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Mazda5 Doors & Locks



  • Hi all:
    We just bought a new Mazda5, and love it. The folding key's really cool, but we have a seemingly simple question - we can't figure out how to get the key onto a keychain! It's so hard to get a loop through the holes at the top of the key. We'd appreciate any suggestions!

    Thank you.
  • nsorianonsoriano Posts: 17
    LOL! That totally pissed had me pissed off the whole first week of ownership! I just went to walmart and bought me one of those thin elasticy hair bands (smaller the better) and poked it through the small opening in the key then i just attached it to my old keychain.
  • joec6joec6 Posts: 1
    I went back to the dealer and they gave me a key ring (about 1 cm in diameter) which fits through the two holes easily.
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    One of my 2 key remotes stopped working last month. I took it to the local dealer, and they got a new key for me. But, when they tried to program the new key, the car wouldn't accept it. Something about the "reprogramming mode of the car not working". So, now my dealer thinks it's something wrong with the car, not the key, and they've ordered a new part for the car. But, one of my 2 original remotes still works fine, so I'm a bit confused.

    Anyone else have any problems like this and know what might be wrong?
  • batmickbatmick Posts: 17
    Funny, I had just gone online to post a similar question.
    One of our remotes quit working altogether and the other is only working intermittently. I changed the batteries in both but that wasn't it. Don't really see why it would only affect one remote but my guess is the receiver in the car is on the frizz.
    Does anybody know if there is an antenna that might have come loose (and where is it?)? I have had a similar problem with my laptop's wireless and there the antenna connector had come off the wireless card.
  • Strange you mention that, ours sometimes doesn't work and our neighbours have had the same problem. they seem to think its the car as the key stopped working occasionally at the same time.
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    I brought it back to my dealer and they (1) replaced the receiver in the car, and (2) reprogrammed the two keys I have. Both keys are now working perfectly. It was all covered by the warranty, so I didn't have to pay anything :)
  • batmickbatmick Posts: 17
    Good news! Our 5 is coming up for the 7500 mile service so I'll have them take care of the remote problem then.
    Hope they will be as quick and uncomplicated as your dealer.
  • Part of my key broke off-the metal part that fits onto a key ring. Does anyone know if the key (which costs over $300.00 I'm told) is covered under warranty? I refuse to pay the cost of a brand new key-it seems to me it might have been put together cheaply-why would it break so easily and it is only one yr old.
  • wow.. you have a Mazda 5, and I do too.. and the extra key, which I just recently bought from my preferred Mazda dealer " :blush: only" cost $80... well "only" because it's not $300
  • Check out this website for information about a service bulletin issued about the keys, as well as other issues.

  • batmickbatmick Posts: 17
    Just got back from the dealership where they did the 7500 mile service. They ordered two new key remotes for us under warranty. They told me that it was indeed a known problem.
    So far that has been the only problem we had with the 5. Hope it stays that way.
  • We recently had a problem w/ the rear hatch.
    My wife came home yesterday and told me to go have a look at the trunk of our 5.
    When I opened the hatch there was water droplets everywhere
    on the drivers side of the trunk.
    The speaker and cover for the jack behind the rear fender wear soaked same as the floor.
    The parcel tray also was soaked.
    Has anyone else have/had this problem.

    I contacted my service dept and was told they wouldn't see me until wed, I called back and talked to the actual dealership manager and they are now getting me in on monday.

    I am not impressed, we were very impressed with this vehicle when we bought in the spring, now I don't want it.
  • 86748674 Posts: 2
    I bought my 5 pre-owned and it only came with one key. I now realize that a new key and transmitter will cost me between $315-$370 depending on which dealer I choose.

    CAN I DO THIS CHEAPER? out rageous that a new key is going be more than my monthly payment!!! :confuse:
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Here's what you are paying for from the dealer:
    Key Blank - $48
    Transmitter - $188
    Cutting the key and programming - $65-$110

    you can get the key and transmitter off e-bay for $60 but you still need to have it cut (probably only the dealer) and programmed.
  • Actually, none of the Mazda5 models have power doors or a feature where the door closes by itself. That feature would really help with the latching problem of the sliding doors
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Actually, none of the Mazda5 models have power doors or a feature where the door closes by itself. That feature would really help with the latching problem of the sliding doors

    The Mazda5 in Canada has: "...the Easy Close sliding door system, a motorized mechanism that assists in closing the rear doors. Once either door has been manually moved so it is almost closed, the system mechanically completes the closing action – the action that typically requires the most effort on the part of the user."
  • there are mazda forums out there.. with info on programming your own keys... it can be done by yourself... you can buy the keys from mazda or ebay... but look on line for those other forums... lots of do it yourself help out there
  • Hey,

    I'm wondering if any of you are having the same problem with your 5. My 5's rear door locks are giving me problems. Everytime I unlock the doors with the remote, the front doors and the trunk unlock, as usual, but the rear door locks stay stuck closed. I either have to continuously press unlock on the remote to get the doors to open (though that doesn't work all the time), or I have to use the inside door lock button on the driver's door to open them (and even then they still don't open the first time).

