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Lexus LS 460 Owner Experiences



  • imoutruimoutru Posts: 2
    Hey, Hey.. I have a 2008 LS460 and am having the exact same issues.. Has anyone figured out the issue.. My cart is at the Dealers right now and they said they need to see it happen to fix it..
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Sorry aardman: Have been away a while. There is no port on the 09 where yours is in the 10, so I had to have the dealer do it. 2013 update yes, nice and works great. $150 though..... Oh well, why have the feature if you are too cheap to buy the updates.....

    Thanks for trying to help me.
  • jbianco12jbianco12 Posts: 125
    Hi Everyone, sorry to hear you are having problems with your LS. I have a 2010 LS L with air suspension and loads of other gadgets but haven't had a single problem with noise. The car is as quiet and smooth as one would expect from a luxury auto. The only issue I had with the car were the front mats...the holes didn't match up properly to the big deal, the dealer in Santa Monica, CA replaced them immediately. The car now has around 35k miles on it, I've taken it on many road trips and had it up to 80 mph through the desert (would never admit to going faster lol) noise, rattles or shakes...the car screams to go faster. For me it's been a great reliable car and would recommend it to anyone looking for a luxury auto.
  • I'm surprised that Lexus hasn't paired with cell phone manufacturers and had a cell phone made that would take the place of the key fob. Only one item to carry that way. it could be made to open a variety of items such as your house doors. The idea is limitless. Someday keys and key fobs may be obsolete.
    Dreamer Bill - 2012 LS 460 L awd. Tired of carrying key fob, cell phone, front door key, office key, motorcycle key, etc, etc.
  • Are the available options limited on the 2012 and the 2013 LS 460 for the USA sales? I don't see the "Lane Keeping Assist" listed on the Lexus LS "Build Your Lexus" program. I think there are other options not listed also. Does anyone have the "Lane Keeping Assist" option on their Lexus?
    Bill - Northwest IN - 2012 LS460 L AWD.
  • I distinctly remember that Lexus limits the available options based on zip code. No idea how they come up with this or what the purpose is. I bet if you entered a different zip you will get alternate options available.
  • chuckyk,
    Limited by zip code. Thats possible and probable because they are trying to sell what the local dealers stock? Maybe - but it's BS. Last summer we purchased a demo 2012 LS 460L awd with 6000m and it was loaded we thought. While reading the owners manual I found 2 items that were not listed on the "Build Your Own Lexus" program. Only the choice of 3 packages were shown if my memory is correct. I would have waited and held out for the Lane Assist had I known about it. Love the car but the hiding of the options has left a bitter taste......
    Bill - retired in Northwest IN
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I really like my 09 LS460 - but even in the 12s, Lexus is a little behind the technology of even Ford now. My 7 Fords in my fleet have SYNC which does an amazing job of Bluetooth for your phone, audio stream from an Ipod or smartphone, etc. No bluetooth audio streaming available yet on the Lexus. Maybe the 13 will have it?

    Admittedly, what the Lexus has, is better and works longer and more reliably than most other brands, but it doesn't always have everything I can get elsewhere, today.
  • Hello -- Can someone with Manheim access please post a list of recent 2010-2011 LS 460 SWB sales? Manheim PA, NJ if possible ?
    Thank you in advance.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    For Week Ending Dec 12

    Above Average Below Oct 2012 Jun 2012 Dec 2011
    Sale Price $47,226 $42,697 $38,168 $44,789 $40,433 $0
    Odometer 20,481 40,961 61,442 26,610 65,690 0
    Total Sold All 17


    For Week Ending Dec 12
    Above Average Below Oct 2012 Jun 2012 Dec 2011
    Sale Price $53,600 $48,490 $43,380 $50,480 $53,033 $57,525
    Odometer 8,723 17,446 26,169 16,199 18,202 8,351
    Total Sold All 7 5 3 4
  • edarteedarte Posts: 41
    Not sure I am understanding your point but I think my 2011 LS has Bluetooth audio streaming. At least I can connect to my iPhone 4s via Bluetooth and play my music through the car's sound system. There are limited controls (e.g. can pause and play music but cannot select specific songs from my playlists). If I connect the phone via USB then I can scroll through a list of music on the cars display but it is still relatively crude compared to the iPhone's capability.
  • My LS460 just turned 90,000 and all of the sudden, instead of smooth gear changes, I'm getting lagging response, then sudden whiplash- type acceleration.
    Anyone have the same problem?
    And if so, did it end up being a transmission problem, or a computer chip problem?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Sounds like they added and upgraded functions to the entertainment system that my 09 lacked. Glad to hear that. Thank you.
  • My 10 ls sport with levinson has blue tooth streaming from my iPad and iPhone as well. May be only available with the premium audio?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I have Levinson, but none of those bluetooth streaming capabilities. The 10 was obviously upgraded. DAMN, now I need a new one!!!
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    wait there is more.

