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Mercedes-Benz CLK (2005 and earlier)



  • valonvalon Posts: 22
    Well people ... i agreed for the one with the heated seats, before i even told him that he offered me 200$ discount on the seats so it did work just fine,car is in baltimore dock so i should get the car next wed or fri, cause thur the guy is off. I will update when i drive out of dillership if is Friday don't expect me back in bord till Sunday night i will be testing the car
  • I wanted Bose, but would have had to order a car to get it. Decided not wait -- easier to deal with a dealer who has a car you are buying. We signed papers at 2p.m. and I drove off in a new car at 6p.m.
    Frankly, I was born and grew up in Europe. Even though I have been here for a while, I dont drink or eat in a car unless I am on a very long trip, so cupholders are of no concern to me or my wife for that matter (lucky me because I agree they are flimsy). What VW do you drive now? I've driven Passat my father owns a lot and the lag in MB is no more (or probably somewhat less) than the minimal lag VW 1.8T engine has. Don't expect to get really going in the first gear... fun starts in the second :) Shocker today -- trip to the "filling station" cost me $26 (just have to get used to it!!!) Hope your car arrives soon.
  • I've got a 2001 VW Jetta GLX VR6. Love the car, but tired of seeing 15 of them on my way to the local grocery store. I have also always loved the new C Class body style. I never could afford the C320 and always thought the C240 was too sluggish. I also MUST have a manual tranny and was so excited to see MB put them in all of the C Class cars (except the C32). I like the Sport Coupe, but my wife and I are expecting our first child in about six weeks. . .gotta have four doors.

    I'm glad to hear that you are not experiencing any lag in your new coupe. My VR6, of course, has zero lag since it is a naturally aspirated engine. But, I loved the smoothness of the new 1.8L engine from MB and loved the fact that they put it in the sedan with some awesome body molding and killer 17inch wheels.

    In reference to the filling station prices, I've been one of those crazy 93 octane people in all of my vehicles, so this should not be a change for me.

    Keep us updated on you driving impressions!
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Hi Folks - Anyone care to share some details about their C230 or C320? Perhaps we can get this discussion rolling again. If you'd like you can list your:

    1. Model Year & Total miles to date.

    2. MPG & Driving habits. Any differences in mpg since you first purchase?

    3. Any additional accessories & mods?

    4. Maintenance issues to date.

    5. Any interesting trips or cargo experiences?

    6. Overall impressions pro/cons of your vehicle since you first purchased....

    Share as much (or as little) information as you'd like. I'm sure other owners/shoppers passing through here, would find the information quite interesting, if not helpful.

    Also, you can report back every 3-5k to update again.... Thanks for your participation! ;-)

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  • babybenzbabybenz Posts: 2
    just got my first MB yesterday. I'm all smiles.

    I got the 230k sedan, automatic, obsidian black, c2 package, and cd for $31,400. I think I did okay, since that's about $1,300 under msrp.

    can't wait to let everyone know my thoughts as I put the first hundred or so miles on it.
  • babybenz,
    Congratulations on your new car. My C230 sport sedan is supposed (keeping my fingers crossed) to arrive today. Did you order yours, or buy it off the lot? If you ordered yours, I wonder if it came off the same boat. Where do you live? Are you on the east coast? I'm in Richmond, VA. My car is Alabaster White, C2, Bose, CD changer, heated seats with the 6 speed manual. MSRP was 31,985 and I paid 31,000. Soooo it looks like you did a little better than I did.

    Congrats again and happy motoring!
  • babybenzbabybenz Posts: 2
    I got mine off the lot. I bought it on the 31st, so I think the dealer wanted to have another sale for his month end numbers. Sounds like you got a good deal also.

    I live in Atlanta and bought it at RBM. After only a day of driving, I can say that you're going to love this car. Hope it arrives soon.
  • wc68wc68 Posts: 23
    Hope your car comes in today! My car will be in LA on the 7th, probably won't see it till the week of the 21st. Let me know how you like it when you get your car! Congrats!!!
  • I'm staring at my cell phone every second. . . .how's the saying go: a watched cell phone never rings. . . .pray with me. . .
  • I picked up my car last night and "WOW!!!"! It is absolutely everything and more than I remember from my test drives. First of all, my C230K looked awesome in white. The wheels/tire combo is just flat out a head turner. The six speed is smooth and the Bose sounds great. I was amazed at just how quiet the cabin is and how well it cornered. I'm kinda going through sensory overload right now. Everything is truly perfect on this car. I know that the E & S Classes are absolutely amazing, but for the money, this is a tough deal to pass up. I have only put 55 miles on the car so far, so as I continue driving, I will give you updates.

