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Honda Civic GX & HOV Lane Access



  • freedmlfreedml Posts: 43
    Again, the stickers won't lapse or expire. The program may expire 1/1/11 or it may be extended.

    The law already allows the state to suspend solo driver access to any HOV lane they determine is too crowded. They haven't done this yet, but they have always had the power to do so.
  • Solo HOV access stickers are no longer being issued to hybrids since the CA DMV has already assigned 85,000 Clean Air Vehicle Stickers (yellow) for hybrids. But since the Honda GX Natural Gas Vehicle is not a hybrid, it is an alternative fuel vehicle, they are still issuing the SULEV silver/stickers, which I got last month. Since the Honda GX is an alternative fuel vehicle and not a hybrid, I am wondering if the solo HOV program for CNG vehicles will go beyond January 1, 2011 program termination date.

    - Shelly
  • freedmlfreedml Posts: 43
    My guess is that the program will be extended and all stickered cars will continue to access the HOV lanes. But, if not, all stickered cars will be out of luck. They might make a distinction between white and yellow stickers but I doubt it - -those Prius owners were powerful enough to get Federal law changed to get their stickers. I bet they can get the state to renew the program.
  • So you are getting about 40 mpg in a honda GX? What year?
    I just bout a 2009 GX and I am waiting for the plates so I can apply for the Carpool lane stickers. I'm hoping that they are the silver/white ones I dont want to be confused with the hybrids.
  • you will get white stickers. they aren't issuing yellow stickers any more.

    40mpg is pie in the sky. with normal fuel dispensers you can't really tell what your mileage is. maybe 35 all highway no stops no ac keep it below 65 etc.
  • tc44tc44 Posts: 1
    I'm looking at a new job with a commute through the SF / SJ bay area.
    If I purchase a new Civic GX, (Natural Gas) can I still get HOV stickers?
    Do I have to trade in a clunker to get the tax credit?

  • freedmlfreedml Posts: 43
    HOV stickers are still available for 01-current GXs.
  • epnfrnepnfrn Posts: 87
    i'm replying to someone asking about my 40mpg statement many months back. yes, i often got 40mpg on a tank and that was commuting in the bay area (including across the bay bridge). i was often able to go over this on all highway jaunts. i had an 07 GX with no modifications. on open road, i always drove 75-80, but usually was doing more like 45-50 due to traffic (but in the HOV lane). i was just always very gentle on acceleration and tried to do my best at not braking ... ie. thinking ahead as much as is possible. it's true that mpg varies will fill, etc ... but over 50,000 miles i averaged 37mpg total.

    i've sold 'natalie' to a friend, so am no longer checking the site ... but today was wondering if there was any gossip on the status of the silver sticker bridge access now that they've announced increases in tolls (including for carpools)????

  • I may have to sell my 2006 civic hybrid---I got too many dogs and need a bigger car. Does anyone know whether or not having the yellow HOV stickers on a hybrid increases its value? I've heard that it does. If so, by how much?
  • I just bought 2010 GX and DMV is saying it will take 60-90 days to get my HOV stickers, due to furloughs and backlog. Wow, seems like it took me just a few weeks when I did this with my Prius 4 years ago.

    Would be interested to hear other wait times for those getting HOV stickers for the GX.
  • I bought my GX about a month ago but haven't received my CA HOV stickers yet. However, I started driving solo in the HOV lane from day one, and haven't encountered any problems despite having been followed or passed by California Highway Patrol officers on at least two occasions. As you know, the CNG sticker is prominently displayed on the GX. If I get pulled over, I plan to pull out my copy of the HOV sticker application and be ready with an apology...
  • freedmlfreedml Posts: 43
    Having a qualified vehicle isn't enough. You have to have the stickers on your car. You'll need a lot of luck if you get pulled over.
  • d_linkd_link Posts: 17
    We have an original 1998 Civic GX and have the while HOV access sticker. We had to replace the original, because it was not designed for longevity (unlike the car) and had no problems getting it.
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