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Ford Mustang Electrical Problems



  • Don't know if you found out what was causing the trouble, the battery drain. I have an 06 Mustang and my husband said the glove box light was staying on , so he adjusted it so it would go off when the door closed. Try pulling the bulb to test it and see if that works.
  • Hey I have a 2006 Mustang that is having the same problem at the moment, the water leaks in and soaks the box and causes problems with the head lights. At first they would never shut off, and no when the defrost is turned on the high beams come on on their own. Have you had any luck fixing this problem?
  • My batterie is charge ,car wont start all electrical dont work , when i put the key to on the car i can hear the fuel pump priming on the cluster only seat light and baterrie light comes on , all the fuses are good and with my test light connected to the ground baterrie all fuses have power . :sick:
  • Wont turn over either
  • I have a ford mustang with a major electrical problem ever since I was cut off and rear ended a car knocking down my whole bumper, and messing up a headlight, I had them replaced and the bumper bent back up into place, and the passenger side window motor replaced. And now my car while driving over charges it self in surges, very high electrical surges making my heater and lights much stronger and cutting off my radio eventually blowing out my alternator and a 30 fuse, we have replaced both of those twice thinking it was the alternator but it must be something else. Also when I turn left or hit bumps my dome light flashes on. And there is air from my engine coming in through my defrost and below my dash while driving that smells like oil not radiator, and the vacuum hoses are all good.. Please help me with these mysteries..!!!! It's a 1994 GT FORD MUSTANG V8.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,496
    Has anyone load-tested your battery and also checked the battery for a large parasitic drain?

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  • I have had the same problem with my 07 mustang water starting leaking from under glove box/ SJB area since 2011. We have had major electrcal issues and my car will no longer start and have replaced two batteries in one year. My car is currently out of service and won't even turn over. What can I do to get Ford's attention in this matter , the local dealership wants us to pay for service. We do not have the funds to dish out on this vehicle that is not even paid off yet. Any ideas???
  • Check the passenger side floor to see if its damp. Chances are that your fuse box which is located on the wall between your windshield and passenger window is corroded. In addition check if your interior air filter looks wet/damp/moldy or dirty which indicates you had a leak. First part of the remedy is to remove the panels below your windshield wipers as the drai holes is probally block with debris. What happens next is this: Water fills up as it cant drain,then enters into your interior air filter box which in turn water drips or runs downwards the wall into your fuse box thus corroding the contacts. You now have 2 choices if this is the case,try to clean the contact points yourself with an extremely small brush as you have to scrape the corrosion off. Second choice is to find a repair clinic and replace the fuse box(most likely you'll have to do this) Cost of box and labor is about 700.00 Try a dealer and it may cost you about 2 grand. Do NOT let someone replace the fuse box under your hood,that is NOT where the problem is. Its going to be the fuse/brain box on the wall next to your passenger door. Good luck
  • Thanks for the info. We pulled the carpet loose and our SJB has major corrosion. Since my leak started after my warranty was expired the dealership won't repair without us forking the bill. We cleaned the SJB and it did start but it is still having electrical shorts with radio and lights. I have recently contacted BBB to take this further since our car is under 7 years old and is considered a lemon because of major water damage. Even if we wanted to trade it in we couldn't because it reaks and major damagg has been done.
  • I too have this same year and model and know very little about cars (though I am starting to learn). Recently I took my car through a car wash and after parking to vacuum it out, I noticed water leaking from under the glove box. Soon after that, later on that night, I started my car again and the clock/radio does not turn on. Does this sound like the electrical problems that everyone else is having? Where can I find more info on how to find the areas that need checked for water damage and corrosion? (I like to have visuals for anything 'under the hood'.)
  • Forgot to mention that I checked the fuses for the Radio both in the car and under the hood to find I did not blow a fuse as I fist thought. I saw no corrosion in either of these fuse boxes.
  • Maybe your heater core, mine has leaked before, but on my driver side.. the water may be your main problem. I'd try to figure out what's leaking and if anything within your dash got wet. I don't know much either just experiences.
  • I have a 1996 ford mustang that is giving me a major problem. After it runs for about 10 starts to miss and the engine light starts flashing. The scanner says it number 4 misfire. We replaced plugs...plug wires...coil pack...fuel regulater...and fuel filter. It hesitates to start and when it firat hesitates to pull out. But once you pull out it runs great for about 10-15 minutes. Then it starts missing really bad and the check engine light starts flashing again. I'm so confused. Please help
  • Hey guys, I have an automatic 02 mustang gt that I'm working on. Got a few electrical problems. First, the abs fuse inside the car blows as soon as I put a new one in. 2nd, in the fuse box under the hood, the audio fuse and the cig illumination fuses also blow as soon as I put a fuse in. And third, for some reason, the driver side speaker and window won't work. Also, this one is odd, but the wiring behind the lower panel on the driver side has many clips as if them wires were tapped into??? Not sure why or what the purpose was. Maybe that has something to do with the problems. Also the car is equipped with the machine 1000 audio system in the trunk, but those woofers also DON'T WORK.... Can someone help please???
  • Have an 02 mustang gt automatic 4r70w transmission. Its a little project car. Finally got her starred after it sitting there for a little over a year. Took it for a drive and the speedometer isn't working. Also the transmission won't up shift out of 1st gear. Help?
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