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Volvo C70 Convertible Top Problems



  • I have had the exact same problem with my 2006 C70. The first time it happened was about 9 or 10 months ago on a very windy night on the freeway. Same situation, out-of-the blue the warning beeps started with the message stated to stop safely to avoid roof damaged. The top was up at the time, so I pulled over as soon as I could safely, lowered and raised the top and continued on. I phoned the dealer's service center the next day and took it in a day or two later. They stated they were able to see from the car's computer that it occurred but not able to identify the problem. It has happened at least six times since then and I have had the car in and out of the service center for this specific issue. Each time the service advisor tells me they have fixed the problem... only to have it repeat a day or two later. The issue seems to be connected to a roof rattle in the right rear panels of the top. We're all still trying to figure it out. Still, I love the car.
  • try cranking the roof tighter, manually WHEN I DID THE BEEPING STOPPED AND THE ROOF RESET ITS LIMITS ON ITS OWN!!!!
  • How do you crank the roof tighter manually?
  • Just got back from the dealer, after getting quite crabby about the headlights. They CAN successfully adjust them, mine are now 100% better! Thank you for your encouragement!

  • I've got 2 top related issues on my 2004 C70 HPT w/67000. First is that the weather stripping on the boot cover constantly comes off. I had it fixed under warranty 3-4 times and it keeps coming unglued. I'm now running on an extended warranty that doesn't cover weatherstripping. For all I know the dealer may be a bigger dope than I originally thought... They haven't been able to diagnose or fix an issue on the first try yet. Has any experienced similar and if so what is the fix?

    Secondly, my windscreen has had the little plastic bushing fall out from one of the hinges which causes it to rattle pretty bad. Any thoughts/advice? Are parts available?


  • timsautotimsauto Posts: 1
    hi, it could be a drain tube issue. convertible tops have either drain tubes or small holes in you rocker panels. the sebring conv. have tiny holes that get clogged real easy. then the car fills up with water, soaking the carpet, and sloshing around. go to a reputible auto upholstery shop, they can help.
  • I will be taking it to the dealer for a scan check to see if the micro switchs need to be replaced but this is the issue the 12v hood controller in the trunk was change to one from a 1998 car and the original one was miss placed,when Volvo recalibrates the roof system will the 1998 12v hood controller work for my 2000,is this controller hard coded for each car or can they be swapped and reset via recalibration? Thanks
  • This winter has been very bad for repeated freezing and thawing here in northern New Jersey. Warmer day usually mean rain or at least melting ice and snow. The next cold (below freezing) morning everything is frozen shut including the doors and power windows. With most cars, a good yank will open the door, and who needs to open the windows before the car warms up a bit. The C70 with a retractable roof always rolls the window down about 1/2" automatically when you open it and rolls it back up when the door is closed - except when it is frozen. This morning it was frozen and I opened the door with a little force. The window did not roll down at all and I had to close it hard to get it to latch. After it had fully warmed up, the window went up and down with the switch, it rolled down the 1/2" when opening the door, but it would not roll back up when closing the door. I took it to my dealer and they re-initiated the window control module. So far it is OK. Does anyone have any ideas how to cope with this issue since it is bound to happen again? I am concerned that I may cause some damage but I can't wait around for warmer weather to use my car.
  • yojasonyojason Posts: 3
    Hi all I'm wondering in any of you have had this problem. I have a C70 2004 soft top. Ive kept the top up most of the winter and now when I try to put it down when it is in park and the p brake is on it will not go down if the engine is running. The light just blinks. If I turn the engine off and turn the key switch back on with out the engine running the top goes down but it will not go down when the engine is running. It worked fine last summer. Any help?
  • yojasonyojason Posts: 3
    I found the problem hopefully this will help others. For some reason the parking brake light want coming on when I applied the P brake, it would come on intermittently. When the car ignition was on with the motor off all the lights were on so the top worked. I just took out the P brake handle cover and played with the switch and now it works fine. Almost went to the dealer.. that would have been a waste of $125 at the least.
  • hmcveyhmcvey Posts: 1
    I had the same problem and this worked for me. The car seat microswitches stop broke and were causing the roof alarm to issue a warning. The microswitch hits a plastic stop which can break when someone enters the rear seat and presses forward on the seat to far. This can cause the seat to fail and not retract or issue a convertible top warning. I fixed the switch by using wire and wrapping it around the lower seat bar around the switch so it functioned correctly when traversing forward and back. The roof top alarm seems to be connected to the driver side seat switch. On the passenger side the seat will just stop working when the stop breaks.

