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Ford Freestyle Rear Brakes



  • Local dealer has stated that with my 2007 Limited AWD I should have rears checked before 32k and if required they do both even though only the rear seems to be at issue. Something about keeping the AWD balanced is what I understand based on their comments. As long as warranty covers it, I certainly won't argue the point.
  • I agree that if they replaced the rear pads they should also replace the front pads.

    However, according to my oil change place, there was only about 20% wear on the rear pads and 10% wear on the front pads (at about 15k miles). Not enough to qualify for the recall.
  • Once again.. it's not a recall. It's simply an extended warranty on the rear-brakes
  • it's not a recall. It's simply an extended warranty on the rear-brakes

    I've never heard of a warranty being applied when nothing was broken before. :P
  • It seems that Ford- or at least our service dept. wants to keep us happy.... That's OK with me. I've gotten 3 sets of rear brakes and 2 new rotors on them.... :)
  • my 05 Freestyle FWD has 22K and just had the rear brakes done under recall. Dealer also ground the front rotors for me at no charge. They have really been great to me! Countryside Ford in Clearwater is a winner.
  • There is no recall on the brakes. There never has been. It was simply an extension to the warranty. That's all.
  • Just had my 06 Freestyle AWD in for a LOF and needs the rear brakes, dealer is replacing rear rotors and servicing all calipers also is replacing fronts but the rotors are with in spec. Only at 13,000. Owned lots of Fords and they all chew up brakes. Had a 02 F150 that needed them at 16,000 which dealer warrantied too.
  • I have a 2006 Ford Freestyle purchased new in April of 2006. This is my wives vehicle and I rarely drive it. On Jan 19 2007 the vehicle registered just over 11,000 miles. I drove the car and observed a loud grinding sound. I then stopped the car and inspected the rear rotors. There were deep scratches and grooves in both rear rotors. The car was immediately taken to the dealership. They replaced both rear rotors and pads. Again at 27,000 miles I drove the car and heard the same noise. AGAIN the same problem. The dealer told me that under the Ford extended warranty program they only authorized the replacement once and that I would need to pay for the repair. I told the service manager that I would be happy to do so, but that the car would be parked in front of the dealership and painted yellow like a big lemon that it is. At that point they decided to not charge me for the repair. Now only 4,000 miles later at 31000 I told my wife to have the brakes inspected when she was having the cars oil changed. I got a call back that the front rotors are shot. I immediately called the dealership and they told me to bring the car in so we could discuss. Prior to taking to the dealership, I paid a certified repair facility to do a complete pads off inspection of the vehicle. I was blown away to discover that the front pads still have approximately 50% life left, however the pads are CRACKED in half and the rotors are shot. The rear rotors are starting to show wear again and it seems to me that we are going down the same road with future replacement. In my opinion the dealership was negligent in putting the car back on the road at the last rear brake change without inspecting the front brakes. The dealership and Ford in my opinion is putting the lives of our families and others at risk by not addressing this serious safety issue. The car has been left with the dealer and the Ford rep will be called in to inspect. In my opinion Ford is attempting to hide a major design flaw with some of the Freestyles. The same problem also exists on the Ford 500. In my opinion this is just another example of huge corporations taking advantage of the little guy. I can tell you this however, this little guy is going to go to bat if need be. Is it going to take the death of one or hundreds of people do to brake failure in order for Ford to respond? Sounds like the Explorer roll over issue all over again. In my opinion again, Ford is only fixing the symptom not the cause. In doing research on the NHTSA website there are a number of complaints regarding this issue. Ford themselves may never do a voluntary recall to fix the problem. If the NHTSA receives enough complaints, they can force a mandatory recall with Ford. I encourage anyone who has had problems with the rear brakes on the Ford Freestyle to file a complaint with the NHTSA. In my opinion Ford needs to recognize the problem and fix it the right way, not just fix the symptoms. The website for the NHTSA is
  • sorry, while I am not happy to hear of your issues, tehy are just that, YOUR issues. do what you must to take care of your issues with the dealer and ford. I'd argue the dealer is at fault as it seams there may be other things wrong with your braking system as it comprises more parts than pads and rotors. could be a proportioning valve defect, could be improper install, could be unfortunately defective parts again.

    Your extreme brake issues are the exception rather than the rule. yes myself and others have had them and ford made good by the extended warranty. apparantly they replaced your faulty parts with more faulty parts that caused some/most of these problems in the first place.

    This is no explorer by any stretch of the imagination. Again take them to taks to make right on your car but again, this seems the exception rather than the rule.
  • kpevavkpevav Posts: 41
    I bought my 2006 FS used with 17,900 miles on it, and the dealer selling it replaced the rear pads and rotors as part of the deal. Now, at 30,900 miles (a scant 13,000 miles later), when having it lubed, I was told that it was down to metal to metal (although I heard or felt nothing). Fortunately, Ford replaced the pads and rotors under the warranty extension.

