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Honda Civic GX Transmissions Troubles



  • The Civic hybrid also uses a cvt . Go to the civic hybrid forums and look at the posts on cvt transmission problems. Far more civic and insight hybrids are on the road than gx and hx models.

    p.s. The cvt fluid was not developed until 2003. It is recommended when changing the fluid on all cvt models. Before that they said just use the honda Z automatic fluid as was in all honda automatic transmissions.

    Cvt failures on the Insight are rare , but that is a much lighter car (2 seat aluminum body)and a 3 cyl. 1 L. engine.
  • Hey all you CVT owners , especially Deon, Honda is covering the 01-05 cvt for 100k miles,covers gx , hx , and hybrid. And if you paid to have one fixed, it's retroactive!!!!!!! See your dealer or call 800 999-1009. And if you owned one and paid for a cvt repair, then sold it, you can get reimbursed too !!!!!
  • My CVT failed at 37k miles. The car stalled in the 115 degree heat of Las Vegas. I was able to drive it back at night, but the transmission was surging, especially when I exited the freeway. Also, the "D" indicator on the dash was blinking. Took it in and Honda replaced the CVT, under the extended warranty.
  • tsmith5tsmith5 Posts: 5
    took my gx in for a fuel issue that cost 2700.00 but while it was there the service manager asked how the car shifted? I told him it shook and jerked taking off and then shifted fine after that. He said they had a recall that amounted to flushing the fluid in the tranny. I explained that I had already done that and it helped but didnt fix. So they changed a couple of Servos under the pan and now it shifts perfectly. I am also aggravated that I payed 600+ dollars on diagnostic. They don't know these cars very well and the customer pays for their lack of experience. They should pay us until they get it figured out.
  • If the car has less than 100,000 miles and the in service date is less than 7 years , Honda pays for the trans. repair. The servo issue was one of the first cvt upgrades.
    Someone in my office with a hybrid cvt got that same B.S. about a "deductible/diag. fee. Many dealers put the least experienced technicians on warranty jobs because the factory will only pay clock time , not book time for a repair. Honda , Ford , GM , Toyota and the rest will not reimburse the dealer for guess work on warranty issues,so they try to get the customer to pay.

    Call Honda customer service at 800 999-1099. Stay cool on the phone , and you will prob. get your money back.
  • freedmlfreedml Posts: 43
    I have a 2001 and a 2002 GX. Both have had the CVT replaced recently under the new 100k warranty. The 2001 was at 110k miles, so the dealer got Honda to pay for the transmission and I paid $550 in labor (I decided not to fight for the last $550 although I probably could have).

    I had been having trouble starting at 70-80k miles so it can go on a long time before it gets bad.

    The 'flashing D' means the trans is in 'fail-safe' mode and won't go into 'high gear.' It will reset when you turn the car off and on again. I found that a 10 minute rest was enough to get rid of the slippage problem, at least for a while.

    A 'rebuilt' trans from Honda is either $2000 or $2500. A new one is $6000.
  • mimblermimbler Posts: 1
    Honda paid for my repair under their extended warranty. Did you have the Service Dept check your vin to see if your Honda was one on the extended warranty list?
  • My 2001 GX was at 107k when the work was done. I paid $500 to have a rebuilt installed instead of around $3000. In this kind of case, I think that Honda supplies the parts for free and the $500 goes to the dealer for labor.

    I was upset because I had been having problems for 30,000 miles and had been to several Honda dealers who advised me to just keep changing the fluid and hoping for the best. Honda sat on the extended warranty mailing until after I passed 100k. So, I was irritated that I had to pay $500 to replace a poorly designed transmission for exactly the same component, but I guess it's a lot better than paying $3000.

    I'm also pretty upset that a major component like a transmission from a company like Honda can't be repaired.
  • Thanks for the reply. Was it difficult to get Honda to do this? Did you arrange it thru a dealer or directly with Honda? Thanks, Paul
  • You have to go through a dealer service department. Honda's help line is only useful if you're having problems with a dealer doing what they say or should do. Be prepared to leave your car with them for a while -- diagnosis, negotiating with Honda, getting the transmission and putting it in can take weeks.
  • 107main107main Posts: 33
    I have a 2005 and it began to shutter around 60K. I had changed the CVT fluid at 30K as required. I then changed it after the shutter at 60K. It started the shutter again at 70K, changed fluid yesterday and it seems to be working OK for now. I believe my book said change due every 30K. You gotta be sure that whoever changed it used the CORRECT fluid, I had it done each time at Honda dealer, but as for being sure, I am not. Yesterdays change should be correct fluid as I spoke with the old time Honda mechanic about it.
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