that was december fourth, today december 18 it died on the freeway going 65 Mphour. Straight cold died no power. I was barely avoided bye a semi truck and trailer. I put the van in neutral and it started again with all of the idiot lights on again. I went the van home at 35 miles per hour, with dying and bucking all the way. I called the service department and told them what was going on and all he could say was that is not the torque converter its not covered by them. when I turn my van in to get the recall work done I told my service mechanic about the issues with the wet PCM. He was interested and hadn't heard anything about it. I asked him to make sure they flushed and refill the transmission with new fluid and I would pay the extra fees if needed. He insisted that the torque converter comes full of its own fluid and the transmission work is all external but would check my fluid for parts of the old converter. when I picked up the van he told me my transmission was just fine and the fluid was not dirty. Well when I I told him that we had a discussion, that this is exactly what it warn me what would happen if I got the converter replaced, he caught an attitude and told me not to interrupt him while he was talking. He then told me the 3000+ complaints on were false and whoever told me my info was a liar. For them to take back my van, id have to pay for a tow and then $120 perhour diagnostic fee. IF they can find the problem. And they wont check the pcm for water first, they do the error codes first and all parts related to those codes would have to be bought and installed. This van is a death trap. End of story.

    PS. I asked how many issues does it take for a car to be recalled. He said "oh that will never happen." I said "nice, ok so you're waiting on a death. You almost caused one last. Thanks."
  • My husband and I have had the Mercury Monterrey for 2.5 years now and just got the recalled torque convertor replaced 1.5 months ago. We were driving from Michigan to San Diego for my husband to do a traveling nursing job, so we thought it was best for our transmission to be fixed. The recall fix was done and the drive to San Diego was fine. A few days ago we went to the desert here and a gear light went on, but then turned off, so we didn't worry about it. Then tonight, I was driving and the car was not excelling well and I arrived at my destination OK. However, as I was getting ready to leave, my car started, but wouldn't move in reverse or drive. Now I don't know what to do. Just buy a new car? After reading these posts, I totally regret buying this piece of junk and getting the recall fix even done. It was driving fine before. So now we are stuck in San Diego with one car, our other one is in the garage in Michigan. This is definitely the transmission right? Would Ford reimburse me for doing the recall wrong? It had to be that, I have no idea what else it would be. The van has 99,000 miles on it. I have no idea what to do.

  • paddy53paddy53 Posts: 1

    My 2006 Freestar SEL failed with 122,000 kilometers. Called Ford Canada to be advised I'm out of warranty (yeah knew that) - end of discussion other than my complaint was registered. My vehicle was manufactured in 2005 at the Oakland, Ontario plant. Took it to transmission shop the same day it started acting funny - was doing two little lurches forward after I came to a stop - wrench light on. From all the horror stories on here did not want to risk this "Safe Mode" experience. Mister Transmission replaced the torque converter and valve body and overhaul for $2500.00 and got a good warranty for 60,000 kms. Like everyone else here serious sticker shock - facing a 4 month layoff in two weeks. TPS light comes on everyday then goes off after a few miles. Was thinking of doing an undercarriage wash to get winter road salt off - now I'm scared to do this for fear of flooding the CPM. One other thing from the day this van was brand new always had a clunk shifting into drive or reverse. Dealer found nothing wrong. After transmission repaired that noise is totally gone - probably a dud from day one. Will take bill to dealer next week - see what happens. Previously owned 2 F350's (1 also a lemon - turbo part kept blowing). Think we'll ever see a recall on the 06 and 07's? How many years did the other ones take. Filing reports with Canada Transport and the US site as well and urge everyone to do the same so Ford can't keep pleading ignorance to the problem.

  • My 06 Freestar transmission just went out. And since the torque converter had been damaged for so long without any knowledge of it. Now I get to buy a new one out of my family's vacation $$$. And hey kids lets skip the beach trip and put a transmission in our van!!! They didn't get excited about it either. The 04 and 05's ended up in 06 and 07's but there is no recall on the 06 or 07's. Doesn't take much to see that this is ridiculous!!! Thanx Ford this was my first Ford and defiantly the last Ford I buy. Buy American buy Chevy.
  • 06fstarowner06fstarowner Posts: 1
    edited October 2014
    Have loved my 2006 Ford Freestar up until now, chalk up another failed transmission story to the replacement tune of $3425.00 in Mississippi. Will probably switch car companies for the next auto purchase!
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