    I do have one question, my dealer explained to me last night the MBs don't require any break in period, is this correct? I usually baby a car for the first 1200 miles and then start driving, he said that is not necessary, is he right?

    One Stoked First Time Benz Owner
  • wc68wc68 Posts: 23
    Congrats again! I would take it easy on the car for the first 1000 miles just to be safe. I wonder where my car is! How much was your out the door price? What where the added charges, adverstising, prep fee, etc???
  • dverespeydverespey Posts: 56
    Ok, it's time to replace my old beater and at first I was of the idea of going with one of the usual suspects as far as a sedan.

    But, I've always liked the look of the Mercedes and heck the price difference isn't that great.

    Anyway, I'm looking to find a good dealer in the SF Bay Area who's interested in letting me explorer the model without being upset that I'm not buying today. Anyone have a recomendation?
  • The out the door cost was $31,000 plus taxes, tag, title and processing fee ($149) totalling $32,259. The only extra fee was the processing fee, no dealer prep or anything else.

    I just got back from lunch and I am finding any excuse to go out driving. The car was worth EVERY PENNY! Let me know when you get your car. Can't wait to hear your first impression. What date do you expect to have it?
  • wc68wc68 Posts: 23
    Dealer has not given me a date but approx by the end of this month. I wonder why I was not able to track my car over the web? What area do you live in? I am in Seattle! Can you refresh my mind on what options you got? Enjoy your car, it was a long wait! Let me know any problems you encounter, hopefully none! Thanks! Willy
  • I got my C230 with the following:
    Alabaster White/Charcoal Interior
    Bose Sound System
    CD Changer
    Heated Front Seats
    C2 Package
    I live in on the southside of Richmond VA. The car arrived in Baltimore, which is only about 2 1/2 hours from me. I think that is the reason I was able to get it only 5 days after it hit the port. Since your car is traveling cross country (assuming they always hit a port on the east coast), I would guess that is why it is taking a little longer. Keep me posted! I hope to not report any problems. . .but, we'll see. . .stay tuned.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    There used to be at least two ports of entry on every body of water bordering the US, but lately they've cut back. At minimum, there are now VPCs [Vehicle Prep Centers] in Belcamp MD [served by Baltimore], Jacksonville FL, and Carson CA [served by port of Long Beach]. Cars for the Pacific Northwest used to be landed directly in Seattle, but they may now be going through Carson and trucked north. They used to bring cars in through Houston, as well, but JAX may be serving the mid-South now. In any case, West Coast cars travel no further than the distance from LA to their final destination. Certainly, no cars are trucked or trained across country except perhaps the output of the Alabama plant - and even there, they may be sending cars to JAX to board ships for the West Coast.
  • bubba3007bubba3007 Posts: 38
    Isn't it great, after the long wait, to feel that the wait was worth it! Congratulations!!!

    I have had my C240 since Feb 2001 and still get that certain feeling every time I get behind the wheel. And this after almost 40K miles!

    You asked about break-in. My advice is to stop, right now, and take the time to READ YOUR OWNERS MANUAL. It can be a chore, meanings can be confusing after translation and the stuff mandated by the lawyers can sometimes seem silly, but you will learn much more than any salesman can tell you. Just take the book, set down in the drivers seat, and read and try each step as you read about it. This may take several sessions but if you do it, when you finish you'll know more about your car than you thought possible and you will have discovered a few surprises. Enjoy!!!

    "---My friends all drive Porches, I must make AMENDS---" J. Joplin
  • mac320mac320 Posts: 147
    Maybe the salesperson said no break-in was required because MB's silica impregnated aluminum cylinder sleeves have such a hard surface. He may think all of the old ideas about break in are out of date.

    The information about our '00 ML430's break-in was pretty well hidden in the "Driving" section of the manual--without a single reference to in in the table of contents or the index.

    The manual says, "The more cautiously you treat your vehicle during the break-in period, the more satisfied you will be with its performance later on."

    The manual goes on to recommend "moderate" engines speeds, the 1st 1,000 miles, no heavy loads, no excessive engine speeds and no manually shifting down.

    It is interesting to note that for the period following the 1,000 mile mark, the manual simply says speeds may be gradually increased to the permissible maximum. So, that leaves it up to the buyer about how nice, and for how long, he or she wants to be to the engine. I think careful is best.

    If you're really careful, you'd probably drive no more than 50-100 miles at a time before letting the engine cool.

    I just stayed under 55 for the first 1,000 miles, no long trips, and took slower off-freeway routes for more than half of the break-in period. The 430 burned no oil at all during the last FSS interval which came up at about 64K. And before I took the car in, the oil still seemed perfectly clean and was right on the mark since the last FSS service.

