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Ford Edge Predicted and Actual Reliability



  • You are not the only person that this has happened to. I am the owner of a 2007 Ford Edge with the vista roof. In May 2008, the sunroof glass randomly exploded over my head. Nothing hit the glass and there were not any other cars near me. I called Ford up immediately and reported the incident.
  • ngamezngamez Posts: 1
    I just took my 2008 Ford Edge into the dealership. My sunroof randomly broke on all four corners. It happened suddenly! And i was just parked in a spacy parking lot! I called the nearest dealership and made my way there. It was scary driving it like that. I drove with glass flying off; i had to drive it 40mph in order not to have glass fly to the car behind me! I baffled! It randomly just broke at each of the 4 corners of the first glass!
  • tom287tom287 Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    Last fall, we purchased a used 2007 Ford Edge SEL with the vista roof also. Driving to Denver, Colorado from Loveland on June 30 our front panel vista roof exploded with a loud bang sending glass all down the back of the car. It appears to have exploded from the inside out? All of the edges were cracked except in a few places to keep the majority of the glass intact. I would guess we were going about 65 to 70 mph.
    Needless to say, we took the secondary roads home and drove much slower than usual.
    Thus far both the dealer and Ford have put the burden on us to repair the problem.
    Since the car only has 27,000 miles I think this is a Ford problem and they should fix the problem. I am now working with my insurance company. Just isn't right!
    Also we had the inside cover closed at the time if that is important.
  • zekyzeky Posts: 3
    I talked to a telvision news show about the fact that ford wouldn't cover the same sunroof explosion. The reporter called Ford customer service, Ford semt a safety investigator to look at my sunroof. I never heard the results, but my sunroof was replaced free of charge. However, I have never felt safe in my car since and am now in the process of selling it. good luck.
  • The same thing just happened to me in my 2011 Ford Tauris. Traveling on smooth surface at 70 mph. 74 degrees outside, and Boom, sunroof blew out. We would have been injured if we had the inside sunroof "door" open. I really thought that someone had shot out one of the windows and it took a couple of minutes before I noticed the sunroof had a big hole in the middle and glass bent outward.
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