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Mazda5 Tires & Wheels



  • No power loss what so ever IMHO. The "MPG drop" theory or myth is not real. Some people still believe that putting bigger tires (or wheels for that matter) decrease your MPG's. It really does not, what it does chnage is your speedometer reading and thus mileage because the "bigger" tire rotates less times then the stock tire/wheel combo in which the speedometer was calibrated to work with. For instance by me putting 225/50R17 tires instead of the stock 205/50R17 my speedometer is 3.1% slower meaning that when my speedo reads 60 MPH I am actually traveling at 61.9 MPH, hence the lower mileage recorded on the odometer per tank. So let say that my tank yielded 300 miles to get the true mileage I traveled I will have to multiply 300 X 3.1% which comes oout to 309.3 miles. So there is "NO" loss of MPG, one just needs to compensate for the slower speedometer reading because the tires are rotating less (840 vs. 780 rotations per mile). For those of you that have not gone over your warranty mileage, it is a great thing because it prolongs the mileage warranty period.
  • Well said!

    BTW, your username nissmazlover....I take it you love Nissans and Mazdas???
    I am in the same boat as you if that is true with you, I love my MZ5, but my greatest pride and joy was my 2004 Nissan Frontier Crew-Cab Short Bed Automatic 2WD with tons of stuff I put on it i.e lifted, 32" tires, rear diff locker, etc
    Unfortunately it lost to the ridiculous super high gas prices. Since it was all off-road hooked up it constantly gave me 14-16MPG, my pockets were hurting big time.

    Needles to say...I miss my "Little Fronty That Could" this is the name my off-roading buddies gave it because it was such a capable off-road truck even with just 2WD and a locker.

    (sigh) ahhh memories.....
  • Yup, you surmised correctly. As far as cars go, Nissans are my first love and Mazdas my second. Though, lately, I've been thinking it's a tie, if not going over to the Mazda side. But, I just can't do that to Nissan! LOL

    Anyway, yeah, I had a friend who had a Frontier and that truck was indestructible! He abused that thing, and it just kept on going. He had to get rid of it since he got married to a woman with kids and he lamented that loss. So, yeah, I know what you mean.

    I always imagined my first new car would have been a Nissan, but when news and pictures started coming out in 2005 about Mazdas new mini-minivan, I just fell in love with it. It seems as though it was perfectly made for me and my family! So, before it came out, I searched the Mazda dealers here in NYC and found out which one would get the 5 first. When they received it, i went over right away, test drove it, LOVED it, and actually bought the one I test drove - which, incidentally, was the first Mazda 5 sold in NYC (July 2005). If Nissan would have had a car like that, I would have bought the Nissan, though. But, they didn't, so I went the Mazda route. Have always loved Mazdas, though. My mother had an 89 626 that the whole family loved. That car was TOTALLED at one point, fixed and it still felt like new and kept on ticking for years afterward!
  • I am looking new tires. I don't want to replace with the stock tires. I would prefer allseason. Important to me is are tires that perform well in wet conditions. Any suggestions. One other thing? Why would you change your tire size from 205 to 225? What was the point?
  • Reason for changing from 205 to 225...

    1. Wider tire = better grip.
    2. 0.5" taller = smoother ride.
    3. Awesome deal (I work for a dealership, so I got a set (4) of Michelin Pilots HX 225 50R17 93V take-offs for $150.00)
  • vg33e power,

    Has your opinion of running size 225/50/17 on the MZ5 changed since your last post? I am wanting a larger size tire to guard against curbing and potholes and was going to just go with 215/50/17 until I saw your post. I'd like to go with the 225 if it doesn't rub at all. Have you gotten them to rub? I read you're running MZ6 you happen to know if the offset is the same as the MZ5 wheels? Thanks for your help!
  • axledeep,

    I have been running with the new tires (225-50R17) for about close to two months. I have been able to make them rub under two circumstances on two seperate occasions, but I still would not downsize because the better grip and "alot" smoother ride over compensates for the "very lightly" rubbing.


    1. Turning wheels (either way left or right) all the way to lock turning into or up a driveway, where the suspension compresses and the wheels are locked all the way to one side.


    2. Loaded up with 6 adults (LT/FT 215lbs, RT/FT 195lbs, LT/CTR 130lbs, RT/CTR 230lbs, LT/RR 220lbs, RT/RR 110lbs) and going through a speed bump as one comes out of it and the suspension compresses or going fast through a large dip where the suspension is being pushed to its limits.

