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Caravan/T&C Squeaks, Squeals and Funny Noises



  • My Local Mechanic thought the moaning noise was coming from the emergency brakes, which are smaller drums on both rear wheels, rubbing against the rotors. He thought this because both rear wheels were making the noise. My dealer looked at my rears for the squealing sound and found nothing to be wrong with the brakes. I am going to have my local mechanic during my next visit rebuild one (the loudest) of my emergency brakes to see if that does anything with the moaning sound. If that doesn't fix it, it will probably most likely be a visit to the dealer, which I dread. I can live with the squealing brakes, but the moaning at highway speeds drives me nuts.
  • bjssbjss Posts: 51
    Thanks for the reply - good luck with your mechanic's possible fix. I spoke with my dealer...taking the van in next week. He admitted that brakes are an ongoing issue with T&C's and he is constantly is repairing/replacing. In fact, he mentioned that Chrysler has a perpetual recall on their minivan brake systems...might be worth checking into with your dealer. I'll update after my visit.
  • If there is a recall there is nothing in the system. I put my last 8 digits of my Vin for recall searches in and found nothing regarding brakes. Regarding my local dealer, I never feel comfortable with speaking to their reps behind the counter. When ever you ask them anything its always "I don't know, but bring it in and we'll take a look".
  • I made a post earlier about how we fixed ours, but it's small and easily overlooked,

    We found that the rear brake pads wore unevenly ( they had been pressing in a V shape instead of flat against the rotor) and had worn out on just one edge of the pad.

    So, if you look at one side, they looked good, but upon removal, the other side, which you couldn't see without removing them, was worn down to the metal and that was causing our noise. New brake pads and rotors fixed our noise and we have not had it come back.
  • I appreciate the help. I will be taking my van in soon so I will let you know how it goes.

  • bjssbjss Posts: 51
    Thanks for restatign an earlier post. I will inform the dealer to check for this.
  • Looks like my noise was coming from the Wheel Bearing. It was replaced yesterday and the noise is gone. Wish I would have got this fixed before Warranty expired. But at least if is finally gone.
  • guyjoeguyjoe Posts: 1
    Hi, I am having the same issue. I replaced the AC condensor thinking that the noise was coming from there. I know my alternator is going bad because when I shut my car off it makes a dying noise before shutting off. I will be replacing the alternator but I am afraid I have a valve problem like what you described. Did you get that enging rattling noise fixed? If so, what was it and how much did it cost you? Man, I am so regreting to buy this piece of [non-permissible content removed]. Problem with my passenger window which stopped working. My radio also stopped working. Please let me know. Thanks.

    Sorry for the rant!
  • Good Day,

    At 8500 miles, brand new I had to replace the front brake pads. At 11k driver side axel and front ball joint. At 16k all tires were bad replaced, 19k rear brakes. I drive City of Philadelphia over 30 traffic lights one way to work everyday. I replaced the brake rotors at 24k and brake pads 3 more times before 27k. At 29k, I walked out new years day to find the Rack and Pinion was leaking out of the passenger dust boot. Replaced under warranty. The humming noise in the front is the combo between the power steering and Rack and Pinion. If the alignment is off it will add more to the humming noise. At 27k the power steering was making strange noise, the dealership stated, I had air in the line and the drilling noise was the air in the line? 90 days later, at 29k I walked in and told the guy "REMEMBER ME?" the Rack is now leaking, so you guys couldn't figure out where the air was coming from? He did not reply except smile at me and said, we will check for impact accident and if not impact will replace under warranty. They have known for a while these vans have issues with the Rack and Pinion and Power Steering unit. At 38k after factor warranty expired, the water pumps died on me. Dodge has let me down for the last time. After being a dodge/Mopar Chrysler customer for over 20 years, I am tired. Right now, my front brakes are making noise. I replaced them April 15, 2009. One last note, everyone will like this, for some reason or another when very cold the turn signal will not work left or right or one will work but not the other. They said it was a unit inside the steering column $325+. I said, think again. For everyone reading this pass the word for all these caravan. Take a bottle of WD Liquid Wrench Spray, or Pepboys Brand. Clean the turn signal outside the steering column. Turn to right turn, spray inbetween the turn lever, then turn to left turn signal and spray. Lightly not too much. Allow to sit for a while, turn on the car, and spray cold air .Use one of the cans used to clean your pc. Allow to sit for a couple of hours, then spray the liquid WD again. What is going on is Chrysler Dodge did not put an extra protection cover inside the turn lever. Dirt and dust get in and in the cold water/moister gets in and makes the unit fail. I told the guy at the dealership what I did and he smiled again.
    Take care all

