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Chrysler Town & Country/Dodge Caravan Door & Window Problems



  • moosetntmoosetnt Posts: 18
    Have a 2008 Town&Country Limited. Problems from the start. Air conditioner not cooling properly, sliding doors rattle, don't close properly at times, rear power seat fails constantly, Uconnect resets, NAV system looses my data. Just picked it up from service. They flashed the computers with updates. Checked the air conditioner for trouble codes (none reported). Doors still rattle as bad as ever, back seat still does not recline properly and the air conditioner blows cold then warm air (cycles). When the vehicle was brand new I had none of these problems. All started at about 1,000 miles. I now have 10,0000 miles. Will be going back to the dealer again next week for another shot. If problems persist I'll give them one more shot. Then on to a lemon law attorney.
  • moosetntmoosetnt Posts: 18
    I hear you and feel the pain myself. I just posted on this thread about my recent experiences getting my 2008 seviced for a ton of problems (Aug 14, 2009). My van just turned 10,000 miles. I had them check the brakes which are currently about 60% worn according to the service tech. THAT MEANS I CAN ONLY EXPECT TO GET ABOUT 17,000 miles ON A SET OF BRAKES!!!! Mind you most of these are highway miles. The tech said this is good as some of these vans get less than 15,000 mi. between brake jobs. I'll bet if word gets around about this Chrysler will have no choice but to do a recall and fix the problem. It's insane.

    Secondly, my airconditioner has been blowing cold then warm air. I understand the cycling part but not like this. When the van was brand new the air was coming out constantly cold. Now it cycles (badly) especially in hot weather. The dealer said he could find nothing wrong. BULLCRAP! The Van is going back in next week.

    Finally, the doors creak (and don't close properly sometimes) the rear power seat does not work properly and the DVD Nav and Uconnect phone resets while driving. The supposedly flashed the computers so I'll see if those problems are fixed. In the meantime based on the complaints I see on this thread (I'm having most of these problems and expect to have others) I'm starting to look at lemon law possibilities. This Van costing $40,000 should not have these issues. As someone said earlier on this Thread: THE T&C IS A REAL PIECE OF SH*&^T!!!
  • erolserols Posts: 3
    I have exactly, exactly the same issue but on the driver's side. Opens fine, when you press either button to close it seems like it moves a half inch (in the wrong direction) clicks and stops. Must be closed by hand. It's like it doesn't know that it was open all the way, so instead of closing it tries to open (but it's already open). Did you get this resolved??
  • Sounds like the 2008's really had issues. Based on our 2009 model they seem to have been addressed but we'll see!
  • moosetntmoosetnt Posts: 18
    I heard they updated the brake rotors (larger) for the 2009 which should make them last longer (I would still check brakes every 15K miles or so.

    I'm bringing my 08 back for service this week to fix air-conditioner (blows cold then warm air) and rear power seat still does not work right. Doors still creak (a little). NAV/Uconnect seems to work now (after they flashed the computers with updates) but we'll see in the longer term.

    Good luck with your 09. I'll post once I get my vehicle back.
  • Let me start by saying I was so excited to get this Limited van in June 2008. It didn't last long. By the end of July 2008 the air conditioner was not cooling. By mid Aug 2008, I had an "air conditioner leak" that resulted in MUSHROOMS, yes I said MUSHROOMS growing in the FRONT passenger Floorboard and I have the pictures to prove it!!! Talk about disgusted... Spend 45,000 plus on a vehicle and you EXPECT a HIGHER quality!!!! The service techs finally "rigged" up sumthing to fix this after contacting Chrysler regarding the problem. The service manager told me a few months ago that there was a recall on the 08 T&C for this air conditioning piece. As for seeing this in writing I haven't but they hate to see me coming.
    At 4,000 miles (and 2 months later) my brakes started makeing a "crunching" noise. Took it in and they say nothing wrong. Took it back a few more times and still nothing wrong. When I took for a routine oil change in April, guess what.... the brakes were at 15%!!!!!! They didn't get like that overnight and I had to wait a couple weeks as they were on backorder but the dealership ate that. I hate it but I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem. So the brakes were replaced Mid may 09 and have been making the "crunching" noise again for the past month. I drive "highway" miles so I don't do the stop and go very much to need 2 sets of brakes at 33,000 miles and a few months apart!
    Other issues:

    1. the 3rd row seat got stuck and would not go into "stow" position.. Had that fixed.

    2. the sliding doors don't close all the way and reverse for an "obstacle" when there is no obstacle. I have taken it to the dealership several times but they can't find anything wrong.

    3. the FM radio holds the presets but the Satellite radio loses the presets and has to be reentered every couple of months.

    4. Gas mileage is horrible and like I said I drive highway miles to and from work.

    5. it shows the smallest smudge! Not easy to clean either and all kinds of debris falls into the storage space where the stow n go table is. It's really hard to clean up!

