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Mercedes-Benz CLK (2005 and earlier)



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  • Hello everyone. I own a 97 C230 and am now considering a new one. I was hoping to get some feedback from current owners of the C230K Sport Sedan with respect to two items:

    1) Now that you've driven the car, please tell me candidly how you feel about the ride. My concern is whether or not you find it harsh over uneven pavement, given the sport suspension and low profile tires. My wife once had a Lexus IS 300 with the same set-up and it was definitely a rough ride on uneven surfaces. You can only tell so much in a test drive, so I would appreciate your more experienced opinions.

    2) What would be the recommended approach on this car for winter time driving? I would assume the standard sport tires are not going to do well. I imagine some of you switch to snow tires in winter, or maybe have gone to all season tires full time to avoid the hassle.

    Thank you.
  • Help -

    I have been given a budget from my company to get a car. I wanted to get the c230 kompressor with manual transmission - but live in MA and the management think a rear wheel drive car in Boston is going to get stuck - I cant take "advice" from a mercedes dealer - so please help me out - Im sure the M class is nice but the kompressor is what I like!!

    please advise...
  • I have had my MB for 3 years now and have not had a problem in the NY winters. The combination of traction control and a good set of tires made things very bearable in the worst conditions.

    I would say the only thing you would not want are the 17 inch rims with sport tires - other than that you should be good to go. If you needed additional "insurance" a set of dedicated snows on cheap winter rims would be wise.

  • Ihave a C230 Kompressor and just went through a terrible winter in Connecticut (in terms of snow). My car has the 17" sports wheels, but I purchased 16" rims and snow tires. The car handled the snow as well as a front wheel drive car with all seasons. It won't be as good as an M class, but what 2 wheel drive car will be? I was out in some pretty bad snow and never came close to getting stuck.
  • I had my 2004 C240 Sport Sedan for a little over a month now and got about 2000 miles on it. Sofar I'm very happy with it. The ride is more smooth than my wifes 2002 BMW 325Xi. I wisth MB made their sport suspension a little more sporty. The negative I have is the automatic transmission, but this is probably since I'm used to a stick shift. The transmission is not very responsive to sudden changes. I don't use the tiptronic, a delay of 1 seconds for the actual gear change renders this option useless.

    2004 C230 Sport Sedan, Pewter, Auto Transmission, COMMAND, Sunroof Pkg and CD changer.
  • My last new car, a mini cooper, bought in 11/03, turned out to be a lemon. I'm ready for speed, comfort ,and dependability. I need flex passenger seating, so the C320 is interesting. But, the negative posting and feed back I get regarding the C-Class and MB in general is making me uncertain. Plus, I don't want to spend a hundred of dollars on parts and repairs when the time comes. Anybody having a great experience with this C320/MB?
  • ciracira Posts: 37
    Do 16" snow tires and wheels work on the 17" sports sedan stock setup?
  • Hi people,
              Since I am going to be a mb driver I figured I should check out the message board for this car, Boy was I surprised at the amount of chatter on these cars. This car is going to be my wifes daily driver since she " totally totalled her VR6 Jetta last week. I had never considered safety a high priority untill this almost death inducing accident occured. I was really impressed with MB's airbag design and naturally being 40 + I am more than familiar with MB quality. I hope it's all true, the hype that is. As for pricing I'm fairly sure I did well the car is Black Opal,heated seats,sunroof, cd, I dont know what else, but it listed for 36k and my cost is 33k, it's a lease deal that comes out to 1200 down and 470/mo. for 39 mo. I hope to report my wifes happiness with this car in the near future.
  • mac320mac320 Posts: 147
    No problems. You'd have a better perspective if you'd followed the board since mid '02, like I have when we got our C320. I haven't read many gripes about this car and if we were replacing it, we'd have to purchase an '04 with the same options, plus now I'd take advantage of the Xenon option. The wife loves the "C," wouldn't want a larger car like an E320, and in '02, the only other C-sedan was the C240 which doesn't get any better mileage, even though it doesn't have near the power. You probably will like the C320 too: it drives like a sports car. You really do not need tires that are any lower in profile than stock: it already is a stiff driver. And, the room in the back seat is a lot bigger than you might think.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,317
    Well, considering we had a terrible winter here in the Northeast this year (I live in NYC), the next bad winter isn't due for another 4 or 5 years:) I'd suspect that on the other say 355 days a year that it doesn't snow, you'd enjoy the C230K Sedan w/ a 6 speed MUCH more than an M Class. I would advise getting a good set of winter tires and wheels to get you through the winter. Winter tires along with MB's electronic nannies will make the C230K more than capable in the nasty white stuff. Winter driving has much more to do with tires than it does the actual drivterrain setup. The AWD in the M class will make it easier to get going, but what about the M Class' massive weight penalty over the C230K? That extra weight will hurt your braking and handling in the snow (as well as dry weather).

