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Ford Crown Victoria/Mercury Grand Marquis Modifications



  • My manifold is also cracked. Looking for recall info for it but cant find it. Also when i went to the dealer they said that it was past the 7 year warranty period and even if there was a recall they don't fix it. I think that is bull(*&^. Any other advice or stories about intake manifolds?
  • hyphyhyphy Posts: 2
    yes i know its silly. but what mods do i have to do to 97 vic to put these rims on it. spacers? cut wheel well?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Don't know, but submit a photo when installed. :)
  • I have an 84 crown vic 5.0 throttle boddied carb. I just can't seem to get it to idle right. it either idles high or too low and when it idles low it surges. Iv'e replaced dist cap,plugs,upgraded wires and hotter coil. I've checked for bad vacuum lines. Any ideas? Is there any way to bypass the eec-iv computer and run a regular carb? :confuse:
  • dj7tryppdj7trypp Posts: 3
    Anyone know how to switch the computer from a manifold air-pressure sensor to a mass air-flow? Do I have to replace the entire induction system? If so, what are some good aftermarket choices?

    Also, the engine likes to cut out when I go around corners... I can''t even find anybody that's had the same problem.
  • ts128ts128 Posts: 1
    My Grand Marquis has been doing some strange things lately, it all started late one night when my daughter went out to get something out of the back seat, when she opened the left rear door the car began to turn over like it wanted to start, then it stopped, the next time it did this was when we were driving it, it started grinding like crazy, so the first thing we thought was to replace the starter, didn't help, next was it went to FOMO where they said it was a loose wire under the dash, it didn't happen again for two weeks and then it started doing it even worse, so I inspected the steering column for wires rubbing or loose, found nothing, checked the ignition switch and all looks to be good so I moved on to the starter relay and changed it. I'm hoping this fixes it but just wanted to see if anyone else with one of these cars has experience this.
    Thanks, Tim
  • i have a 98 mercury grand marquise with only has a v-8 4.6 engine.i would like to get at least 300hp or more without ripping my engine completely down. would any one have any suggestions?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Before starting engine modifications, find out if the on board computer is compatible with the proposed changes. I learned a long time ago that should be checked out first when a Crower camshaft replaced the factory part. The computer would not let the new cam do its grind.
  • yes my computer is there anyway i can gain horse power with out tiering down my motor? i'm hpoing to gain at least 150-200hp before april,thats when lebanon valley speedway opens again.ty
  • Hey everybody,
    I want to change out my 2009 Grand Marquis grill & put in a Chrome Crown vic grill.
    Does anyone know for a fact that the grills are alike ? I don't want to buy one and it not fit...

    Thanks everyone,, :D
  • bushiebushie Posts: 1
    Did you ever get an answer to the "engine cut out" problem going around corners? I am having the same problem and haven't a clue. I have been getting a P0420 DTC so I'm wondering if the emissions are getting so rich that somehow the F/A adjustment is leaning it out so much it isn't getting enough fuel.
    As I said, I really haven't a clue. Any help would be much appreciated.
  • gtbinc6gtbinc6 Posts: 1
    I have a grand marquis 2000 with blown motor---want to know if I can take front bumper and fenders and put on a slighlty dented 2002 crown vic?
  • My 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis is great, and I love it.

    I recently discovered a small crack in the intake, which I've since learned is not unusual.

    I want to replace the intake, but I am wondering if it would make sense to upgrade to a performance intake?

    Does anyone know how much needs to be altered in order to optimize performance with an upgraded intake?

    The 4.6 is ubiquitous these days. Do the Mustang parts work? Are they worth it?

    Any guidance would be most appreciated.
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