    6. When I turn to back up out of the carport, it makes a loud grinding noise... Does anyone else have this issue????

    7. The other night I put the key in the ignition and it wouldn't start. So I took it out and tried it again and it started. Wouldn't have thought a whole lot about it but it happened again the VERY next day at walmart.... Any ideas on this one????

    I'm sure there are plenty more problems. The only good thing about it is the backseat tv for the kids and the built in booster seats.
    I'm sickened every day I have to get in and drive it when I think about all the money I am paying and it's a piece of crap!!!! If I didn't owe so much I would trade it in without a second thought. :lemon:
  • moosetntmoosetnt Posts: 18
    yee gods!

    Sounds like you have my TWIN 2008 T&C. Almost every problem you are experiencing I've already had and attempting to get the dealer to fix (see my post Aug 14th).

    I'm going back this week to get my air-cond fixed (cycles cool then warm). First time the dealer said there were no error codes so nothing was done. Thanks for sharing your situation about the air. Hopefully the dealer will get it fixed after I give them my 2 cents. My back power seat still "sticks". The first time I brought it in the dealer claimed it was a switch problem. Didn't fix it as it still sticks. Going back for repairs (second time). DOORS: I talked to a buddy of mine and he said that there are adjustment pins on the door assembly which need to be tightenend. Apparently the dealer "bozo's" don't know how to do the adjustment properly. There are Chrysler TSB's regarding this problem but the service tech idiots probably don't know how to read.

    I had the same problem with my NAV/radio/Uconnect. Kept zeroing out my data. Dealer flashed the computer. Am still evaluating if this fixed the problem.

    BRAKE problem is going to be a BIG issue with 2008 T&C. Everybody I've spoken with (including dealer service tech's) admit it's a problem (can only expect 15-20K miles between brake jobs). Apparently there was a design flaw in the rotors being too small for this van. Rumor has it they adjusted roter size for the 2009 T&C but that does not help me with my 2008. I have 10,000 miles (all highway miles) and my brakes are 60% gone. WHAT BULLCRAP!!!!!!!

    The only good thing about my van is that I'm getting decent gas mileage. I typically get 24 MPG on the highway and about 19 around town. Not sure why your mileage is so poor.

    Oh and BTW: bozo at dealer had no clue how to reset the oil change warning (have to turn key on pump pedal 3 times, turn key off). It's actually quite fun to call these service people [non-permissible content removed] and then show them how to do it (I read my manual and figured it out). NO WONDER IT TAKES 4 CHRYSLER SERVICE TECHS TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO AN OIL CHANGE!

