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Honda Civic GX Fueling Problems



  • Hi, I'm new to this web site and seems like this site has lots good info for Honda GX cng.
    I'm going to try replace low pressure fuel filter when it comes to replacing the filter but I'm looking for more info before I try to attempt it. need your help.

    Did any of you guys tried to replace the filter for newer Honda GX 06 or 07 ?

    For the 06 and 07 low pressure filter is located in the back of the car not like last model it was located in the front of the car next to engin.

    Here is good web site for great price for honda parts

    16905-S1G-003 ELEMENT ASSY., CNG FILTER $22.65

  • my 01 gx stopped running with a fuel problem and is at the service facility. The good news is that they did all the recall work for free including fixing the shudder in the cvt. However, the problem in the fuel delivery is the fuel pressure regulator shut valve. It must be made of gold because it is a 1500.00 part plus diagnostic and install. Along with the fuel filter replacement thought to be the problem but didnt fix i will have 2500. invested. Im glad cng is 91 cents in Ok. Anyone else had this problem cost comparable and any warranty or recall possibilities?
  • I just purchased a 2001 cng honda. Ran great for a few days. Now the tank is full but the gas gauge reads empty and the lights is flashing. The car will not start. Dealer is telling me I need a high pressure regulator for $2600. He doesn't seem to be too knowledgeable. I am skeptical. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • freedmlfreedml Posts: 43
    Pull the HPR and send it to a good regulator repair shop. They should be able to either find a diaphragm for it or make one.
  • tlclimo1tlclimo1 Posts: 1
    On my 98 Contour, there are two metal hangers for the tank that clip in the rear and have a bolt holding each of the two from from the front. I do not want to take the other side out for fear it'll lose a possible free nut under a rear seat. My luck. What size are these bolts? They look like they may be metal screws. Tried two sizes from the local hardware store. One too large and other too small. Anyone know exact bolt size for these hangers?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,961
    Since we don't have a lot of Contour discussions, your best bet would be to post in the Got a Quick, Technical Question? discussion. The folks who hang out there should be able to help you with the info you need.

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  • danamandanaman Posts: 5
    Hey Matt. I have the same problem with my Civic GX and I want to have it taken to the dealership, but don't know if they will replace the tank like yours did. Please let me know any of the contact info. you have on the dealership that replaced the tank so I can contact them.

  • Recently my 1999 Civic GX would not start at a filling station after a fill-up. My family was stranded and had to have the car towed. We took it to the dealership only to find out that the part (an internal solenoid in the tank) was shorting out. I feel pretty weary about a short in my natural gas tank. Honda has said they don't feel it important to investigate but I know at least 2 others have had the same issue. Not only is it a possible safety issue but a $7000 repair bill. The part is unserviceable and the dealership said there was no preventative maintenance to prevent it. Please respond if you have similar problems with your CNG Honda so we can make sure that this problem can be taken care of.
  • Solenoids go bad. They open and close whenever you turn the key on, so after 10 years that happens. It isn't a safety issue -- the part of the solenoid with electricity is far away from the gas. Even if there were a spark in the tank, 100% Methane can't explode as there is no Oxygen. So, not a safety issue.

    Now, to the repair. Honda has a policy of not reinstalling a CNG tank even if they were just going to remove it to replace a solenoid. But, if you find a CNG-knowledgeable machanic, he can probably pull the tank, change the solenoid and put it back in for a few hundred bucks.
  • Does anyone know why Honda has a part that fails that they will not replace? I will look into other possibilities to get the car functional again.
  • Where would I find a repair shop that would do the rebuild on a CNG fuel pressure regulator for a 2001 Honda Civic GX?
    Or even find a used regulator?
  • I had the exact same problem with my 99 Civic GX. After being strung on by North America Honda for about a year about the possibility of Honda deploying a repair kit that would cost less than a full R&R of the fuel tank, they informed me that the kit would only extend back to 2000 models and later... Grrrr!

    I'm a chemical and materials engineer and can't believe that any competent engineer would bury the valve solenoid *inside* a fiberglass wrapped tank.

    As far as a shorting solenoid causing any explosions, not going to happen as the solenoid is in a pure methane atmosphere... need both CNG and oxygen in the right amounts to cause explosion hazard.

    It is a problem that should be taken care of, but my sense is that Honda got their money out of us and are leaving us out to dry.

    At this point, my only idea is to sell the car for parts. Does anyone have any ideas about where to sell such a car so I can net more than $500 from the used car shyster down the block?
  • I feel your pain. The same sort of thing happens with any of the major CNG-only parts on these cars (tank, regulator, gas gauge sender). After the warranty expires, which is mandated to be 15 years/150k miles for 2001 and newer in California, you're stuck with replacement parts that sometimes cost more than the car is worth. They're not going to engineer special repair kits for a handful of failures in low production models like the GX especially when they're more than 10 years old.
  • The low pressure filter at least for my 2012 cng civic was $67 purchased at the dealership. The high pressure was only $35.
  • I have had the same problem with my 2012 Civic GX. The dealership is now stating that you must have the key completely removed from the ignition, otherwise, if the key is in the ACC position, the system may think there is a leak and shut down for a while. For most of my incidents, I did not have the key in the ignition.

    1) I was able to reach under the car and turn off the emergency shutoff valve and then start the car until it stalled again, and then return the shutoff valve back to on and everything would run fine. This solution worked for about a year.
    2) Wait for about 30-40 minutes and turn the key to ACC to see if the fuel gauge starts to climb from empty. (The car starts just before the towing company arrives.)
    3) Dealership recommends removing the negative battery terminal for 15 seconds to reset the system. (Haven't tried this yet but I will buy an extra 10mm wrench for the glovebox.)
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