    My question is whether there is a technical fix -- in the form of better pads for the rear brakes -- or am I destined to replace them every year or so? I do almost all stop-and-go, stop sign, frequent stop light driving (have never had any problems with brake pads before) and cannot change the driving conditions. So, let's say the guy behind the wheel and the design of the braking system are constants. Is there a better pad?
  • kam4kam4 Posts: 1
    I have read through manay of the posts here and while some do not see this as an issue, most agree otherwise. What my question relates to is what exactly did Ford do by just replacing the defective parts? My car was purchased new with 8,000+ miles on it- dealer demo. Before the first year was even close to being up- my car made the worst grinding noises and I took it down to the dealer 3 times. They just told me that I was crazy- as they could not duplicate the problem.

    The day after I brought the car home from the 4th visit- the technician noted significant wear on the rear brakes- so I called them and asked them to go over this especially since I had already brought it down there for three previous appointments and they noticed NOTHING. Of couse they could not and gave me a rate for what the repairs would cost me- they claimed that it was due to my driving.

    I called the general manager- who is a good friend, and went through my plight. He was not at all amused with his service department.

    Less than a day later, I get the letter from Ford regarding the rear brakes. Realizing that I was not completely crazy, I called the dealer again. This time they pretended that they knew nothing about the letters or the fact that the car had just been there for the same problem.

    The car was fixed, but within the last three months, I have been noticing the drag again. So I took it back down to the dealer- they could not duplicate the problem- which is no surprise.

    So what happens if this becomes an issue again? My car will be out of warranty in less than 5,000 miles.

    This fix was no fix. :confuse:
  • gi_mechgi_mech Posts: 5
    How can anyone say this is "your problem" when so many drivers are replacing rear brake pads every year??? I got my 2006 FS pads/rotors/calipers replaced last year at 27K and was just told this week that they are "dangerously" worn again! I find this inexcusable on the part of Ford. The problem, not the symptom, should be corrected. I did not buy this car "at my own risk." :lemon:
  • jshalaszjshalasz Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Freestyle and I received a letter from Ford telling me to touch base with my dealer to have my rear breaks looked at; they looked at it and scheduled me for replacement breaks. They replaced all the break hardware in the rear. No issues. Side note, at 45,000 miles, one of the most trouble free vehicle I've owned. :)
  • As a Ford technician, yes there is a technical fix. The original rear brake pads were affected by moisture, they would swell when damp and drag and ultimately wear out. The new pads are of differant compounds so as not to swell when damp. That is also why the front brakes on an AWD Freestyle must be changed, in order to maintain original braking performance. Any repairs made before the extended coverage program came out was probably repaired with the "old" pads. My own AWD Freestyle an '06 went 20k miles before the rear brakes were worn out, at the same time the tires(18in) were bald. I myself would be very dissapointed except the rest of the car is so good, perfect in fact, that I except these flaws, put on different tires and moved on.
  • gi_mechgi_mech Posts: 5
    My rear brakes are dragging (Freestyle 2006) for the second time in two years. Can anyone tell me where I can get a copy of the Ford letter regarding the rear brakes?
  • kpevavkpevav Posts: 41
    Okay, thanks, then these brake pads should provide more normal wear. That is reassuring. I also need new tires: which ones did you put on the vehicle?
  • theapemantheapeman Posts: 13
    we had 2 sets of rear pads wear out very quickly. i changed to akebono ceramic pads. they feel fine and make NO dust. also had the pirellis wear out in 20,000 miles. we replaced 2, and when the other 2 wore out recently, we got a set of 4 Michelin Primacy MXV4. only a few hundred miles on them so far but they feel great - nice ride, quieter, and handle well. a real improvement. they also have a longer expected tread life than the pirellis.
  • jdaddyjdaddy Posts: 1
    Fordwrench, does this mean the new pads on 2007's are good and 2007 owners are not reporting the same problems? Most posts seem to be specific to 2005 and 2006. What I can't tell is if it's because the 07's are fixed or because people don't have enough miles on their 07's yet. I'd appreciate your opinion.

    Also, is there and estimated "ratio" of cars that experience this problem? I guess what I want to know is if all 2005,2006's have brake issues, or 1 in 5, or 1 in 50, etc.

