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Toyota Highlander Accessories and Modifications



  • I own a Highlander Sport 2WD. I know the Sport suspension is a little firmer than others. I have some questions. Could someone please help me....

    Is the Base model and Limited is having the same suspension?
    Can we convert the Sport Suspension to a Limited Suspension?
    Or we can make it a little softer with some modifications?
  • Wanted to share that I recently installed fog lights on the 08 Base model. I used cheap Yaris fog lights from e-Bay($45) and Toyota factory fog light bezels pre-painted in the car color (purchased from the dealer for about $35 each).My base model came prewired for fog lights. I spliced 2 wires from light switch on the steering wheel and connected them to the Toyota style button that came with Yaris fog lights. Button fits exactly in the place on the left side where blanks are. Fog light area is accessible from the top of the vehicle. I removed the battery and window washer bottle holding bolt for easy access.
  • theJCtheJC Posts: 1
    can you upload some pics (or e-mail me) as I'dl ike to do something similar as well.

  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    I love hearing these stories of folks with the base model and all of the aftermarket time and $$ they've spent accessorizing their HLs to be equipped like a higher-level model. If you've got the time and inclination, more power to you; for me, I'd rather just purchase a higher trim level from the start.

    Curious say the Toyota-like switch from Yaris fit perfectly into the slot. The fog light control for those HLs that have them factory-installed is on the turn signal column. Is that what you're referring to?
  • garygary Posts: 39
    I would like to replace my factory headunit in my non-JBL in-dash setup. I purchased a Sony mid-priced unit. Anyone had any success doing this? I need the specific brand and model number of the installation kit used and any photos you may have. I've heard of Scosche, American International and Metra.

    I already purchased the wiring harness.

    This is a Single DIN unit in a 2001 non-JBL setup.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Are there any chassis lube points on a 2005 Highlander V6 AWD?
  • Hey all,

    I just purchased an 09 Highlander (thanks tax credit!). I got the base Limited with Option Package #7 which basically ads Blue Tooth and 6 CD changer. I also go the Power Lift gate. I have a few option questions:

    Remote Entry - is it worth having the dealer put this in. I know I want it and am afraid if I have it installed elsewhere and they mess up the wiring it will void my warranty. ($695)

    All weather mats - I know I'm probably better off getting these OEM.

    "Protection Packages" - I've never had leather seats before, so I'm wondering if this is worth it. $328. "Environmental Corrosion Protection" (basically rust proofing) $250. "Acid Rain Protection" - $499.

    Is there anything else I desperately need?

    Thanks for your input.

  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    All of the "protection" packages you mention are a ripoff. OEM all-weather floor mats are a good investment and if you're more comfortable with the dealer doing the work on the remote entry if you know you want it, then go for it.

    Did they explain to you what exactly they do for the protection packages, and could they tell you the difference between "environmental corrosion" and "acid rain?" Did they do so with a straight face? I'm wondering how these con artists sleep at night?
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    On the weather mats I'd get the ones from Weathertech as they contain any runnoff and protect the carpet better then the Toyota ones (Had them both)

    For the Protection Pkgs. some are rips offs as mentioned, but depending on where you live I would go with the rust proofing only. On my 06 I had the paint sealant (thrown in on the deal) and I could see the buffer markes in certain light conditions (night) so I was mad from day 1, on the new 08 left over I just purchased I had the rust proofing and interior protection, as it does the carpets and they say the leather as well and with the lighter interior I didn't want a stain. For the outside I'll use Griot's paint sealant and apply myself with a good carnuba wax.
  • I ordered an after market trailer hitch package with electrical connections included. All went very well, until I tried to hook up the 4 prong connection in the "trunk". I have a third seat and don't know how to access the prewired connection, that my directions show would be located under the third seat. Does the compartment with tools for changing a tire pull out to expose the wire connection? I was reluctant to do a lot of pulling of the tool tray, not knowing how it is attached. Pls advise.
  • gigi1968gigi1968 Posts: 1
    What are the specifications of the running boards? This is a source, but I want them to look like your picture! r-2008-2009.aspx
  • boss21boss21 Posts: 2
    I just ordered Foglights from for my 2008 base highlander. Has anyone bought and installed these foglights for there base highlander?
  • jrfierojrfiero Posts: 123
    I have a 2001 V6 Ltd with the Toyota towing package - does anyone know off the top of their head what connector it has (7-pin round, 6-pin round, etc)?