    Finally, why would you leave out a dipstick to check transmission fluid?????? I'M DONE .....
  • I have a 09 Caravan it seams to be making the same noise that you are talking about i was woundering if they ever resolved it. i have taken mine back and all four times they dont hear anything. get it home then go back out latter and there it is. I have also had the rear AC stop working some controll modual on order for that issue. I am also having another problem at start up where once i start the van i have no power to anything no horn, lights, power windows, locks, radio, road side flashers, no lights or gauges in the dash, which they says never does it while in the shop did it three times in a row this morning just wanted to see if you ever got your noise figured out
  • Hello jbrowning1. No they have never resolved the issue with the noise and it still does it. It is very frustrating. I also have a problem with the (plastic key thingy) getting stuck and I have to turn the van back on and place it in park again..sometimes 2 or 3 times before I can turn the key into the lock position to take the key out. As for the noise.. i've taken it about 5 times.. but they keep and "open ticket" on it. I guess this prevents them from dealing with lemon law issues. I don't know what else to do but I can't keep taking it in for 2 or 3 days at a time and they end up (Not hearing the noise) I even went as far as recording it with my digital camera. When I get time I'll take it back in and make the mechanic listen to what I recorded, maybe you should do the same. Thanks.. and good luck ( I should of paid the extra for the chrysler town n country)
  • Hi Frank, I just noticed your post. No they never fixed it.. I basically hear they never hear the noise when it is in the shop. I recorded it and when I get time I will take it back in to get checked again and make them listen to the recording. Good luck and read on there are some other posts with same issues.
    Thanks :)
  • After 5 tries, its fixed. They replaced the cat converter and muffler. They actually called"Chyrsler" because they could not find problem. I can not tell you how happy I am.
  • Power door opens fine with button, but when it is fully open, the motor keeps running like it's trying to open it further. It will try this for a minute or so, unless I manually pull on the door handle to make it stop. Then it will not close by pressing the power button and I have to manually close it every time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • Similar problem, but the door stops when open. When I hit the button again to close, it tries to open some more and stops. Have to close manually every time. It's like it does not recognize that it is already fully open.
    Let me know if you figure it out!
  • OMG! That is great news! I am calling my dealership first thing in the morning! Maybe i'll keep it after all.. :)
  • I just joined these forums today to see if I could find anyone else with the same problems as I have...I did. I bought the town and country limited with the 4.0l engine. My problems have been never ending.
    1) new brakes@ 17000 kms the old ones sounded like a diesel bus
    2) new mygig
    3)fabric on the back of 3rd bench seat replaced because it wouldn't stay attached
    4) new starter old one wouldn't turn over and sounded like a 1970 car
    5) new EGR valve
    6) new battery
    7) new engine
    My van was also stalling while driving. It caused me to rear end someone and I have stalled in the middle of an intersection while turning and had traffic heading towards me. I was lucky that they were able to avoid me but that situaltion almost caused other people to have accidents. My van stalled about a dozen times until i heard a loud racket under the hood and stalled...this is when they realized they had to replace the engine. My Town and Country has been in the shop and I have been without it for a month. I have also had the problems with the doors not closing when there is nothing obstructing it. Before the engine died I had strange sound when turning the wheels all the way to the left or right. I suspect it is the power steering.
    I am extremely dissappointed with this van, and more dissappointed with the customer service I have had from chrysler. I have been told from the dealers and Chrysler that 99.9% of these vans have had no problems and I am the unfourtunate one. Reading these forums I have discovered I am not alone. I am so angry that I have paid so much money for a Van and it has compromised the safety of my family and others. I do not want this van anymore it makes me sick !!!!!!!! :cry:
  • OK. So here are my list of issues in the last 30 days. Sliding doors stopped working. Air conditioner quit. Both were fixed but yesterday we heard a noise from 2nd to 3rd gear and yes, brought it in today and the transmission needs to come out. I was total there was a "quality control issue" and there have been problems. Had the $35k car a year and only drove 15,000 miles and I am going to lose the car again. At about $30 a day and 12 days (est 5 for the tranny) in the shop in the last month that is a loss of almost $400.00. The car is fun for the kids but has no dependability. I am very disappointed. I had a 2006 Caravan before this and did nothing but drive it. Drove like a champ!
  • The 2.7, 3.3/3.8, and 3.5/4.0 are definitely not basically all the same engine. The 2.7 is the only DOHC V6 that Chrysler currently has, and is not a common architecture with anything else. The 3.5/4.0 are a common architecture as stated. The 3.3/3.8 are ancient push-rod engines, very cheap to make and very reliable. Just very short on power.

    You are correct in stating that they will all eventually be replaced by the Pentastar, a DOHC engine with variable valve timing.
  • Our 2008 minivan won't start when the key is turned but all of the electrical systems are working. Once the car is put in gear and then back in park, it will start. It is currently in the shop for the 5th time, 2nd dealership, and has has a new starter, tipper motor, shifter and now will get a new trans range sensor(whatever that is). I wonder if anyone else has had this issue.
  • Sounds like an electrical contact switch preventing the starting. You are the second person this month who has had their van in the shop more than 3 times (one guy had his in the shop for a month). I live in CA where the lemon laws are pretty tight. You can file a claim with an attorney if your vehicle has been to the shop more than 3 separate times for the same problem or more than 30 days total.
  • I have a 2006 T & C that I am having problems with the lock on. When I try to use the console remote or key remote, it doesn't fully unlock, only 1/2 or so. It does unlock manually and when unlocked, console, key, door buttons and manual opening occurs. I've taken the panel partially off and sprayed WD-40 thinking it was gummed up but to no avail. Any suggestions? I have no problems with any of the other doors or liftgate.
  • There is probably a broken wire that runs in the plastic chain channel along the bottom of door. I had the same issue in my '05 T&C. You need to remove the wire harness from the bottom of the door and look for a broken wire. Good luck.
    Base ---
  • I posted this in another thread, but figure I'll give it a shot here. We leased an 08 T&C signature series in Feb 08. Since then we have had it in the shop at least 5 times becuase the battery dies and the car won't start. It's happened twice at the airport when we've been gone 5-7 days and at home at least 3 times when just sitting overnight. Battery has been replaced, switches have been replaced and yet the problem happened again today. I'm looking to have the car replaced and have called Chrysler Customer service, I'm waiting for a call back from their legal department but is there anything I should know regarding this process? Thanks.
  • First get a good lawyer. Usually lemon law is 3 times and another last chance to fix it or chrysler needs to replace the vehicle (CA. law). When I bought my 2008 T&C the van was sitting on the lot so long that the battery was dead. They replaced the battery and so far no problem. I've had all sorts of other problems though. Going back a third time to fix seats and door problems. Already have legal in place if problems are not resolved. All I can say is you need to stay on top of it.. Good Luck!
  • 05 Town and Country Ltd doors do not lock or unlock using switchs on doors or key fob. Alarm beeps however. Cleaned posts on fuse 10D with pencil eraser and re-inserted. Problem fixed. Fuse 10D is hard to find as it is not included in the diagram on the fuse boxes inside cover. Look for it in the lower left quadrant of the box as your leaning over the fender. It is labeled by the fuse. Black 10D on black plastic look real close.
  • That could have been the problem but chances are slim. Disconnecting the negative battery cable for about 30 minutes will do the same thing. There is a flash update for the BCM that will FIX the problem but I've only seen it mentioned once and it wasn't at the time I was having the issue. I've called several dealers and they all treated me like I was speaking martian. Every single one of them said I would need to bring the car in so they could "check it out." Keep looking for a bulletin # to flash the BCM so your remote and power features don't keep disapearing. In the mean time, yanking the fuse or disconnecting the battery will be the short term fix on the T&C.
  • wolf70wolf70 Posts: 1
    I tried the same thing pulled the fuse and replaced it FIXed Thanks Do you have any updates to this problem? Bob
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    Maybe it does not belong in this forum - but I just feel the need to share this information.

