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Hyundai Entourage: Should I Buy One?



  • josm100josm100 Posts: 30
    I live in Durham NC, temperatures here recently are in the mid '90s and I have no problems with the AC at all. I would get the model with the solar treated glass, this will help control the inside temperature. The only problem I have with this van is the gas mileage. I know it's a heavy large van but still, come on! Up until 2 weeks ago I was getting around 16.5mpg in mixed driving. I only have 6000+/- miles in 14 months driving which is mainly to the mall and back (1.5 miles each way) to walk my twin boys (11 months old). This kind of driving could be partly responsible for the low figures. Two weeks ago I say a report about "Hypermilers"; guys who try to get the most possible mpg out of their car. I started using some of their techniques - coasting whenever possible, putting the van in neutral when going down hill, laying off the gas much earlier when approaching a red light, driving the speed limit, not tailgating, and being very conscious of the potential energy stored in the vans movement. The potential energy I'm talking about is keeping the vans speed up when going around corners, if approaching a left on green; time my approach and turn with oncoming traffic so that I maintain as much speed as safely possible so there is less need to accelerate out of the turn. All these techniques have increased the milage to 18.9mpg, If I don't enter a parking lot or drive through the milage is more like 21.5 in city driving. This doesn't sound like much but it's a 20% increase on what I was getting. Every little bit counts with $4 gas. This is a lot of work though, even more than driving my wife's manual shift.

    This is a great van, if you can eat the gas I think you will enjoy it and it will serve you very well. However if I had to do it over again I would by a '09 ford escape hybrid. 34-36 in the city and 30 in the highway. If you don't need the space and seats this is what I'd do. If you need the seats but not the space I'd get the Mazda 5. I talked to several people who are getting between 24-28mpg in mixed driving with this nifty little number. If you need the seats and the space then you need the Hyundai, Toyota or the Honda. Good luck in your search, Joe.
  • sashadogsashadog Posts: 12
    You aren't alone... its happening for multiple people owning Entourages. Hell, we even have it on video and posted it on youtube. From the crunching/groaning doors that decide if they stay open or closed (or if they close on someone's hand), to the squeaking of the steering wheel and the shaking of the entire van while driving, this van is a piece of crap. Literally.

    We are never buying a Hyundai again.
  • Aloha all,

    For all of those that have not experienced issue with your Entourage, good for you. I have had nothing but problems since purchasing my wife on of these POS. It was a Mothers day gift to her May of 2007. I explained to the sales guy that the price of the car is secondary. I just need to me assured that the service department as well as the vehicle was reliable......I didn't know what I was getting myself into.

    Horns replaced twice
    Fog lamps replaced
    driver side brake lights replaced
    passenger door (rear power) latch replaced twice
    towed to dealer (once for a "starter" relay that went bad.....per the dealer)
    towed to dealer (day after getting back from service, oil seal went bad, no oil in the vehicle, motor and drive way covered in oil)
    squeak somewhere in the tailgate/hatch area that is intermittent
    vehicle needed to be jumped three (3) times, unable to locate intermittent power drain.

    What a lemon :lemon:

    Hoping to pay down the car as soon as possible or get moderator to intervene as it has become an annoyance to continue to take a car into the dealer constantly.

    If you are looking into this type of me, learn from my mistakes and pay the extra for a Honda. I was warned about this car, but thought I new it all from checking into the "10 year Warranty", to how great the testimonials were regarding this particular Dealership (Tony Hyundai).

    Good luck to all.
  • I give up! Had brakes done, Bought new tires. Had Tires Road Force Balanced as per Hyundai TSB. Still shakes. Ready to sell this Lemon :lemon: . Very let down by Hyundai, as we have owned two Hyundais prior with no problems at all. Now we can't get this problem fixed and many complaints on the internet. What good is a 10 year /10,000 mile warranty if they can't fix the problem. Dealership here in Greenville, SC is very nice and helpful, but problem still exists. Anyone with any input or updates, please reply or email me at as any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance Jason. :cry:
  • hjc1hjc1 Posts: 183
    Have you filed a complaint with Hyundai ??? Have you talked to district service manager ?? Also try a different dealership
    I have purchased 3 Hyundias (XG350-Azera-Entourage) and had NO problems with these cars. I have several friends who purchased Hyundais and never had problems using warranty work
  • We have similar issues with ours. Ours shakes when appling the breaks. We took it in more then 4 times for this issue and they say they can not duplicate. They finally replaced the brakes and the Huy. Rep. said they would not do anything else to the van. I refused to sign paperwork and called Huy. when I got home. 6 month later it is doing it again. I will be calling Huy. tomorrow. This is my 4th Huy. and I will never buy another one! My first 3 Huy. we're good cars but this van is horrible. It also took over a year for them to finally fix the sqeeking noise from the back door. It's a :lemon:
  • Hi SeaBecker,
    I feel your pain :sick: , as it is the same pain we felt with that van. I say "That Van", as we got fed up and traded "That Van" in for a new Toyota Sienna van. Unfortunately my wife and I did not have a lot of time to keep bring the "That Van" to Hyundai to "TRY" to fix the shake, so we bit the bullet and spent for a new van from Toyota after a lot of research. Hey, if anyone does eventually come accross the problem, I would love to know what it was. :shades:
  • emperemper Posts: 1
    I too am having a problem. Eight times in for service! Every time someone touches it, it gets worse. Tires have been balanced 3 times, brakes and rotors ALL replaced. Rack from steering was leaking and replaced, sway bar links replaced. Nothing has solved shaking. Placed a complaint on NHTSA's website along with 8 other people. Everyone has to go on and complain otherwise nothing will be done. Hyundai doesn't know what to do. Hyundai service told me over phone I need tires and told Hyundai consumer affairs I did too but when I told him t fax it to me in writing he told me "legally he can't do that" I would need to bring the car in so they can look at it again. All four tires had been replaced within last year (by prev owner). I would love to see a resolution but I am beginning to think we got screwed!
  • Did the whole Lemon Law thing and WON!!!!!
    This van is now a lemon. Now we are done with buying anything from Hyundai, on too american made!!!!
  • King_JohnKing_John Posts: 3
    edited August 2010
    Aloha all,