    I took it to my Mazda dealer to get my annual inspection done, and I brought this issue up. Lo and behold, as Murphy's Law in reverse would have it, the locks worked perfectly and they weren't able to "duplicate the problem". As life would have it, the very next morning, when I tried to enter my 5, the same thing happened again. Ugh!

    So, are there any of you out there that can relate to this?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Try cleaning the contacts on the door and B-pillar.
  • I am getting the same thing but only on the drivers side. I think there is something loose inside because if i repeatedly press the open (which opens it ) it sounds like a something knocking kind of like a front door knocker. I have the power door assist thing.
  • Anyone got these things installed aftermarket? Any problems that might come if I did this? Any recommendations on parts?

    It seems that the anti-theft that is installed on the Mazda5 only triggers when it is already being stolen. :surprise:
  • Oh yes, we had the same problem with the rear passenger door lock. It was making a clicking/rattling noise as it tried to lock or unlock with the remote or the power buttons. It drove us nuts for months-I took it to the Mazda dealer 3 times before they actually verified that it was malfunctioning (like yours, it didn't do it every time at first, eventually it got where it wouldn't lock/unlock at all with the power buttons). The dealer took the door all apart, ordered multiple parts, and finally got it fixed.

    The next week, of course, the rear driver's side door started the same thing-Mazda dealer wants my car for a week so they can take it apart and diagnose before they'll order the parts.

    I wonder how long this fix will last...I have an '06 I got in fall '05, with about 49K. Glad I got the extended warranty.
  • I have a first model year touring. I had the recall work on the latches done and then a month or two later my drivers sliding tour would not open. And it wouldn't do it no matter how many times I clicked the remote. Then the next day it worked. This happened on and off randomly for a month and then the passenger door started doing it. Yesterday I brought it in for repair and luckily it actually would not open when I dropped the car off. So it was witnessed. Since then the dealer claims it's working fine. They even drove the car a bit before trying to replicate it. The dealer says they won't just throw parts at it- they want to see what's wrong before replacing the parts. Of course thanks to the prior posts I will fight that. I have a toddler and an infant in this car sometimes and I'd like to think in an emergency the doors would open.

    I'll keep ya posted.
  • For all the people who posted about the rear door locks not opening, can you report on your progress? I have a Mazda5 2006 year model and it does the same thing with the passenger side door. It will not open with the remote, but will open when you push on the inside front door unlock button. We have our car at Mazda today and they have said it has nothing to do with the recall that went out a couple of times. My worry, like someone else who posted, is that if we are ever in an accident and need to get the kids out quickly, the door lock may prevent us from getting in. I expressed this to the Mazda tech on the phone. He said the only thing he can do is take off the door cover and lock assembly and have a look (for $150). When I asked if this was a common occurance he said no, but that he had seen it before. He said his only guess on cost to fix is anywhere from $150-600, but he could not be sure until he actually looked at the lock.

    If enough people have had the same problem, I can document this and then take it to Mazda (to perhaps order a recall and fix at their expense). Is this not covered under standard 3-year warranty??
  • Any update you can share? (I know it has been 2 years since your last post)
  • Mine still does it every now and then. And frankly, I only use the door rarely now. It's the right rear slider that's the issue.

    I pulled some work orders:

    In June 2007 they replaced to rear door latches - a recall. That didn't fix the door lock issue.

    In Nov 2007 they did this: (Quoted from the service invoice)
    "20614 BCM and door lock switches need DW Found door lock switches not working, performed diagnosis, checked wire 5I from BCM and no signal found, replaced BCM and found signal from BCM blue wire, but lock not working,further diagnose and found both left and right switch internal malfunction, removed from switch from stock unit and installed in customers per customer satisfaction, found door lock working properly after repairs"

    Hope that helps. My car has a new intermittent bug. None of the windows will go down. Switch becomes dead. A good wack to the drivers armrest and it works. I'm guessing a loose wire or connection.
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