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Honda Civic GX Engine Questions



  • hugh_ahhugh_ah Posts: 2
    I've had the high-pressure filter changed on my 2006 GX after it apparently clogged and switched off fuel flow. Lately, I had it happen again, 100feet out the driveway suddenly NO FUEL. Dealer kept car for several days, said filters were fine, but "pressure switches" were tripped. Honda in Torrance advised they drive it 30 miles in 3 legs, turning car off, and finally they couldn't find a problem after resetting the codes.

    Now today, five days later, it's dead again 100ft out of driveway. My friend with a OBD2 diagnostic device sees 5 codes in "N/A" -- obviously the fuel system codes are Honda proprietary -- how special! Now I need to find a diagnostic computer that can get at and reset those codes, or pay probably thousand$ to replace the entire fuel system (or scrap the car and return to gasoline!).

    Does anyone know a brand and model of diagnostic computer that can GET AT the fuel system codes in these over-engineered nightmares? I think the best solution is to keep the computer in the car so I can reset the codes every few days when the car tries to leave me stranded.
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