    I was really interested to follow a careful break-in for the '02 C320 because the car doesn't even come equipped with a dip stick (just the electronic version)! I don't know if this applies to MB's C230, but MB obviously is totally behind FSS and synthetic. Even so, it has been fun to marvel at the clean look and feel of the oil between my fingers after 12-13K miles in the 430--with the new synthetics, the oil doesn't even change color.

    One thing I like, MB provides a lot of oil capacity for their engines: 8 quarts for the 320. The Electronic dip stick measures to one-half a quart, which is fine. I'd be surprised to see the C320 burn any oil between oil changes based on the above break-in and our 430 experiences.
  • Thank you both for your advice. Bubba, I did read most of the owners manual this weekend, excluding the "how to buckle your seat belt" and "how to start your car" sections.:) And like mac320 stated, the info on the break in period is very hidden within the book. But, I did find it and it does ask you to keep it slow and steady for the first 1000 miles. After sharing with my dealer what I read in the manual, he explained to me that according to his service department (and also that he would not give out that kind of advice unless he had a lot of backing) with the use of synthetic oil nowadays, the need for the break in period is a little passe. Either way, I going to take it easy until I hit that 1k mark and then it's time to have some fun.

    It was good to hear how your 430 has been doing; I'm sure if you treat these cars right, the reward should be a long relatively trouble free ownership. . .at least up to 150k.

    Thanks again and I'm still smilin'; THIS CAR ROCKS!
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,322
    I'm glad you're enjoying your C230 so much. It must be worlds better than your former Jetta (depending on if you got a Dr. Jeckyl or Mr. Hyde Jetta that is).

    As far as a break in period goes, it may not be necessary, but it can't hurt. If you leased the car, then I'd say nail it out of the dealer's lot, but if you bought it, then the first 1000 miles will be worth it. The speed break in of "don't go over 55" I don't think applies anymore, but you should vary your speed (no cruise control) and engine speed. Also no harsh acceleration or hard breaking will help the car break in nicely.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • Thanks for the advice. I am definitely keeping it slow for the first 1000 miles due to the responses here and my past knowledge as well. I agree with you on the over 55 thing (cause I have definitely been over 55 already!:) and that I should not use the cruise control or go on any long trips until after the break in period. As you can probably tell, I did purchase the car, I'm not a big fan of leases. I'm all about putting a chunk of change down and letting these nice low interest rates take care of the rest.

    My Jetta was pretty good to me except for the $#@% check engine light (it came on about 10 times during the 40K that I drove it). After the first couple, I stopped taking it in and it would go out after a few days. The stupid gas cap could cause that thing to go off. I would have preferred they just pull that light out of my dash. Other than that, the car was trouble free. . .but NO comparison to the C230K. . .not even in the same ballpark.
    Thanks again!
  • Yes, I am finally over 1000 miles mark (and am officially over with my break-in period)! I also found deep down in the manual about being careful during the first 1000 miles. I recall my dealer mentioned something about that at delivery, but I was so excited, that I ignored :)So congrats to jettaglxvr6! For me, the car has been awesome to drive overall. Can't really complain of anything. Even my non-Bose stereo seems now fine to the ear. Gas mileage varies a bit. Definitely seems that the engine likes warmer weather. When it's 30s here, my routine trip to my parents' house (about 30 highway miles) produces 27 miles a gallon at the best. When it was 60 degrees outside, I got 31mpg for the trip. I specifically drove pretty steady between 65-70mph in each case. I don't know if that is related to the supercharger. Just a curious observation, but can anyone comment on it? Otherwise, I am enjoying myself and am in awe every time I get into the car. Soon I'll be looking for a replacement car for my wife. Due to weather and job requirements, AWD seems a must and we are not into SUVs. May be we'll revisit MB dealer to look at those AWD C class cars... :) Best regards, everyone
  • valonvalon Posts: 22
    im glad that you got the car and enjoying hope that everything go as the way you want, about the break-in the diler advised me not to run to hard on the car until 1000 mark (im 658)as of today that 2 weeks drive around north jersey and nyc car is great and really cant wait for better weather so i can test my driving skills. With the car so far everything is smooth and car is running good.
    I want to ask all owners of new c230 anyone has any funny noises in the car that we discuss earlier last month cause my c230 runs so smooth that cant make it if is on or no when im stopped on light,on other thing i want to add that with the new c230 sport sedan bmw325 got a real competitor.
    i like to know what everyone thinks about this.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,322
    Ok, since I'm a fan of both MB and BMW (and without starting a 325i vs. C230K argument/discussion), am not in the market for a car, and would consider both of these models, I'm posting some objective comparisons. All of the numbers I post come from the respective manufacturers' websites ( &