    I'm buying a light kit for my utility trailer which has a four-pin flat connector so I expect I need an adapter, I just don't know which adapter. My wife has the HL so I can't go check.

    A Toyota dealer service guy just told me it has a 6-pin flat, which I can't find any reference to elsewhere.

  • jrfierojrfiero Posts: 123
    In case anyone's interested, the HL connector is a 4-pin flat, at least on my 2001.
    So at least I don't need an adaptor - too bad I already ordered one on the trailer accessory company's assurance that the HL had a 7-pin RV connector.
  • I have an '08 Highlander Limited, so check to see if this helps. The trailer wiring connection is under the storage compartment at the left rear of the luggage compartment. Lift the rear two floor covers, then remove the fastener at the top of the left edge between the compartments. Also remove the two plastic nuts at the bottom of the storage compartment. The compartment should then lift out.
    There are two connectors on the floor beneath this compartment. One is for the trailer wiring which must be purchased from a Toyota dealer. The other has a cap on it with wires inside. If you remove this cap, be sure to reinstall it firmly. Failure to do so will cause the backup lights to not work. ( My dealer didn't know this one, but then they are the worst in the country.)
  • reyxlpreyxlp Posts: 1
    Hi Hoyle,

    I know you were pretty clear in your post so please bear with me, but I just spoke with WAAG today regarding this part (18326) because I just bought an '07 HH and want to install one.

    They *refused* to sell it to me because they said it will not fit the Hybrid as the frame and attachment points are different than the non-Hybrid.

    They said the same of their rear bumper guard piece (16742.) (What is the T&H single pipe? Is there a website where I can see that?)

    Anyway - not trying to refute your personal experiences, just writing to verify I understood your post correctly and that you were able to install WAAG 18326 on your '06 Highlander Hybrid without any problems.

    Thanks so much, would greatly appreciate your response.

  • had Best buy install it. Now I can play my ipod, pick up blue tooth cell calls and FM radio as well as play CD's of various types but lost traffic reports on favorite am station re: apparaently there is only one connection on Pioneer deck for antenna but you need two with Highlander set up to get both FM and AM. Anyone run into this. Also picks up some noice when accelerating anyone know of noise reduction techniques?
  • I have the same dilema with an 09 Highlander Limited. My connector is under the rear drivers side compartment. The nuts and push plug are remove but I think the jack tool tray needs to come out. How did you get the tool tray out to access the plug.
  • The schematic drawing with the wiring kit is not accurate. It shows the connection to be under the jack/tool kit area. It is not there. Pull out the three removeable pieces that are over the jack/slide cover. That is, the one big piece in the center, then the smaller pieces located on the left and right. Remove the bar/slide cover used to cover up packages in the back of the vehicle. Look on the left (drivers) side under that small cover that you removed. There are two nuts (plastic caps) in the bottom of that storage well. Remove them, as well as the upholstery screw/peg that is adjacent to where the left edge of the bar/slide was. Once you have these three attachments removed you can pull out the plastic well that they held in place. I know you have to force it some to pull up on its outer edge and then squeeze over the portion that lies under the side adjacent to the third seat. But I have taken out mine successfully twice without it cracking. Under this piece you will find your plug. Also there is a hole through the fender well to under the car that is covered with a rubber plug. I strung my wires through here and reinserted the plug.

    I have no idea if this is the "correct" way to install the wiring, but it worked for me and my trailer lights work great. The rest of the instructions provided to install the wiring were right on the mark, only the schematic was goofy.

    Lots of luck,

  • The Toyota dealer where I recently purchased a 2007 Highlander confirmed that my model does not have an information panel, where the outside temperature display and compass should be located. Can anyone suggest how I can obtain displays for these 2 features (is there a rear-view mirror or other aftermarket instrument with these features?) Thanks.
  • I just bought a 2010 Highlander Base and wanted to add a navigation system that looks stock. I really want the new Head Unit to have a good gps, ipod/iphone integration, bluetooth, and a rear camera out.

