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Mazda5 Transmission Problems



  • My sister purchased a 2008 mazda 5 sport auto with manual option  last april with about 106,000 miles.  Mechamic checked it said everything was fine but tranny fluid was a bit dark.  (Had i known i wouldnt have let her purchase) a few months later i had an issue with the car jerking into 3rd and 4th in auto, my check engine light came on a few months later pulled an o2 code, then pulled weird codes mechanic reset computer, light came back on after 150 miles pulled a coolant temp code.  A couple weeks ago while driving car started to feel like it was running on 3 cylinders would get past 2 rpms trying to get from 30mph to 40mph the whole car jerked back and forth.  Took to mechanic he changed thermostat, oil and tranny fluid. He said tranny fluid was black so possible problem but with no codes nothing he can do.  Said car didnt act up for him at all and is fine.  Taking it to tranny shop tomorrow to get diagnosed, they say and i know definite problem.  Still have a bit over 6k on the loan.  Not sure what to do after reading all this. Dont want to spend big money i dont have to have the problem resurface.
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