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Caravan/T&C Squeaks, Squeals and Funny Noises



  • dadto3dadto3 Posts: 17
    On my 2005 Chrysler T&C, I get a whistling type of noise when I am going about 30-40 mph. When I accelerate the sound immediately stops or if my speed gets down to around 20 mph, it stops. Has anyone else heard this?
  • is it a whistling noise or a whining noise, i had same issue and they replaced transmission after 3 tsb's trying to fix it, and always went down or away on decelleration like you state
  • ohvanohvan Posts: 26
    We hear strange whinning noise on our van. It can be heard during idle but is much more pronounced during acceleration. It is annoyingly loud during cold weather. We have had high temps in the low teens this past week and the noise is almost non-stop during idel and initial accelartion. At higher s[speeds it isn't heard over the normal road noise. Any ideas?
  • mytumytu Posts: 4
    4 times in the Chrysler and the noise percists.
    With engine turned on and foot is on brake, engaje the trans
    mission to R or D and the noise rummbling and the chirping come. so they changed the Alternator,Belt,idler...and the noise still there..chirping and rumbuling in R or D.
    somebody on this planet have any idea what is this problem please tues feb 6 2007.
  • mytumytu Posts: 4
    Now I'm thinking if i have to replace one by one..$$power st
    ring,$$water pump,$$vibration damper,$$$A/C, and the $$$ belt tensioner. yes for the chirping problem. because the rumbuling noise when you engaje in R or D is another thing.
  • mytumytu Posts: 4
    After 5 trip to the Chrysler in two Weeks and 4 car rental and change the A/C compressor by mistake the chiping rumbuling noise was.....The Belt Tensioner.....THE END
  • mytumytu Posts: 4
    5 times in the Chrysler in two weeks, 4 car rental and replace the Belt, the Alternator, the Idler Pulley, A/C Compressor,
    Tune up, Full Injector service....The noise was THE BELT TENSIONER.(20 mins job)....HOOO! MMMMA' Real Life History...THE END.
  • I have the same car and the noise in the past only it gets louder when turning in any motion or stationary. I have had this before initially they flushed the power steering line. That worked for a while. I now have this again and am on my 4th visit to the dealer in the last 3 weeks. They flushed steering system,replaced trans soleniod assembly, trans service, new power steering pump and belt, new water pump(leaking), lube, oil and filter.I am told I also need the links replaced(Different Noise). It works for a day or two then back to the noise which gets louder each day. Temperature does not seem to have effect. Had a transmission overhaul at about 60,000. We are at 79,000. Not much left to fix. Like to know if yours gets resolved.
  • We purchased a 07 about two weeks ago. There is a very definite air leak in the windshield, mostly along the top and more to the right than left. Have not actually seen anything on this yet... did hear of a customer in Ill who had this very same issue, wonder when it will be a recall item? :confuse:
  • The car still has that strange noise after a total of 6 visits in 4 weeks. It is not heard all the time now but when heard it is not gone until the car is turned off. There is not much left under the hood to repair everything has been replaced and many $$$ spent. Any suggestions. I have given up.
  • selahselah Posts: 1
    Hi there, I have a Town and Country (2002), and it is making a knocking/rattling sound in the front left near the dash,parking brake area. This is annoying, but after 3 times being at the mechanic in six weeks, the sound is still there. They say it is the parking brake slot rattling around, not to worry, but we feel differently. Has anyone else had this?
  • ferchitaferchita Posts: 1
    Hi. I am told that I need to have my Power steering pump, as well as rack and pignon changed, and that the total cost will come out at $1,150 (essentially for parts...). It seems to be substantially higher than what I undertsand the cost should be when looking on some web sites. I would appreciate the thoughts of anyone more knowledgeable than I am! Thanks a lot in advance for your help.
  • ohvanohvan Posts: 26
    The price isn't out of line. I had essentially the same work done yesterday for just under $1100. The work seems to have resolved the noise problem we've been experiencing for about the past six months.
  • ohvanohvan Posts: 26
    We may have finally resolved our noise problem, Refer to comment #46. I will let you know after a few weeks, but the early results look good.

    You may also want to look at comments #9, 10 and 11 under the Dodge Grand Caravan Steering topic for more ideas about how to solve the problem.
  • Good to hear. Let me know what you did and approximate cost. Is the dealer necessary? I checked the other comments thanks. It seems to simple after all the work I had done. I still have the noise. Afraid of what else they will find if I bring it in.
  • ohvanohvan Posts: 26
    We replaced the rack and pignon steering. It cost about $1000. The steering seems to be improved and the noise is completely gone. Expensive though, but mechanic claimed we really didn't have a choice. It had to be done. Overall, we're satisfied. the van is paid for with 55,000 miles. Hopefully we will now get a few more years of good service out of it.
  • gygrundygygrundy Posts: 1
    just wanted to add my two cents...i just bought my 04 town and country and have that awful whine showing up...the whine is present when i just start driving and disappears after 10 to 15 minutes...i just had the steering pump replaced and it didn't fix a thing, in fact, it sounds worse...i have just discovered that the former owner had the pump replaced twice...the dealer "inspected" the steering rack and says that it is fine (i wonder)...i will be taking the van back to the dealer until they really fix the problem...luckily it has an extended warranty otherwise there is no way that this would be affordable...i had to leave it at the dealer for two days...seems that since it was warranty work they just took their sweet time...this is getting really maddening...the dealer said they took it for a test drive and all was fine...hardly!
  • Thanks for the info. After spending close to $ 6 weeks on all the other things they tried to fix, I will live with the noise a little longer. Replacing the steering was never mentioned after working on the car for so many days you think they might have thought of that. I don't think they really believed that there was a noise. Thanks again and good luck. Like to know it lasts after several thousand miles.
  • mcmmccmcmmcc Posts: 1
    I have no idea if this will help, but we had a similar problem with our 05 T&C. Turns out that there is a special kind of power steering fluid that is used and not the regular type. My husband added the regular type of power steering fluid when we were low. The van started making this horrible whine, and after 10-15 minutes it would be fine. So he drained the power steering fluid and used the special formula. I think he had to drain it twice to make sure the wrong stuff was out. We no longer have had that problem and it has been 3 months or so.
  • Hello
    I too have this strange whine when we start up the car and disappears after 10-15 seconds. My question is, what is this special steering fluid you found to work on this noise. I would like to try it first before taking it in to get service.
    Thank you in advance for your reply :)
  • bskiesbskies Posts: 2
    I looked and didn't readily see my question, so I hope I didn't just accidentally miss it!

