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Mercedes-Benz CLK (2005 and earlier)



  • I purchased a 2005 clk500 aprx one year ago love it - no problems at all! It had 47000 paid 23k. Love it!
  • chewy2chewy2 Posts: 19
    I have never heard of all those fluids & filters needing to be changed after 22k miles. I guess you trust the independent shop, so I would go with them. Certainly change the coolant and the A/C filter. Look in the owner's manual for spark plug replacement. I would think it is time to replace the plugs, but some auto manufacturers have increased the schedule for the first spark plug change to as much as 100,000 miles. For example, 100k is the scheduled first plug replacement for a 2006 BMW I'm looking at.

    As for brake fluid, I do not know what is going on now. Going way back - I started driving in 1963 - brake fluid would absorb water and corrode brake parts from the inside, causing leaks and eventual brake failure if not repaired quickly. Now, I've been told this is not the case with modern brake fluid. It does not absorb water, so corrosion is rarely seen. This is from my neighbor across the street who has his own Mercedes shop. Hope all this helps.
  • chewy2chewy2 Posts: 19
    Glad you like the car so much and that you got a good price on it. The one I was looking at seemed like a good deal. So good, in fact, it was sold a couple of days after I posted my inquiry. Thanks anyway, I may see another one.
  • I have owned my clk convertible for 2 years now and I am begging someone to tell me how to reset the emergency roll cage that continually pops up behind the rear head rests every time I hit a bump in the road! I don't want to have to go to the dealer!
  • I have a 2005 clk55 amg convertible and use Mobil 1 5w/30
  • dkbtndkbtn Posts: 1
    Did anyone ever offer any insight to your question? I just
    bought a 2002 CLK-320 convert. w/ 85,000 miles. Dealer offered ext. warrty 3 yr/45K for $2000. 85,000 is getting up there and reliability is a question. So, is it a good investment or not? Hope someone can offer some insight. Thanx in advance. DKB
  • I have a 2003 CLK320 coupe w/58K miles. Recent visit to M-Benz service dept indicated that I need repairs noted above...estimate was $850.00. Has anyone had this issue and can you comment?
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