    Still trying to work through the RED TAPE with Tony Hyundai, Waipio Hawaii. I have got to tell you, this car will not leave me. The most recent issue.....again with the Power Sliding Doors......enough said because you already know where I am going with this. Since my last post, I have replaced the battery, tires, brakes; "fuel line/wiring re-routed due to a buzzing sound coming from under the van", multiple other things....

    Fast forward to March 2010. I finally cleaned out my bank account and paid the car off to the tune of 13,000.00 just so that I may get rid of it. My wife was really becoming annoyed with paying a monthly bill for a car that she refused to drive and or trust. As soon as I recieved the title, I put the car on Craigslist for 12,000.00 OBO and the offers started to come in around 10 or 11 thousand. I was so happy to get the vehicle gone that I accepted a offer of 9,500.00. Obviously the van was not to happy about leaving so when I met with the guy to see the van (by the way it was heavily detailed in and out), I showed him all of the features and he was very happy until.......we popped the hood!

    There appeared to be a oil leak that concerned him. Rightfully so I guess because vehicles with less than 40k miles on them should not have oil leaks. So I took the car back to the dealership and they stated that the oil leak was coming from the timing belt cover and since that was under warranty that they would take care of it. "Sure, no problem" I thought. I get my car back a week later and before I drive off, I pop the hood...WTF! The same oil leak is still there! I showed it to the service manager and she stated that this is the residual oil that was on the vehicle when I brought it in and if I wanted the engine cleaned that it would be $137.00. Are you serious????? I went home and did it myself in the drive way for $8.00. Looked better than the day I purchased it.

    I declined the "suggestion", but before I closed the hood, decided to check the rest of my fluids. The Coolant bottle was completely empty so I checked the radiator, it was completely full. I asked why my fluids were not "topped off" per there "100 Point Check Up" before releasing a car and was told (by the same service manager) that the coolant bottle will remain empty until you drive the vehicle......WTF! WTF! She felt like a complete idiot when I opened every hood of every car on the show room floor to show her that all of these vehicles (not driven or started) had full bottles, so why doesn't mine. She quickly took my car back into the service area and filled the coolant bottle.....past the "Full" mark. I made her go back again and drain it back to "Cold" level and made wash my car.

    Fast forward again to this July, the guy backed out of the deal probably because of the internet so I had to find another buyer. This time the max offer was $8,7.00...I didn't care just need to get this thing out of my life.....well, met the guy and started to show him all of the bells and whistles.....wouldn't you know, the driver side PSD would not open, not with the key the outside or inside door handles. Want to talk about embarrassed and pissed off at the same time. Needless to say, the guy backed out on the deal.

    Back to the dealership again. A few weeks later I get a call that they had replaced "something" again on the door, but I also needed to have my CV boot replaced. I said sure because it was still under warranty. I was told that the part needs to be ordered so it may take a few days. No problem.....I get another call a week later and I am told that the tie rod end on the same side needs to be replaced.....WTF! WTF! WTF!, "you just realized this after you put the car back together????? Okay, fine, replace that part too. A few weeks later I go to pick my car up, just to be on the safe side, I popped the hood.......WTF! WTF! WTF! Oil all over the engine again. Now I am REALLY PISSED. I want to see the SERVICE MANAGER RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Explain to me how I have oil all over the engine (AGAIN), when all you did was change a door sensor and CV boot?