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • The stock 16" wheels with 205-55-16 tires, and the Sports setup with the 17" wheels and 225-45-17s are about the same size. They can be interchanged.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Previously called "2002-2004 Mercedes-Benz C230", we're expanding the subject title to "Mercedes-Benz C-Class (Coupes & Hatchbacks)". Members can now discuss all C-Class coupes and hatchback models here.

    For that that access this discussion via our main category message boards, you may notice this discussion is also linked between our Coupes and Hatchbacks Message Boards. Hope this is helpful.

    And thanks for your participation! ;-)

  • Hi Everybody I'm new to owning a Mercedes. I have a 1995 c280 with 135k on it. When I test drove it and brought it home it ran fine. Now I have a miss at idle and when i take off it seems too clear up after about 2500 rpm. I replaced the spark plug and its still there. Any idea's

  • khicekhice Posts: 13
    We're close to concluding a deal on a 2002 E230 Kompressor, automatic, sport package w/17" wheels. Does anyone have an opinion on snow tires for this car? I have Blizzaks on my E320 wagon but, find them very noisy. The Kompressor will be my wife's car so I want good snow / ice performance without too much noise. Dunlop M4 Winter Sports had good reviews at Tirerack. Is there a town forum reader who has tried Hakkapeliitta's? We live north of Chicago.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,317
    I just bought a set of Michelin Pilot Alpins for my Prelude. I can't comment on their snow drivability because they arrived the day after our bad snow storm. They are quiet on the highway and redeen some decent handling qualities.

    I had Blizzaks for a long time. They are noisy on the highway, don't handle well in the rain, are very tempermental (should try and take 'em off when the temp is above 50 degrees). The snow/ice/slushy mess grip of the blizzaks was nothing short of astonishing though.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • crvolscrvols Posts: 23
    I have one of the first coupes to arrive in New England since July '01. I have the 16" stock wheels and bought a set of rims with Artic Alpins from Tire Rack for the winter. Through one winter in New England and one winter in North Carolina they have done fine. With traction control, Winter mode on the automatic, plus the tires, most situations are not a problem. The Alpins are smooth and very quiet for such good "bad weather" tires. It does not go in bad weather as well as my MDX, but gets along fine and it is a joy the other days of the year. I just switch wheels and tires in October and then back to the summer tires in April. My biggest problem with winter driving is they don't clean the roads here in NC!
  • Hello, I just bought a 2004 black opal C230 coupe w/manual transmission, premium package(includes autodimming mirrors, rain sensors, panoramic sunroof, premium sound, and oyster leather) on Tuesday. Impressions so far are excellent; I really really really love this car. Price was $25,111, which seems like a very good deal; the invoice prices for options aren't available on edmunds but its much lower than what other people paid.

    Gripes: The preimium sound system is totally unbelievably not worth it. We pretty much had no choice because we wanted a manual and the only other manuals we found had no sunroof(actaully one local dealer was letting one of these go for $24k because I guess the sunroof is such a popular option). So when we found this one we jumped on it. But the bass sucks - its basically geared towards hip hop or its nonexistent, so listening to any other kind of music can be an annoying experience. The fact that we've paid for the premium sound system makes me hesitant to go with aftermarket now, though. The stereo in general is pretty unimpressive.

    Ride is pretty smooth, but not like other Mercedes I've ridden in. Coming from a Ford escort though, it is quite nice :-)

    I love the panoramic sunroof. One slightly annoying thing is the bar across the back windshield; it is kind of in the way when looking through my rearview mirror.

    Anyways I am quite happy with my purchase and would recommend this car to anyone looking for something that is a nice balance between sportiness and being practical.
  • My car wouldn't exactly fall in this group; however, since I just got my it last week I thought I would comment on the sound system. It was much better than expected and delivers a rich sound - which can be booming if you choose -it's a Bose and I would give it a 9 out of 10. I would also give the car a 9 as well (since I don't believe nothing is perfect). All-in-all, a great and rewarding experience. I would recommend this car to anyone looking to spend $50K +!
  • I have a 2002 C230K, with the standard system. I'm old enough and have enough hearing loss that it is satisfactory for my needs.

    My gripe was with the 6CD changer being an outrageously expensive $800 option, because they used a proprietary (Becker) digital fiber optics connection.

    I've heard that the current models have skipped the Becker and are less expensive, but I've not heard if anyone's found any nice alternatives for the models with the Becker's...I'm currently debating getting an Apple iPod with an FM modulator.

  • spicy320spicy320 Posts: 10
    - Premium Pkg (Panorama Roof, Bose, Blk Leather)
    - Metallic Paint
    - 6CD Changer
    - Auto Trans
    - and of course the 17" rims, etc. that come standard (wish I got the Bi-Xenon as well though)

    $32,000 out-the-door

    Good deal you think?
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Have you looked at the discussion Mercedes Benz C-Class: Prices Paid & Buying Experiences? You can read what others are reporting as paid and compare.

    If you buy (sounds like a great car), be sure and post your price paid there to help others.