    The MZ6 wheels were not my choice. The two of the original MZ5 wheels were bent and the dealership swapped them for me for the only Mazda wheels they had in the lot, which happened to be a 2008 Mazda6. I do not nessesarily like them, I would prefer to have the MZ5 wheels instead. However, at least now I have a smooth ride because the wheels are true and nicely balanced. I would love to get my hands on a set of nicely used MZ5 wheels but they are hard to come by and very expensive. Needless to say, I don't know what the offset is for the MZ6 wheels I have on, but they seems to work just fine.
  • QuickbeamQuickbeam Posts: 23

    I live in Vancouver British Columbia and plan on purchasing a Mazda 5 in the next couple of months. I have noticed a few Mazda 5's on the road around here with very plain, black rims on them. This is for all 4 wheels. I am assuming they have mounted winter tires on different rims and changed all the rims at the same time to avoid any salt, etc. damage to the stock rims. Can anyone tell me what rims these would be and where they might be purchased. If they are from the dealership, I will try and work out a deal when I purchase the vehicle. Thanks.
  • gchorleygchorley Posts: 1
    I currently have tires that measure 205/50 R16 87H. Can I safely go wider than that? And if so, how wide? Thanks.
  • paulb5paulb5 Posts: 7
    I leased a 2006 Mazda 5 - at 43,000km I was told by the dealer I needed a new set of tires. That is simply crazy - 43,000km on a set of new factory tires!!!
    Just thought I share this fact.
  • Hi. I am having a problem w/ my tires and rims. The rims are all bent and I can not rotate my new tires anymore. Replaced stock tires at 19,000 miles (ridiculous!) Now have new tires and can't rotate them anymore because I was told it will create worse steering wheel vibration than I already have. Don't know what to do. Was told rims could be fixed at $120 each but why do that if it will just happen again? Was thinking of getting rid of the car and getting one with regular tires NOT these awful low profile ones. Read your thread and noticed you seemed to have gotton rid of the low profile and got 205/ 60 low profile? Why did you get those tires? Same reason as me? Please help! Thank you!
  • If you are going to pay $120 per wheel to fix, you may as well pick up a clean un bent used set of Mazda5 wheels on eBay for a lot cheaper or buy aftermaket brand new wheels. 60 series tires is not considered a "low profile" tire, therefore, if you go with a 205 60R17 tire you will have a much supple ride plus less chances of bending a rim on a pothole because the sidewall of the tire has 10% more surface area (205mm wide X 50% of 205mm = 102.50mm as opposed to 205mm wide X 60% of 205mm = 123mm) you get a gain of 20.5mm more sidewall.
  • Thank you for getting back to me. Great ideas! One more question. Do you think the car can handle 205/60/17 tires/rims? Meaning, will there be rubbing? Is the car made to take on 60's or do you think 55's would be better? Again, thank you!
  • I am running 225 50R17 Michelin Pilot HX on stock Mazda3 17" 5-spoke wheels with an offset of 52.5 and I dont ever get any rubbing. I wanted a wider tire so I went with 20mm wider (hence the 225) and I kept it low pro with a 50 series tire which makes it 112.5mm of sidewall. This is 10mm taller then stock but 10.5mm less then what a 205 60R17 will yield of sidewall. My reccomendation is to go with a 205 55R17 if you want to stay in the 205 wide tire. Also, instead of going with a Z speed rated tire go with an H speed rated tire, the softer compound used on the H rated tire will serve to cushion road imperfections, however, I will leave the speed rating to your discretion and preference. Hope this helps.
  • The change in looks is probably way too subtle for many enthusiast owners, but I went with 215/50-17 Contis for my first set of replacement tires. These are slightly too large in circumference, making the odometer under-record by 1% or so, but have the advantage of making the speedometer ABSOLUTELY accurate, compared to Garmin GPS just taken on 8800 mile road trip back east from Seattle. Plus, they give a slight clearance improvement for driveway nose-scraping, and slightly improve the "economy" aspects of gearing (our is manual, and 2800 rpm @ 60 in 5th is plenty high for me)
  • I would like to see a pic of your vehicle w/the 205/60r/16 tires and rims. Where did u get the rims and tires and what type are they. Are they good for snow?
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    Hello, My original tires were out (bold on the inside) at 23K. I was set on having an alignment done and shocks changed. The alignment was done, so time for new tires.
    Costco runs a $70 off four tires at different times. This time there was a promo on Bridgestones - good enough.
    I was very surprised to see that the depth of the nobins was much deeper (or greater) then the original tires had when new. That may be the primary reason for the premature wear - they are pre-worn :).
    The maximum inflation pressure on the original was 40PSI (or at least that's what I thought). These ones are 56PSI.
    The alignment guy told me he would inflate to 38PSI. The minimum is 34 (per label on B pillar).
    I think I have them at 37 now and the car does not feel as stiff as the old tires felt at 36.
    I gave up on swapping shocks. I have no signs of wear, yet.
  • I got this problem now when i took it to the dealer they tell me im not rotateing my tires, which i was. mines make a noise like a helicopter while im riding down the road. I dont know why I got this problem for a while I got my car in 09 I been having prolems since then @ 12,000 miles when it started.
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