    After all the headache with my 2008 T&C I decided to drop it. I could not afford to pay a premium price on the Limited model and get nothing but problems and more problems every week, and on top of that paying for rentals while the work is getting done, plus the bad mileage.

    I got a small Honda Civic (98% of the time I don't have my family onboard anyway) Not a single feature on it. Barely a keyless entry. What should I tell you? While I really miss all the nice features from the T&C (many of which did not work properly most of the time anyway), I enjoy the Civic like nothing before. It's the first time for me taking Forign car.

    While the T&C and a Civic are not comparable at all, especially not with mileage, still I must say that the quality is light years ahead of any Chrysler/Dodge I have ever seen. Ride, & especially handling are so much superior to the T&C that I don't want to think back how I ever drove this piece of garbage. Every control, stalk & knob feels from a different planet, built tightly with much higher quality and precision, no squeaks & rattles even on the worst road bumps (my T&C squeaked & rattled even at the smallest), I can not express enough how much happier I am.

    I am sure done with Chrysler. Good bye!
  • So I have an update to my first post.

    We finally got a replacement car, took 2 months and we had a loaner until we got the new car.

    This is where the fun started. The dealer said the only car they could find had the DVD package and we would have to pay extra if we wanted it. After all the discounts it worked out to about $600.00 so i said lets do it so i didnt have to wait another month. I call the credit union, give them the new VIN for the note and title and get the ball rolling on all the paperwork again.

    The car is ready to pickup, i call the dealer and ask for the exact amount for the check so we can pickup the car. He calls me back and tells me he made a mistake and that we cannot have any of the discounts, so if we want this car its an extra $2,200 for the DVD which we didnt want in the first place. I told him not acceptable and that he has a week to find a replacement or i want my money back.

    Within 2 days they find a replacement, exact spec we initially ordered but in silver (which is fine). I have to call the credit union AGAIN with new VIN number and go through all the hassle of insurance and title changes and DMV changes......nightmare.

    We show up to pickup the car, before we could take delivery we had to sign paperwork that we would not sue the dealer or Chrysler for these issues and that we were not entitled to any compensation etc.... I wanted to walk away but by this time my wife was in tears and wanted to take the car and leave. Lets just say she wont argue with me anymore when i tell her that the next car will be from Germany and I wont buy American cars again. I understand nothing is perfect but I expect better from a dealer and a manufacturer, I dont expect this sort of CYA from BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Toyota, Honda etc.... just the US companies where the customer is never right and will do what we tell them.

    So getting back to the replacement car (number 3 if you count the one we rejected).

    It makes a weird tick tick tick noise in the exhaust/catalytic converter area when you turn the engine off.
    The doors would not close properly and kept opening for at least a year, this was fixed under a recall.
    It rattles alot, especially the sliding doors and trim. We have not had the issues seen on the board with transmission or brake wear but I am sure that will show up at some point. If I have the option I will trade it once it reaches the end of the 36 month warranty, lets see what the wife says to that...she wants to drive it until its old and dies. The way these things are built that may be at the 36 month point...fingers crossed

  • Just to let you know what to expect. Your back seats (if motor controlled) will probably fail. Your airconditioning system will start to have problems (I've had mine in twice and dealer still did not fix it). I just replaced my front brakes on my 2008 T&C limited with 14,550 miles. The MyGig radio system continues to reset my Nav settings as well as loose my phone book info (system will probably need to be replaced soon). Doors continue to creak after 2 visits to the dealer. This 2008 model will probably have the worst dependability rating in years.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,925
    dont expect this sort of CYA from BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Toyota, Honda etc.... just the US companies where the customer is never right and will do what we tell them.

    From what I hear, you should expect it from at least Toyota and Nissan. ;)
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
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