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2007 Honda CR-V News and Views



  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    CR takes their own measurements... and of course uses methods no one else in the industry would duplicate.

    The issue of maneuverability, as presented in the original post, was directed at moving around in tight spaces. I suspect the new CR-V is not as good as the old one in that single regard.

    Maneuverability in terms of handling at speed is another issue. On that score, the new vehicle is supposed to be even better than previous CR-Vs.
  • 101010101010 Posts: 3
    It looks like the 07 CRV currently comes with a manual transmission option in the UK ( Granted that Europe in general appreciates manuals more than the US, but what is the speculation that Honda will make the MT available in the US next year on the CRV?
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    Honda has made changes to transmissions within a mid cycle freshening, i.e 4 speed AT to 5 speed AT but not sure about adding an alternate transmission. Next year would be too soon for any changes anyway as someone pointed out.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    I suspect that CR-V w/manual did not do well in American market, hence the move otherwise there isn't another reason not to offer it.
  • harvey44harvey44 Posts: 178
    They'll add the manual in 09 if past models are any indication.
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    They'll add the manual in 09 if past models are any indication.

    Please explain in further detail.

    The previous two generations of the CR-V started with a manual transmission. As I said, changes have been made to existing transmission during a model run but I'd like an example of when a manual was added to a lineup where it didn't exist from the start.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    I thought the '97 came in automatic only, with manual availability added in '98?

    The Gen II model was definitely available with a manual in the first year (2002).


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  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    :blush: I knew that, but I'd add an asterisk as that was the launch of a new model being brought over from Japan and they did things a bit differently. But you are right.
  • mcl97hmcl97h Posts: 1
    I'm still driving my '97CRV, going strong with +130K miles on it...went to see the new ones at a dealership recently. The CRV I have has been a real workhorse on our small farm. It's just enough "SUV" to get things done-I can take it to the feed store on a rainy day, pull a small drag around the field, make it through muddy ground at a competition. It gets decent mileage while running the kids to and fro, and looks presentable enough (especially after I ripped the dry-rotted tire cover off the spare recently). No major problems, though it does a have a slow radiator leak and that will need replacing very soon.

    Have to say I was a bit (actually more than a bit) disappointed with the '07 redesign. Seems perfect for commuters with a "city" job, but they appear to have really taken the country out of it. The table is gone (I know, I can always throw another table in the back), and so is my "secret" Santa hatch that was also very handy for stowing valuables out of sight. The "cargo cover" seems flimsy, and not destined to last as long as the car if it gets changed around alot. But the worst thing is that the undercarriage seems quite alot lower to the ground--it might add stability and increase mileage on the highway, but I don't see this new model going where the older one went off the road.

    I'm very reluctant to exchange my little burro for this fancy new hothouse flower. And the Element is WAY too Spartan to consider (have to admit to not looking that closely at it).

    SO--was the demographic for Gen 1-2 so undesireable that they had to go for a whole different class of buyers? Will anyone who actually USED their Gen 1-2 CRV want the new one? I sure don't....Guess I'll be going for 200K...
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    I had a 1999 model for 7 years. I've come to pretty much the same conclusion. This new one is very nice, but not quite right for me.

    You can probably find a used G2 model (2004 or 2005) fairly easily. Those are much closer to the original in terms of utility. Or, the new RAV4 is a decent option.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    It's a different world than in 97. The new CRV is more convenient for most people and better for potential fuel price increases. Not too big a crv market for farm trucks.
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    I agree with the other posters. The '97 and the '07 are world's apart in form and function. But that's the way the market has gone. It isn't that the 1G (1st generation) or 2G (second generation) were undesirable (they did sell practically everyone they produced), times have changed.

    I'm not sure what you should replace the '97 CR-V with for use on your farm. Even the small pickups of yore have morphed into mid size or greater.

    Assuming it still meets your needs, I'm sure your '97 will last for a long time. But it is always nice to get a new vehicle.
  • 757vj757vj Posts: 1
    We picked up our CR-V May 7. About May 8th my wife decided that she hates the headrests, and they gotta go! At this point they are reversed. After doing so, we noticed MANY with this option. If the Accord ones fit, I may try that route - I really hate going without them entirely, which is what turning them around amounts to.
  • jimby452jimby452 Posts: 5
    I have found that leaning the seat back two or three notches has helped me quite a bit. Also if I keep my butt back in the seat, which means moving the seat closer than I would normally to the gas pedal,the headrest is not that bad. I have also found that if I sit on a cushion, it raises my head and is more comfortable. The accord headrest will give you about and inch more space. I just got back from a 18 hr drive from Florida to CT and the headrest was not an issue. I think by sitting higher in the seat and leaning it back should help your wife. By the way I averaged 28 MPG on my trip. Good Luck!!!!

  • harvey44harvey44 Posts: 178
    I assume they hold off on the manual to build demand. They get one year of producing one less model. Makes the difficult first year easier. Then in year two they sell more of them. I didn't buy the 97 for exactly that reason, and jumped on the 98.
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    So you think they will introduce a manual next model year? I guess we'll see in about four months.
  • I bought a new CRV this Sunday. The headrest is completely unusable!! I too have turned it around. I'm 5ft.7". I've always been told that it is important to keep your head, neck and spine straight. That's impossible with the head restraint in place. I push the seat back as far as it will go. I keep the seat back fairly vertical and with the head restraint in place, my chin is almost on my chest, and I'm looking straight at my feet!! Help???
  • fnamowiczfnamowicz Posts: 194
    Did you test drive?
  • dtstofdtstof Posts: 61
    I'm the same size and I couldn't be comfortable in a vertical seat back position(top position). In that position, you can raise the head rest to give the head more of a rearward position. Even in this position my head is near straight up. I have my seatback a couple of notches back and the head rest down low. I don't think my head "rests" on the head rest normally but does touch sometimes up high on the head. It's more of a safety item. it definitely doesn't push the head that much to have my chin in my chest.
  • harvey44harvey44 Posts: 178
    It's a head restraint not a head rest. Position the seat so your head doesn't touch it, but comes close.
  • Try ordering a head restraint from Honda. They call them head rests.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    It's a bit of semantics, but head restraints are typically cushioned and padded, making them useful to rest your head on. Edmunds likes to call them restraints, I call 'em headrests.

    Whatever you call it, keep it lined up with the top of your head in case you have a collision.

    Lots more here:

    Pain in the Neck

    Checklist: Protecting Yourself from Whiplash
  • Just purchased the CR-V Ex-l and would appreciate best place to purchase a dog screen that keeps the dogs in the back of car? Thanks Scott
  • phisherphisher Posts: 175
    I would try They have a pet barrier that should work for the crv. I've bought a couple of hitches from them including one for my crv and I couldn't be happier. Also I have a card that they sent with my order with the code XBBJ7 it will save an additional 5% on any order that you could use. :shades:
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