    I've been looking on ebay and there are a lot of units that are shipping from China and Hong Kong. They ship the entire HU with the stock control panel so you can have your Navigation look stock. However, none of these sellers tell you the brand of the GPS. Anyone have experience with these units or have recommendations when buying one?
  • luckysevenluckyseven Posts: 134
    edited October 2010
    From usability point of view - get yourself a Garmin, much better then Toyota's built in nav or any Chinese clone. With Garmin you'll get quarterly map updates, traffic, and if you want to be fancy get a Garmin ecoRoute HD Vehicle Diagnostics Communicator.
  • Well I already own a portable Garmin. I'd like to ultimately upgrade my stereo system but if I can buy a navigation then I can also write it off for business. It looks like the Kenwoods have garmin navs built in. I've looked into the ones on ebay but they seem to be POS aftermarket units that aren't getting good reviews. I just don't want to ruin the look of my stock dash but it's near impossible to upgrade the stereo without changing out the headunit.

    Anyone here installed an aftermarket Navigation into a Highlander? I want to know how the install went and if the LCD looked too out of place with the overall console?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    If you purchased a rearview camera for your car, a reporter wants to hear from you. Please email by Wednesday, October 6, 2010 with your daytime contact information and your thoughts on the system.
    Jeannine Fallon
    Corporate Communications


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  • I'm brand new to the Toyota family and I'm finding it extremely hard to find Highlander resources online. Everytime I look for help on installing a stereo, I only find info on the Tacoma. I'm trying to find a service manual from Haynes and they have most Toyota cars outlined except the Highlander. Very few custom sites/blogs just for the highlander and nothing on Youtube for the Highlander.

    Is there a definitive place I am missing for this car? Are people not as interested in modifying this car because it's traditionally more a family car? Where can I buy a service manual that shows me how to take the dash apart or the side doors?
  • I was in the same boat as you a month ago. Toyota Nation is the place for you. See the link below for DIY Modifications and Maintenance. Inside you'll find a link on installing a custom radio

    DIY Modifications and Maintenance
  • I just completed installation of a Pioneer AVH-3200BT with XM receiver module yesterday in a 2006 Highlander Limited. The Limited had the JBL system (with amp located under the floor by tailgate latch). I thought the Kenwoods looked OK too, but I didn't want the nav in the upgrade radio. Reason: I always stick my TomTom on the window near the rearview mirror. There I can see it looking straight ahead and while glancing to the rearview. Look at the radio location in the Highlander. Your attention would have to be taken too far from the road to make me feel safe. I don't even like it built into our month old 2010 FX35. Too far from the road. I'm not going to go into the price of built in- ridiculous. Even the add on for the Pioneer -and all other - aftermarket is way too high. I'd rather spend on a portable I can move to a rental or friends car, and upgrade to a newer when I want, for a reasonable price. Bottom line, the Toyota equipment is way too skimpy. FE, my 2006 having a cassette (!!???) and a 6 CD changer that couldn't play MP3 !!??? J-U-N-K! iPods had been out for years by then and other manufacturers were putting in docks for them. Toyota put in a cassette player. Whooppee!! My [wifes] new car is an Infiniti with so many electronics I will never learn them all. And my [her old] highlander now plays iPhone movies, DVD movies, has Bluetooth, plays my 8 Gig music library from a 16 Gig SD card, and lets me listen to XM, all for less than $500. And I have my TomTom. Her name is Brenda.
  • A double DIN aftermarket works fine, BTW, with the plastic ear accessories to fill up the gaps on the side of the wider faceplate on some Highlander JBL radios. Most aftermarket radios like the Pioneers let you set the color of the LEDs to match the rest of the instrument cluster lights. There is no reason an aftermarket should look out of place. Now, my 2006 original instrument cluster has a blue/white glow while the climate and OEM JBL radio has dark green LED glow. Like they had leftover parts they wanted to use up before they made everything look the same. Who can figure out Toyota anymore? Installation is easy if you take it slow. I hated the steering wheel controls so I did not buy the adapter for them. My hand was always changing something (2006 Highlander).
    If you want to connect front seat video you have to connect parking brake wire. If you put in the rear view back up camera you have to connect that wiring. Those 3 things are optional and will increase install time & labor. Good videos on installing Highlander radios on You Tube. Crutchfield and others have wiring harness adapters and the $12 gap fillers. When finished it looks factory.
  • I purchased a 2011 highlander limited a few months ago. I noticed on the window sticker that it included a "Tow Prep Package". I thought that it would have included a hitch or at least a receiver but after calling the dealer they explained that the vehicle is rated to tow but the hitch and wiring must be added. I then inquired how much a Toyota Hitch and Wiring would cost, $600 installed. I was taken back on the cost but am also little apprehensive about putting after market parts on a brand new vehicle still under factory warranty. Not to mention that I purchase the toyota care extended warranty. Any suggestions?
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