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BMW X3 Tires Winter and Summer

peter1234peter1234 Member Posts: 3
I need to buy a set of winter tires for my X3. Please share your wisdom and experience... Thanks!


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    markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    What size?, where do you live?
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    peter1234peter1234 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks, Mark. My tire size is 235/55 R17H. My dealer recommended Dunlop SP Winter Sport; I checked reviews and they seem to be positive. I live near Toronto. Cheers, Peter
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    markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    I used Tirerack and came to the conclusion that the Dunlops would be a good choice.
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    vizviz Member Posts: 75
    Which one is a good car in winter - A4 quattro or X3 ? I live in NE ohio.
    I am surprised to hear that even X3 needs winter tires with all that AWD/dsc etc ...

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    JimFaberJimFaber Member Posts: 1
    Hi, did you buy winter tires and are you happy with them? What did you get. I have the same issue with my X3.


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    roadburnerroadburner Member Posts: 17,563
    I live in the lower Ohio Valley, which means I deal with ice and snow on a somewhat infrequent basis. I fitted Pirelli PZero Nero M+S all-seasons to my wife's X3 and I have absolutely no complaints. After 30,000 miles they are still quiet and have @15,000 miles worth of tread left. I've driven the truck through over 15" of snow-and mud-with no drama whatsoever. That said, if you have to deal with winter weather on a constant basis I would advise going with a dedicated set of winter wheels and tires.

    Mine: 1995 318ti Club Sport-2020 C43-2021 Sahara 4xe-1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica
    Wife's: 2015 X1 xDrive28i
    Son's: 2018 330i xDrive

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    x3wintertiresx3wintertires Member Posts: 1
    Can I change 235/40-19:255/40-19 staggered highperformance tires to 17 " allseason or winter tires.is there a problem with that
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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 243,821
    You'll need 235/55-17 tires...

    also, you'll need 17" wheels....

    Other than that... no problems..

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    jesabimmerjesabimmer Member Posts: 1
    I purchased the P nero zero - I live in Chicago and the last three years we have had more than our share of snow. I am totally pleased with the performance and decided not to buy a winter set of tires.
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