    Good luck!
  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm currently in the market for a MB C230 coupe.

    I REALLY like the car, but hesitant due to the fact that it's rear-wheel drive. I live in New York state, and sometimes subject to snow. sleet, etc.

    If anyone has experience driving this car in snow/sleet/rain please let me know how it performs. Does it slip a lot? Do you need to put weight in the back?

    If not the MB, I may consider an Audi A4...

    Your input would be greatly appreciated!!!


    Peter F.
  • khicekhice Posts: 13
    We live north of chicago & my wife drives a 2002 C230 coupe (42 mile RT daily). I recommend getting a set of 16" rims and a good set of snow tires. You don't need weight in the rear. We bought Pirelli Winter 210 Snowsports & had absolutely no problem in slush, deep snow, packed snow, rain, etc. They are also fairly quiet on dry pavement (for a snow tire) and handled well (considering that one should drive more cautiously in inclement weather!). They do not perform as well on dry pavement as a good 17" high-performance tire will but, that's the trade-off. Our first choice were Dunlop Winter Sport M3's (quieter, superior handling in snow) but , both our dealer & Tire Rack were out of them.
    Blizzaks generally get the best rating but the MZ01's on my E320 Wagon are so noisy I can't wait for them to wear out & replace them!
  • scscarsscscars Posts: 92

    We also live near Chicago (NW suburbs) and have a 2002 C230K Coupe. While the standard-issue Michelin Energy MXV tires were OK during the first winter, we opted to go with a set of 16" Nokian tires this past winter as the Michelins were exhibiting some moderate fishtailing on slick pavement after 27000 miles.

    Several commenters on the Mercedes C-Class Town Hall boards have spoken highly of Nokian tires in the past and their compliments were right on the money. The Nokians proved to be excellent this winter, even in snow. We did not need to add weight to the rear after we installed the Nokians. We had set a large bag of cat litter in the hatch when the Michelins started to get cranky. Ironically, the Nokians weren't our first choice. We initially considered Michelin Pilots as winter tires, but the tire dealers by us were sold out early. Apparently they are popular, and expensive--over $700 for a set of 4. The Nokians were on sale and came out to slightly over $600, including mounting and balancing.

    The Coupe itself handles very well in all kinds of weather conditions. The ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and Brake Assist really make the Coupe feel as if its riding on rails. Virtually no body roll and very little understeer. In-traffic handling is quick and responsive. I can only imagine how well it handles with 17" wheels. However, I also know that the A4 handles quite well, particularly with Quattro AWD.

    An A4 or a C230K is a nice decision to have. Good luck with your choice and your new ride.
  • monty2222monty2222 Posts: 48
    I am signing a lease agreement tomorrow. It is black, has the leather, command, CD changer, sunroof. I am getting it for about $31K, which makes a lease payment just under $500/mo for 39mo. I think it said the residual value would be about $17K or 51%, thought it would be higher. Anyway, anything sound way off about this? Anything I should make sure of before signing? Thanks.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    ...the residual may be a bit optimistic. Coupe resale has been awful. Can't comment on the rest of the financials - the cost of money [APR equivalent] is the only other thing besides the selling price and residual that matters. Only you know if that was competitive.
  • My daughter bought a 2004 C230 coupe in March 2004. After 2400 miles the transmission failed and the car was flat bedded to Sovereign Mercedes-Benz in Brooklyn, NY. As the car was not purchased there, the original dealer authorized a rental car. After 2 days, the vehicle was returned to her and promptly broke down again after just 6 miles!. It was returned to Sovereign who has now had the car for over 2 weeks. According to their mechanic, they overlooked a faulty radiator the first time around and now have to replace the entire transmission as well as the radiator. The parts are on order. In the meantime, Sovereign refuses to provide a loaner vehicle or to authorize a rental and White Plains Mercedes-Benz, the selling dealer, says that it's Sovereign's problem now as the initial repair was mishandled. Mercedes-Benz USA refuses to intervene claiming that it is up to each dealership to determine their own policy regarding loaners and lamely declaring that they have no leverage to force a settlement. My daughter, who needs a vehicle for work, is now out over $700 in rental charges, and counting. This is my daughter's first car and definitely her last Mercedes! If Mercedes-Benz is seeking to alienate the next generation of car buyers they are off to a flying start, which is more than I can say for their cars!
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    ...this is the problem with the dealer franchise system in the US, which gives the manufacturer very little control over what individual dealers choose to do.

    When you start from scratch, the way Lexus, Infiniti, and Acura did, it's easier to draw up rules in the initial franchise agreement that make it clear how customers will be treated, period. As it is, in most states, it is easier to make gold from lead than it is to punish a car dealer for misbehavior, let alone pull a franchise.

    MB gets the blame, of course...that's the irony of all situations like your daughter's. A crappy dealer kills relationships faster than the proverbial speeding bullet.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    It's sad that if there is a problem with a dealer, all MBUSA can do is say "We can't do anything about it. **YOU** deal with it."
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