    Thanks for your insight.
  • gi_mechgi_mech Posts: 5
    I have a 2006 Freestyle FWD. Brake pads et al were replaced by dealer (no charge) last year at 27,000 miles. I was told they were the new, better, pads. Now at 40,000 the pads are completely worn out again! The new, better pads didn't make any difference. :(

    I'm hoping the dealer will be gracious again. It is a great vehicle, but I'm very dissappointed that Ford isn't correcting this ongoing problem.
  • fordwrenchfordwrench Posts: 70
    I installed Goodyear Assurance So far so good, they are much quieter, ride alot better, and seem to be good in the rain. If you have 17in tires I put a set of Hankook tires on a service loaner for the dealer. They are wearing well and have very good traction but are a little noiser than the Contis it came with.
  • fordwrenchfordwrench Posts: 70
    The "extended warrantee coverage" is only for 05-06. The 07s do have the updated pad. Now, that doesn't mean the rear pads are going to last 100k miles, I believe the 500, Freestyle, Montego, are set up with more rear brake bias for less brake dive and will always have a shorter service life on the rear pads than the industry norm. I've seen other Ford products lately that are wearing out the rear brakes first, the F150 and Mustang are two examples. I believe other car lines are having the same issues also. I guess the car companies think owners will except short rear brake life for less brake dive and more balanced braking.
  • kpevavkpevav Posts: 41
    How long have you had the Akebono now? I am thinking of having them put before we go through a third pair of pads, unless, of course, we finally got the "right" brake pads from Ford.
  • dm9667dm9667 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Freestyle and have the same issues with my rear brakes/tires as mentioned by so many of you. The difference with me, and the reason I am writing, is that my car has 37K on it. I had my brakes diagnosed in march 07, and it was fixed. When the "extended warranty" mail came, I was reimbursed for the cost, but I think they installed the same "bad" pads as fordwrench mentioned. I just had the car in for service, and they said my replacement pads are low, and to make matters worse, my the rear tires that I just put on in December are at 3 and 4/32 already. My question for all of you is, have any of you dealt with Ford on the issue of brakes outside the 36K coverage period? And also, many of you mentioned having to get new tires. Did Ford help with any of your costs? Did any of you experience poor gas mileage as well. I am getting 16-19mpg and my daily commute of 25 miles is not stop and go driving.
    I am really upset because the dealer who replaced my pads at 21k is out of business, and I spoke with customer care at Ford, and while they were very nice, they didn't really seem too concerned that my 6 mo. old tires were so worn, and that my rear pad (4 and 5mm) were so worn after only 1 year. They were quick to point out that my car was out of the extended warranty period, and they didn't seem to want to acknowledge the possibility that the replacement pads could have been bad or as bad as the first set that came with the car originally.
    Regardless, if anyone can reply and let me know of their experience working with Ford to get replacements outside the warranty coverage period, that would be much appreciated.
  • theapemantheapeman Posts: 13
    the akebonos have been on the car for around 15 months, or roughly 15,000 miles. they have made no dust; the wheels stay clean. it looks like the rears are less than 1/2 worn, but maybe more than i would expect to see normally on rear pads at this mileage. they're not very big for a fairly heavy car. they have also been quiet. judging by the wear so far, i guess i'll get at least 40-50,000 miles out of the rears.
  • leo44leo44 Posts: 5
    same thing 22000 miles rear brakes had zero pads i mean down to see the rivets i was amazed. arent they supposed to operate like 70%front 30% rear
  • dcs67dcs67 Posts: 4
    Bought my 2006 AWD Limited in 10/06. Soccer mom usage. (I admit she's a little heavy on the brakes and gas.)

    1. New front and rear brake pads & rear rotors resurfaced on 6/07 at 9300 miles.
    2. New front and rear brake pads on 3/08 at 22,000 miles.

    It's now at 25,000 miles and the rear wheels are covered with brake dust and the rear rotors are deeply grooved, with the inside way more than the outside so that I am garaging it until its dealer appointment in 3 days.

    From reading the various forums this is not that unusual. My question, if anyone knows the answer, is why the heck is this continuing to happen? Can't they fix this once and be done? I worry about what happens when the warranty coverage expires.

    I've been a Ford guy all my life, with the first family LTD in 1967 (my parents). This is discouraging, not to even mention the Pirelli tires being shot already! (That I attribute to driving habits.)
  • Yes, it's fixable. Had the same issues with our '05 FWD. Ended up just missing the warranty period and had to part with like $400 for new rotors in the back (because my wife kept driving it when we should have done like you).

    Anyway, we're up to 54k with no further issues.

    The Tech told me that the original brake/rotor combination were incompatible on the rear. I'm no materials expert - but that seems plausible.

    This has been our only prolbem. I love the Freestyle otherwise.
    Can deliver unreal gas mileage on long road trips.
  • jmooneyjmooney Posts: 1
    06 with 24000 miles. They just did it under warranty, no hassle. Hopefully, it will last. You'd think by now they would have figured out the problem.
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