    I traded it in on a 2012 Avalon, which is much more "Premium Luxury Sedan" then the 2013 (in my opinion). In any case. After all is said and done, I should have purchased the used LS 460 that I REALLY wanted:(

    Oh, I highlighted "Premium Luxury Sedan" because that is what Toyota claims the New Avalon is?

    - Sports Mode Controls
    - Sports Paddle Shifters?
    - Sports Ride?
    - Low Profile tires?
    - Seats that have much greater bolstering for sharp turns?

    So a few questions if I may.

    - What is maintenance like for those with a used LS, that they have serviced at a local service center or Toyota dealer? I ask, because I'm guessing it's a lot less money for service work there, instead of the Lexus dealer?
    - What will I like about trading my 2012 Avalon in on a LS?
    - What might I not like?
    - What kind of things should I watch for, Consider?
    - Insurance costs?

    Is it worth it, or should I just stop while I'm ahead, and keep the Avalon (for now:))

    I put on about 35,000 + miles a year (in sales), so the comfort and quietness is a big deal with me.

    The 2013 Avalon was nice but it was

    - Smaller inside
    - Higher road noise (likely from the 18" tires / rims
    - not as comfortable as the 2012 Avalon
    - Smaller trunk opening on 2013
    - Space Saver Spare on 2013
    - No Reclining rear seats on 2013 (we go on 5 - 8 vacations a year with passengers)

    While the 2013 Avalon has a hell of a Tech Package, quiet wipers, great Fit, Finish and Trim that I will and do miss, it's missed on other important area for me. I will say, I wasn't a big fan of all the colors for the trim, and or the fact they were raised panels.

    In any case, your thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Happy to opine. I have had 3 LSes, 02, 05 and my current 09. Obviously, I love 'em, and each one has been better than the one before. I have 61,000 miles on my 09, and not a single repair has been needed. I have had Lexus do all the service work - the free loaner and the way they treat me is well worth the little extra I pay for the service. It's usually $140 for the nomal service and inspection. On certain mileage intervals, it's more. The 60,000 mile service is the biggest - it's $1200. But that's only every 60,000. It wears very well, holds value very well, and is the most comfortable car I've ever owned, and I've had Mercedes, Volvo and Cadillac & Lincoln before. The Mercedes are really the Driver's car, but SO expensive to service and fix, and they need a LOT of fixing. Cadillac and Lincoln are no longer Luxury to me, they are Near Luxury, Cadillac is Sport now. Not for me at this age. Lexus is pure luxury, but the 460 has just a little sport feel to it that the 430s didn't have. The Avalon is similar but less powerful, FWD and misses the details that Lexus sweats - and they are substantial.

    I fully and unreservedly recommend the LS. Stay away frokm the 07, first year they had a few "issues". If you can afford it, I'd get the 10 or newer. They had some nice upgrades in the Technology package starting in 10. Get the Mark Levinson sound, definitely worth it. If you want reclining seats, you'll need the Ultra Luxury package. They are a good buy used, and as solid as a bank vault. If you can afford it, I'd trade the Avalon for one, myself. If I couldn't afford the LS, I'd get the GS or the ES. Also, amazing cars.
  • cob2cob2 Posts: 9
    I am thinking of an used LS460 as well. Prob a 2008, with 40K and the balance of the factory warranty. Appreciate the comments and advice. Owned two Avalons and a LS400 previously. Little worried about the premium gas and lower gas mileage. That said I don't believe the gas will have much of an impact if I understand this right? I've read that the LS actually gets close to 30 on the hwy which is what my Avalon got... And since I drive only 8 to 10K mi per year the extra $.020 cents a gal for premium wont have a big impact. I typically keep my cars about 5-6 years. So in 6yrs with 100K on the LS what if any will be the repairs and resale? Is it worth it to spend about 3K for a Costo repair coverage? Also, difficult to find any LS's local and they are less expensive in other states. Any experience on buying out-of-state, I'm in NorCal?

    Advice opinions experiences. Thks
  • aardmanaardman Posts: 14
    My 10 LS460 sport gets 21 mpg combined. I get high 20's on freeways. Some depends on gas, 10% ethanol will lower mpg about 2%, thats all we have here. Of course hills and driving habits will affect mph. As for the car, some things i like better than my 05 LS, some not so much. The 10 has air suspension and I love it! But unless yours is a sport or L you will get the standard spring shock suspension. Over all it is a fine car however. Go for it.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Auburn Maine to Daytona Beach Fl, and back - Avalon $300.00 - LS = $389.00.