  • I've had a rattling noise for over one year, driving both on smooth and bumpy roads. It's a very annoying rattling-clackling-sounds like the car is falling apart-kind of noise. I took it in to the dealer while still under warranty. They have already replaced several parts, still the noise continues. People, know you have rights. If you report the problem to the dealership while under warranty, you are covered, even if the warranty expires. The important thing is to take it in and report it before your warranty expires !! Demand the machanic to take a test drive with you. You drive and have them drive. I have done this approx 5 times already, always taking the foreman on a test, they come back, say they need to replace X part, replace it, next day, same noise. Today, they said the rack from the rack and pinion is deffective and replacement is scheduled. Let's see what happens. I will continue taking it in until the noise goes away. Too bad I can't return it!! In the mean time, if under warranty and you report the problem, you are covered.
  • I had rattles at various times took to Firestone. They told me manufacture used brake kits on some of the brakes; if they didn't need them they were left off on some of the wheels. I had a kit put on the wheel that was missing it and the rattles went away. Have them check the brake area. Mine was making noises like you described. FYI on my 2009 sxt Dodge, 26,500 miles
  • Our 2003 Grand Caravan has developed a high pitched whistling noise that is eminating from between the gas tank and van body. There is a small silver canister on top of the gas tank with flexible rubber lines running from it and that seems to the the origin of the whistling noise. What is this canister and what would it take to fix this problem?
  • bevansbevans Posts: 4
    What exactly "brake kit" was it called
  • bevansbevans Posts: 4
    edited October 2010
    I am going to answer my own question. I have found the problem. Most of your vehicles have a anti rattle clip on the brakes. I am missing one of the two on the rear passenger brake pad. If I hit the tire the rattle is heard. If I push on the brake pad and hit the tire the rattle is gone. Hence the missing clip is the reason for the rattle. I am having it fixed in the morning. We will see what it cost to fix the clip. I will let every one know. The kit is a brake pad kit.

    2009 Dodge GC SXT
  • Have 2007GC with 51k miles, for last six months when turning right, after braking get a moaning/WHOooo sound, usually when vehicle is hot; brake job, new tires, rear shocks, tie-rod ends, half-dozen trips to the shop; the other sound is the moaning I get in my right ear from the wife; HELP; never happens when turning left, or when stopping and going straight, only after braking and then making a more less 90degree right turn.
  • The moaning sound is coming from your wallet for another (one of many to come) Chrysler / Dodge repairs. ;)

    Actually, its probably a round disk like thing that goes near one or both of your front wheels. Not sure on the part name but when mine were replaced it fixed my moaning problem for exactly the same issue.

    Mini Van Dad
  • can someone tell me how much does it cost to replace front and rear shock and struts for town and country 04.thanks :)
  • I have a very well maintained 2005 Grand Caravan 3.8 with 137K miles, we are getting a loud whine that tracks engine rpm. It gets increasingly loud with time, especially after several hours of highway driving, after which it is hard to bear. I have changed the Xmsn fluid several times to no avail (the tranny works fine and has been carefully maintained). I have an oil extractor and am considering changing the steering fluid based on several previous posts - anybody have any recommendations or insights? Thanks in advance.
  • Ive just recently had my rack & pinion replaced as well as catalytic converter, when I got it back Ive noticed a morning chirp, which once warmed up and moving goes away. Ive looked online and it would seem its that the serp belt needs tightening? Would value others opinions on it and whether you think its related to the R&P or cat replacement?
    Thanks! :)
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