    When I first drive my van of a morning (and later in the day, as well, if it's been sitting for several hours), from under the hood we hear a noise that sounds a bit like a low-pitched dentists drill. It gets louder when I turn, and once I'm through the turn it remains, but the noise level is back to what it was prior to the turn. There are times the noise almost sounds like it's skipping.

    I might compare it to the way a handheld electric sanding gizmo sounds when you accidentally run off the side of whatever it is that you're sanding, and then you quickly move the sander back over the surface. It's like... a skip.

    My kids' school is 14 blocks away. By the time I take them there and back, the noise has quit.

    If I let the van warm up for 5-10 minutes before driving it, I never hear the noise.

    It's got another 12Kish miles on the warranty. The problem is, there are no T&C dealers locally. I'm going to have to take it 45 miles away, and by the time I get the van there, the noise will be long gone.

    Does anyone have a clue what it might be?
  • A buzzing sound occurs each time you try to accelerate the vehicle, at a slower pace. Some examples are: when you try to maintain a certain speed, occurs when the cruise is set, when you try to accelerate slowly, and driving in stop and go traffic.

    The buzzing sound seems to originate somewhere in front of the driver’s seat --- on the driver’s side of the vehicle. (In the general area of the gas/brake pedals or slightly above) The sound can be heard both inside and outside the vehicle. The sound is muffled from the inside and louder and more pronounced when heard from outside the vehicle. (Driving with the driver's window down)

    The sound occurs in the range of 1-3 seconds. At times, the buzzing sound is a short burst. Other times when the gas pedal is compressed just right the sound lasts longer and seems to get strung out. Once the buzzing sound has occurred, it will not return until you release the gas pedal and once again try to accelerate the vehicle at a somewhat slow pace.

    Furthermore, since the weather has turned cold the noise has seemed to disappear.
  • When my wife accelerates from a stop, there is a low whoooo sound that seems to come from the back area of the van. It's happens more consistently if we are making a right turn.

    Usually only occurs at slow speeds, but I think I heard it on the highway once. Once the van is moving, accelerating does not seem to make the sound. My wife says it's getting worse (happening more often).
    it's a 2005 TC Touring with the Stow-n-Go and about 55000 miles.

    Any ideas?
  • I just purchased a 2006 Town and Country Touring with Stow and Go 44000: It has started to make the exact same noise! To me it sounds like the rear brakes, I'll have the dealer check it out...
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,908
    Sounds like a wheel bearing to me. They always warn you before they fail though, so heed the warning and get it checked out. There is no sense in being stranded over a wheel bearing. I know.... I have done it before and not in a particularly convenient place. :P
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • Fixed ours. The rear brakes wore unevenly due to lack of lube on the slides. (mfg issue) New rotors, (yes it got that far) and pads, no more noise.
  • my 2001 Town and Country 95000 miles has a clunking noise from engine, mechanics at Chrysler could not determine what it is, they had it on the ramp for free believe it or not (that's just because they thought it was a result of a job they had done, and one of the mechanics thought it was a heat shield). About four mechanics could not determine what the problem was and I have to book it in and the diagnostics wull cost more than $90. there guess is that it is a valve problem. It sound like there is a metal loose in the cylinder hear, that is the best way I can describe it right now.

    I also have oil all over the engine block, but there is no oil dripping on my drive or garage, the mechanic said it might be the oil leak is when the engine is on.

    Has anyone had similar problem?

    Happy Holidays

  • Hi, brand new here. I have a 2005 T&C with about 46000 miles on it. The problem I am having is that there is a loud moaning coming from what seems to be both rear wheels. The noise becomes noticeable as speeds increase over 40mph. At hight speeds (70mph) it becomse very annoying. Also have noticed that the rear brakes now squeak but the dealer has informed us that there are plenty of shoe left. My local mechanic informed me that the moaning noise is coming from the emergency brakes. Any info is appreciated.
  • bjssbjss Posts: 51
    Hi - I seem to be having similar problems. My 2005 T&C has ~35K miles and recently had been making a loud moaning noise (rear end, underneath) on left hand turns. Dealership said it was the back right wheel bearing and replaced. Noise abated for a while, now back occassionally. Also, noticed that the rear brakes squeal, however, dealer said the pads are good. Would like to more about what your mechanic diagnosed. I'm planning to take it back to the dealer before warranty runs out.
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