    While the Avalon is a great car, for $90.00 more in gas, not sure but I'd rather be driving an LS (with Air Suspension)?


    PS Maybe I should consider an Air Suspension for the Avalon???
  • twocatsamtwocatsam Posts: 1
    edited May 2013

    Yes, I have read some things on the other thread but I am starting a new one in hopes it will be devoted to clicking/clacking brakes and nothing else. Thanks!

    We have a 2008 LS460. When we bought it, it had around 9,000 miles on it. I soon noticed a loud clicking noise in the front end when we stopped. It was worse in reverse, but present in both directions. This is no small noise; it can be heard from ten feet away. It sounds like something has play in it and moves to hit a stationary object when the brakes are applied.

    During hot weather, 100 +, it is much more pronounced than in cold weather, 30 or so. It is something that can be avoided by braking very, very slowly. Normal braking causes it.

    We took the car to our local dealer about four times. We are told this is normal noise. We have owned a Toyota Avalon and two Lexus before this one and had no similar problem.

    This is very annoying in light we paid $50,000 for the car. We own a Ford van that is much quieter.

    I have read about changing actuators or something. Our dealership has never mentioned that to me. The impression I get is they want me to go away.

    I would appreciate any information anyone may have.

    [email protected]
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I consistently get 23 MPG in combined driving in my LS - more than my neighbor gets on his Avalon, so the mileage doesn't bother me at all. The extra money for Premium is compensated for by the amazing mileage from a V-8 with 380 HP. I don't always use it - but when I do, I make sure I'm next to a Prius so they can watch me hurting the environment. (Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear).

    The Avalon is my second choice, if I couldn't afford another LS, or ES. The GS, I really don't care for - never have. Even the new one just seems to be - well - saying, "gee, I could have had a V-8!".
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'm sorry, it's NOT normal! Ask to drive another LS at the dealer - bet you it doesn't do it. Bet you NONE of their LSes do it.
  • dav2149dav2149 Posts: 3
    My 2010 LS460 has 93K miles. Except for the first tankful of premium gas when I picked up the car from dealer, I have ALWAYS used regular (87). On the highway I get around 25 MPG and combined driving I'm around 22 MPG. I love the car, but I wish the 460 series would get even better mileage.
  • quinjennyquinjenny Posts: 1

    I was reading this threat and came across this question. I was wondering if your LS460 is equipped with air suspension? This is an option on the LS460 L.

    The reason I ask is because I noticed a similar noise on my 2008 460L . II occasionally get constant clicking of small moving parts or chain. It usually turns on and off for about 30 seconds when the car is turned on or stops at a red light.

    If this is the case, then yes the dealer technician might be right as the manual indicates this is not a malfunction. It is simply the operating sound of the air suspension compressor. When the" high mode" is selected, the compressor sound is normal.

    I was worried for a second myself, but now that I don't have the air suspension working I have not heard this noise.
  • aardmanaardman Posts: 14
    I have air suspension on my 10 ls sport. I seldom use the higth adjustment, but have used it several times in the past two days, i haven't noticed any noise associated with it. I do get a ticking from the two mechanical fuel pumps that are located on and driven from the cams at the firewall end of the heads. My tech at lexus says it is normal. Didn't hear it in test vehicles that i drove when I was researching the noise. It is in some cars and not in others. Shows up after the car first warms or is restarted after sitting for a few minutes. Most easly heard at idle. Goes away after 10 or 15 minutes.
  • I had the same issue with my 98 LS400. It turned out to be the stick on wheel weights that they put on the inside surface of the wheel. They came in contact with the brake caliper when I would brake. Check the caliper for scratching. Mine only made noise under breaking. The solution was to use the outside wheel weights. I am looking to upgrade to an 09 AWD Base w/CL, and GPS/ML shortly.
  • I drive an '08 LS460L and love all the neat goodies it has. It still has the touch-screen method for controlling the navigation and all else that uses the screen. But every time I take it in for service I get a loaner from the Lexus dealer that has the new joystick control for all those functions. So far I have hated it. It does allow the screen to be set deeper in the dashboard, to reduce ambient light and glare interference. But aside from that it's much less natural and intuitive to use. Have those of you who have the new system been able to get used to it?
  • aardmanaardman Posts: 14
    I dislike the "joy stick" experience so much that that single item will preclude me from purchasing a new ls. I don't find it easier to use than the touch screen on either my 10 or 05 LS and actually find the joy stick dangerous to use, as it takes my eyes off the road when driving when a simple touch of the screen and a quick glance would suffice. That coupled with re learning all the controls is a definite negative for me to up date my cars to Lexus this time around. Problem is, both MB And BMW have a similar system.
  • Hello -- Can someone with Manheim access please post a list of recent 2012 and 2013 LS 460 SWB sales

    Many thanks
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