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Volkswagen Jetta Audio/Entertainment Questions



  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Well why don't you save up and get the Premium VIII, MDI, and the MDI iPod cable. That way you get full integration. For 2010 VW is replacing the iPod adapter with the MDI. Of course they are including the iPod cable which enables the full iPod integration. It also plays USB devices but you have to use the iPod cable for iPod's not USB. The Premium VIII has a 6.5" touch screen but no NAV. No DVD video playback or HDD support like the RNS-510. The Premium VIII is known as the RCD-510 in Europe and it works great.
  • joelk01joelk01 Posts: 44
    I have an 09 Sportwagon TDI with NAV. The NAV unit has a "phone" button but it doesnt function without bluetooth. The dealer is supposed to install the bluetooth kit that is compatible with the NAV unit. The TDI steering wheel does not have any function buttons on the steering wheel - all control is done thru the NAV unit.

    Does anyone have any experience with this phone setup?

    Also, I've read different things about the compatiblity of the IPOD adapter cable for units with NAV. I also have an AUX in capability. I am interested to know if anyone has definitive info on using an IPOD in conjunction with NAV equipped cars.

    By the way, my car came with a six-month sat radio trial period.

  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    For the iPod cable all you need is 000 051 446 C. It gives you full iPod integration. It's the MDI iPod cable. You should be able to get it for around $40 or less. It works on 4th gen iPod photo's up to the latest one. Just get this cable at your local dealer and you should be fine in that department.

    For Bluetooth you can install the Skoda unit or the 9W3 thats being installed on new models. It can function without a MFSW. If you really want the phone button you could retrofit a MFSW but that would be at least $800 since it requires an expensive steering wheel and controller. It might be cheaper if you used ebay. Your airbag would be reused. If you want the full functionality on bluetooth then you should get it. It all depends on what you really want.
  • joelk01joelk01 Posts: 44
    With NAV, the iPOD cable you cited will fully integrate the iPOD? What does "fully integrate" mean - you can operate the iPOD via the touch screen buttons and the iPOD contents are viewable on the screen?

    The NAV system already has a phone button. I dont need one on the steering wheel. Just wanted to know if anyone has experience with VW bluetooth capability in conjunction with the NAV system.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    You won't be able to get voice dialing then.

    Yes it will full integrate it the iPod. You can use the touch screen to control it and it will show it on the display. It works great on some units. It works really well. As long as it's made past the 4th gen Photo unit then it will work.

    The Volk-L only acts as a headset and you have to use your phones send/receive buttons. The benefit of having the MFSW is that you can send/recieve calls. The Phone button is really a menu button which can access your contacts, latest calls, and touch screen dialing. The Phone button on the wheel would enable voice dialing. Only the 9W3 and Skoda unit do this feature.
  • joelk01joelk01 Posts: 44
    The dealer told me that there is no VW handsfree unit for an 09 Jetta that is compatible with the NAV system and a non-MFSW.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Volk-L will work but it will be very limited. The other option is the Skoda/9W3 unit but you must have the MFSW in order to have full functionality. Without the MFSW you won't be able to do voice dialing or send and recieve calls. The MFSW is an expensive retrofit though. Same with the Bluetooth. The good modules cost a lot of money.
  • _javier_javier Posts: 2
    I have done some research on installing an iPod adapter kit for 05 New Jetta. I also bought the so called "radio keys" off of eBay, but my radio does not have the small slots for the keys to go into.

    Hoiw do I remove my radio without having to remove any of the dash panels?
  • shamrock22shamrock22 Posts: 8

    Thanks. A few questions. What is MDI? A cable or interface spec? Any idea of the price of an RCD-510(Premium 8)? I've seen the Bluetooth module for the RCD-510 or RNS-510 for up to $740 on ebay. Seems rather steep for a bluetooth module. I suspect the MDI Ipod cable is also expensive. Would I have to upgrade my dash? I have an 09 Jetta sedan, the MFD is red.

  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    The MDI is the new interface adapter for USB and iPods. It will do aux-in if you buy a cable. The cable isn't that expensive. The MDI iPod cable isn't that expensive. For 2010 VW is replacing the stock iPod adapter with an MDI package. It also includes the iPod cable. The iPod cable for the MDI can be had for $40. I have no idea how much a Premium VIII will cost. I suspect this market to get saturated once people start swapping out their headunits for aftermarket ones. There might be some sellers that will sell them though don't know when. The RCD-510 is coming out this fall. The MDI costs about $257 at 1stvwparts part number 5N0 035 341 B and the harness you can get at Order the Media-In harness. It will replace your armrest iPod adapter though. Part number 5N0 035 341 B does include the USB cable but you don't want to use it for iPods though since it won't work.

    I've seen UK sellers selling the bluetooth unit for $550. This is the new D revision unit which supports A2DP aka Bluetooth Audio streaming. No dash upgrades. If you want voice dialing you'll need an multi function steering wheel which is expensive. Those retrofits are possible. The Bluetooth module and the RCD-510 will require coding. The bluetooth will need it to configure the unit. The RCD-510 will need it if you have the Premium amplified sound system. Set it as VW sound system to enable that. Of course the MFSW will require it if you want to retrofit it. If your car has it then you don't have to do it. No cluster upgrades though.

    Finally you'll need a Sirius extender so you can use the factory sirius antenna with the RCD-510.