    The response was where do you get your oil changed. I replied what difference does it make as you told me that this oil came from the timing belt cover which you replaced a while back. She stated that the timing belt cover and gasket were replaced but are not on that side of the vehicle. Thats when I completely lost it......I do not want to hear that sh*t!, you told me that the oil leave was taken care of back in March when you did all of this change of gaskets and what not, now you are stating that the leak is from the seals not being correctly installed when my oil was changed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Long story short, I made them change my oil, detail my car, rotate the tires AND take me to work and pick me up as I did not have time to wait. That was totally the last straw. Have filed complaints/updated with the BBB as well as Hyundai of America Corp. Unlike some on this forum that want the vehicle purchased for what they paid for it, All I want is Kelly Blue Book value as the vehicle only has 46k miles on it with new tires and brakes. I mean, I used the car so fair wear and tear value but I just want this nightmare to end. I do not want another car from Hyundai or anyone else, just the Blue Book.

    Will advise when this nightmare is over either by Hyundai Buying it back or selling for scrap.

  • Where to start… I don’t normally write to forums, however I feel obligated to warn people of this vehicle. LEMON LEMON LEMON

    I first owned a 2004 Sonata… amazing car, loved it, no problems whatsoever. So when we had our second child, I decided to invest (bad choice of words) in something larger. Test drove all the typical minivans, Dodge, Toyota, Honda but my bias of Hyundai led me to chose the Entourage. What a mistake.

    Here’s a list of problems since I’ve owned it:

    1. Had to replace the DVD player within a couple weeks of purchase
    2. Had to fix broken arm rest
    3. Had to replace rotors twice and entire breaks once, not related to driving but defects
    4. The key ignition had to be replaced, had to get towed for this one. Happened at a movie threatre, we had a baby sitter at home, had to get a rental for 4 days until it was fixed… they didn’t cover the rental. :cry:
    5. There has been ongoing battery / wiring (unknown) issues. It is currently in the garage for a 3rd battery replacement. Approx every year the battery dies completely and won’t hold a charge anymore. Last years fix was a computer s/w upgrade… yeah right. Today they are saying it is a module recall for the side doors that they think is the problem… yeah right… and whatever happened to informing customers of recalls. I have a 2nd small car, 97 Toyota Tercel with 200,000 KM that I trust more than this vehicle.
    6. I also have an ongoing headlight issue. When I break or when the gears shift, there is a noticeable dimming (1 or 2 sec) of the headlights. I think it is related to problem number 5.
    7. Yes the powered side doors are great when or if they work. Someone told me when I first bought the van, having everything powered is just more to go wrong… how true. I live in Canada, any amount of snow or frost; the side doors are impossible to open. :confuse:

    This vehicle was to be our long-term family car. I wish this info was available before I bought. Avoid this vehicle or suffer the consequences.

  • mohatumohatu Posts: 21
    So scary to live this life...

    Have we been extremely lucky? We own our 2007 Limited (all the bells and whistles) for almost 4 years, it has just over 56000 miles on the odo. The problems we had:
    - The noise when the steering wheel is turned. The steering rack was replaced under warranty, problem gone.
    - Two repairs for the passenger side sliding door, under warranty/recall.
    - One gasket replacement to fix the very minor oil leak, under warranty.
    Nothing else, and nothing that would leave us stranded. We drive it almost daily, drove it from Chicago to Florida for vacation 5 times. The car still looks great (just some inevitable minor dings and scratches outside, pristine clean inside). No signs of rust anywhere on the body. We do regular maintenance at the mechanic we know, and we have the dealer to inspect the van every 6 months.
    We love this thing, it serves us well enough and we intend to keep it for as long as there are no MAJOR costly problems with it. Based on our experience so far, we hope for at least 5 more years.
  • :) I have 70,000 miles on my 2007 Entourage. Replaced tires at 60,000 and original brakes very recently. i guess I'm lucky. the car has been fine and I average 19 MPG. I attribute that to not going over 45MPH during the 1st 1,000 miles.
  • Glad to hear that the Entourage is working out for you. Other than the Chrysler Pacifica that I owned, my Entourage was the worst car I have ever owned. Good luck and God Bless. I will never purchase from Hyundai again, strictly Honda and Toyota for me and my family. Aloha'z
  • I feel your pain. Our situations are identical. I have a 2003 Sonata and it is has not given me an ounce of trouble since I took it off of the lot. We knew this van was on the way and even went into a GMC lease to bide our time until the 2007 entoruage arrived in Canada. What a let down. This van has caused us more trouble than its worth. There is a rattling noise under the passenger side. We have had toruble with the sliding doors closing and opening again. One armsrest broke and now the best, the side mirrors are coming off. I have purchased extended warranty. I asked if the mirror incident was under warranty and they said it was not. They said the manufaturer feels that normal wear and tear runs up at 100,000km and I have 104,000km. My wife and I are really frustrated. We have a huge decision to make as to weather the storm or get out now. Any advice
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