    Mercedes Benz C230K Sport Sedan
    BMW 325i

    1.8L DOHC 16V S/C I-4
    2.5L DOHC 24V I-6

    Horsepower & Torque
    189 hp @ 5800 RPM 192 lb/ft @ 3500-4000 RPM
    184 hp @ 6000 RPM 175 lb/ft @ 3500 RPM

    Curb Weight
    3,185 lbs
    3,219 lbs

    Power:Weight Ratio

    Drag Coefficient

    EPA Observed Fuel Economy (City/Highway)

    0-60 mph
    7.6 seconds
    7.1 seconds

    Colors, Options, & MSRP (That I'd order, your preferance may vary)

    MB: Black, Charcoal Leather Inserts, 6 Speed Manual Transmission, C2, C3, Heated Front Seats, CD Changer $31,810

    BMW: Black, Black Leatherette, 5 Speed Manual Transmission Sport Package, Power Moon Roof, Split Folding Rear Seats, Heated Front Seats, On Board Computer $32,220

    We all know that numbers don't tell the whole story (otherwise everyone would have an Acura TL-Type S w/ Navigation J/K). Here's the objective part that I promised:

    Exterior Styling definitely has to go to the C230K. The lines are sleek and sexy while the 17" wheels...ect make the car look muscular. That said, there is something to be said about the mean looks of the 325i w/ Sport Package.

    I don't like to see my car around every corner (proof is in the pudding that I drive a Honda Prelude Type SH). 3 series are ubiquitous here in NYC and it's surrounding areas. The C (especially the Sport Sedan) seems to be a rare sight.

    Price: As you can see, MBs are finally competitively priced (I'm glad they got rid of the Sport Package as a $3K option). I'm sure if money was the deal breaker that you'd have an easier time (more off MSRP) getting a C off the dealer's hands than a 3.

    Transmission: I know the MB has a 6 speed and the BMW has a 5 spd, but I've driven old versions (2 years ago). The SLK320 6 speed I drove wasn't pretty. BMWs Getrag 5 speed manual was a delight.

    Performance: Everday driving should be a toss up and I really can't comment other than the fact that the numbers are relatively similar. I'd like to hear from someone who's driven both cars back to back.

    So the long answer is yes, the 325i has some real competition. Now if only lexus would offer a folding rear seat on the IS300, then there would be some more real competition.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • chem2k2chem2k2 Posts: 4
    I test drove the 230k sedan with the 6-speed last weekend. I love the car, but was surprised to find that there is no hand brake. I live in the SF bay area and launching without the aide of the hand brake on steep hills has me a little nervous. Does anyone else have this concern about roll-back? Thanks.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    The automatic is a better choice if you drive in that area regularly. However, I have driven a stick in that area without using a handbrake, nor rolling back for than a couple inches, if that. It takes practice, maybe more practice than it's worth if you have to do it every day..
  • goinstaggoinstag Posts: 20

    I've got a manual transmission and live in SF and have no troubles with rollback. My shifting skills got better quickly after I moved here (it had been a while since I'd driven a manual), but I really like a manual for climibing hills and controlling descent. I can't remember the last time I used the handbrake except when parking.
  • huntzingerhuntzinger Posts: 356
    Well, my '02 C230K now has 11K trouble-free miles on it, and it had its first service for an oil change ~6 weeks ago. Very soon afterwords, I noticed that my highway MPG seems to have improved by 2-3mpg.

    I hesitate to think that the improvement is because I'm staying out of the throttle. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed an improvement after the factory cutting oil was replaced with normal stuff...

  • mac320mac320 Posts: 147
    Not unless something changed recently. New MBs have come with factory-approved synthetic oil since at least 2000--the same oil that is used for all FSS interval changes. I think MB engines take a long time to break in--more like tens of thousands of miles. Maybe they pumped up your tires--that can make a big difference.
  • jmalik1jmalik1 Posts: 21
    Hi everyone - I am new to this forum. I'm researching C230 related information for my upcoming C230 purchase. This coupe is going to be the 2nd car in our family (the first one being a Lexus RX300). We tried Jetta, Jetta TDI, Saab 9-3, Cadillac CTS, Lexus IS 300, Infiniti G35, Acura TL and even a Chrysler Town & Country. We ruled out the CTS and Town & Country immediately. Our decision came down to the price/value of each vehicle and we've got a price for the C230 coupe that sounds really good to me. Its 25K for a 2003 C230 K, Capri Blue, C5 package (oyster leather), with the CD changer. Its $5750 below the sticker price. And has been the deciding factor for us. What do you guys think. Is this a pretty good deal?

    We'll probably pick up the car this coming Saturday. Any thing that we should pay attention to before we drive it off the lot. What are some of the commonly experienced new car problems that have been reported.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

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