    A long post and analysis but informative. Hope this helps.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Part number 1Z0 035 729 D is known as the Skoda unit or the 9W3 system. 9W3 is what they are using in 2009 Jetta's with Bluetooth.
  • What's the best one to get for 2007 jetta with sat radio and cd changer.
  • mcreffittmcreffitt Posts: 3
    I purchased cable 000 051 446 C and I cannot get it to recognize my ipod. It is a new 160GB ipod classic and I have done everything in the NAV manual that it says to do to hook up something to the MDI connection. When I hit the media button it shows an AUX input even though there isn't one and nothing will play when you select it (obviously, since there is nothing connected to the AUX-IN connection). I tried turning the AUX input off in the settings, but that doesn't work either. It just says there is no media available. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Reboot the iPod by pressing Menu and the center button. That might get it to recognize it. Pressing the selection button also gives you access to it.
  • mcreffittmcreffitt Posts: 3
    selection button?
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    When you plug it in it should go to the media-in screen. You can access it by pressing Media then Media-In. There is a button on the touch screen that says selection. Press that and it should list your iPod. Also try rebooting the iPod.
  • mcreffittmcreffitt Posts: 3
    that's the problem, where media-in would probably be after I press media (I would guess along the top with all the tabs of other sources) it says AUX even though there is nothing plugged in to there is no selection button on the touch screen
  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 155
    Now I'm bummed. When I bought my TDI several weeks ago it came with the Ipod adaptor. Cool. I have always wanted an Ipod now I'll go out and buy one. A buddy at work had his Ipod with him so we went out and plugged his Ipod in. Funny the song titles do not show up. Maybe something isn't set-up right.
    Did some checking and unless you have the NAV package the titles of the songs do not show up on the radio display.
    Thanks VW for a worthless adaptor. But at least I saved myself $300 by not buying the Ipod I was thinking of getting.
  • dana19dana19 Posts: 1
    I recently bought a TDI with an IPOD adapter. It does the same thing where is only shows track numbers and no artist or song information. So you basically need to start the IPOD playing and plug it into the dock to access the songs you want to hear. I have been trying to figure out a way to convert it back {without pulling the radio} to AUX as the IPOD adapter is a waste of time. The dock doesnt support iphones as the cradle is too tight. You can force it into the dock but risk damaging the iphone. It would have been better if they had a dual jack to allow you more flexibility to connect devices.
  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 155
    What does the 000 051 446C ipod cable connect to?? The ipod adaptor in the console and the bottom of the ipod? Does it connect to the back of the radio some way??? I found it online for $37.63 plus $8.00 shipping. I just need to know what connects to what.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    It only works unless you have the nav package. It plugs into the MDI. The MDI isn't compatible with the current radios. It also does USB, microUSB, and Aux if you have those cables. The MDI however, is compatible with the new Premium VIII radio which is a touch screen 6 cd unit that has an SD card slot. It does show the iPod text. The MDI is also known as the Media-In and it has full iPod functionality if you purchased that cable.
  • joem63joem63 Posts: 3
    I know this was discussed before, but was wondering if there is any new info. My situation: everything worked fine until I had to disconnect battery. Now Aux does not show up, regardless of how many times or for how long I hit the CD button.
  • dinkindinkin Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. I have an '09 Jetta, but I suspect the radios are the same. I also disconnected battery recently. If I hold "CD" button down for more than 2 seconds, CD player goes into "mix" mode. On the other hand, if I press "CD" twice quickly, nothing happens. Formerly, the sound system would toggle into "Aux-In" mode, to take input from external mp3 players. Is there a way to reset the CD button to get the Aux-In to work properly? Everything else in the sound system seems to work great.
  • tbciitbcii Posts: 1
    Have an '09 Jetta TDI, with the Aux Auido Port in the Center console. Have a HTC G1, and bought a microUSB to 3.5mm Cable. Switched to the Aux Auido in on the jetta, and tried to play some MP3's. The MP3's only played thru the G1's external speaker.

    Any Ideas?
  • I have an 2003 jetta the raido turns on but no sound or function at all. Display says 95.1 not safe. As in safe mode. Tried securedy code did not work.
  • sitsatsitsat Posts: 10
    Posted in VW Jetta TDI forum but this one seems more on target: see below

    Hey all - just took delivery of my silver 2010 TDI Jetta sportwagen and am loving it. The dealer forgot to include my circled option of an iphone adaptor, so I am trying to figure out the different options I have to push iphone content into the nav screen radio controls (no navigation system on-board), i.e. google maps, music, photos, etc. The armrest has a standard 3.5 femail stereo port, which I assume will only take audio off the iPhone (3g) but nothing else and I would need to control form phone, not nav screen. I did see a neat little adaptor from snedstation ( that would allow me to push audio from the phone and also charge to an alternate input, like DC lighter, but doubt this will push any media other than audio. any ideas?
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Just order part number 000 051 446 C.
  • I traded in my 2002 Jetta for a 2007 Wolfsburg last month- only 9500 miles on it - beautiful... though not thrilled to be without the audio controls on the steering wheel. In the old jetta I had a aftermarket sirius radio suctioned to the windshield ...I always thought it was tacky -but I love my Sirius... I promised myself that the next car would have Sirius, but this one doesn't and was too good to pass up. So I got on ebay and low and behold I found a VW factory upgrade audio system for a 2006-2007 Jetta with 6 disk CD changer and Satellite capability... whoo hoo! I bought it and its on its way. My question is: the antenna on the car is not a universal shark fin, it is the older kind... how will I be able to receive a satellite signal without attaching another aftermarket antenna somewhere on the car? Is the wiring there already for a universal antenna?
  • savs1savs1 Posts: 1

    I have the same issue with my '08 Jetta, did you find a way around this problem? I used to be able to just press "CD" and it would go into aux just fine, and now it does exactly what you described.

    If you found a solution I would love to hear it, thanks a million in advance!!!

  • leep4leep4 Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 TDI and have been unable to find a micro USB to 3.5mm Cable.
    Do you remember where you obtained it ?
    Thanks, Leland
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