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Dodge Charger: Aftermarket Accessories & Performance Mods



  • I have on 08 with the 3.5 HO and I am just wondering what other people would recommend for an intake...they all seem kind of pricey for a piece of plastic and a filter....But I had the K&N kit on my blazer and it was alright, wondering if anyone has the AFE and if they like it?
  • S&S Headers has a new full length header for the Hemi-Charger.
    You get up to 15% performance gains and fuel economy increases.
    Go to & check it out.
  • I am a new owner of a gorgeous steel gray SXT with 22" rims from the dealer. I am excited to add new parts in her so she looks even meaner and runs better. I have only been able to tint her windows.... AND THATS IT. I am very interested on modding her up so I can show her off at car shows. The problem I am having is, I cant find ANY web sites that has after market engine mods that will increse HP and AXCEL. Please help me. I am a NEW-B and I need guidence. :cry:
  • Throttle body extender, and aftermarket headers (jba)
  • I just purchased a sweet 2006 Charger SRT with 7,000 miles on it. The dealer sold it with the aftermarket exhaust system and had all kind of troubles getting it to pass inspection before I took delivery on it. The problem I have is the engine bogs down when you step on the gas and the check engine light is now on. Apparently these oversized exhausts with headers can require special tuning with a programmer because the exhaust is emitting too much pollution. Unfortunately the dealer doesn't do this and they are willing to remove this awesome SS exhaust system and install a new factory set up. I don't want to give this exhaust up so I am looking for a quality speed shop in the upstate NY area to tune this car up. Can anyone recommend a shop in my area or refer me to one that can in turn refer a shop closer to my home ? Zip code 12305. Thanks !
  • If you ever got that exhaust, did you have to have the car tuned by a shop with a programmer ?
    I have an SRT8 and the 3" SS exhaust has brought the check engine light on and when you step on the gas it bogs down.
    Tx, Tony :(
  • im going with the Predator tuner and 180 t stat, installed flowmaster super 44's , C&L cold air intake, the Predator and cold air intake will give close to 30 hp.
  • did u see any gains with the TB spacer i tried one sent it back all i got was a whistling sound , id go with a good cai (cold air intake) i went with the C&L
  • there is plenty to choose from Airaid, C&L, Aria, Mopar, look around .prefer one with a heat shield, ck out "airflow innovations " "c&l performance" "bmc performance" that will get u started
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