  • jnm2jnm2 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info... However when I try to put the top down the back window opens properly, but the next step is for the cover to open, this does not happen... The only way to open it is to manually push the window back down, than I have to keep tap the top bottom until the window locks down. Than I can open the truck lid and go thru the manual openning process... Am I missing doing something or should I unplug the plug your talking about?? Thanks for any futher help...
  • jnm2jnm2 Posts: 3
    switch on dash seems to be dead now, any sudjustions
  • jnm2jnm2 Posts: 3
    Have tried everything I know to get top to work.... Top switch seems to be dead.... Replaced relay, not sure it was bad... Fuses are good.... Even tried unpluging the plug behine the right rear sear with the top haft cranked down... Acts like there is no power to the top at all when I push the switch, the light at the top of switch doesn't come on and the windows won't open...

    What else can I try, Anybody Help Please
  • adiincaadiinca Posts: 1
    It seems I got the exact same problem... :cry:

    It happened this morning. I tried to close the top. It stopped during the closing process... the topswitch's light is of now and seems to be dead, since no reactions occur. The lid for the roof is stuck in upward position!!!!... and I cant find a possible way to close it. Because of the upward lid i have no access to the trunk either...

    I dont know what the problem is, since it used to work fine, so i thouht its the topswitch. i pulled it out and put it apart. Everything seems right to me ( I'm no electritian :D). Now I just took the electrical part with the brazings and plugged it in ( accidently upside down) then the light from the switch turned on again, but still nothing works. If i plug it in the correct way theres still no light and no reaction :(

    SO do you guys think its a problem of the switch or something else. Besides is there any way I can put the stck lid down so I can at least drive?

    PLS....HELP!!! I'm grateful for any answer....
  • mlubinmlubin Posts: 6
    Has anyone had problems with water leaking into the trunk? I have an 09 C70. It's been into the dealer 3 or 4 times bc there's water in the bottom of the trunk. It's coming in from above bc it's been as bad as several inches of water sloshing around under the spare. Dealer is waiting on volvo specialist to come see the car. Any advice out there for me? I love the car, but the ongoing problem has taken all of the fun out of it.
  • carlzalezcarlzalez Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm looking at purchasing a 2000 C70 convertible. The owner tells me that the lid that is supposed to open into the trunk, doesn't open so the top starts going down, then goes back to closing position, since lid won't open. I went on and got a Volvo mechanic/expert to give me advice. He said it's a potentiometer issue. Has any one else had this problem & can you give me an idea of what this might cost to repair.
  • ocelittleocelittle Posts: 2
    Yes! I have had major problems with water in the trunk. It has been to two different dealers over 7 times with only short term effects. It ultimately refills and sloshes around again. It is such a headache, I would love to have this problem solved. Not sure if it's related, but the inside carpet also filled with water and got moldy, as well as the leather seats. Any answers?
  • mlubinmlubin Posts: 6
    Is yours a 2009? The dealer has had the car for three weeks, had the trunk completely apart, ordered new tubes to replaced crimped ones, and is waiting for the Volvo tech guy to review the repair. I haven't had seat and carpet issues as far as I know, but I guess time will tell.
  • ocelittleocelittle Posts: 2
    no, mine is a 1999 - maybe the first year they came out, not sure. No one seems to know the cause of the trunk water. I said it had been to 2 dealers, and now I realize it has been to three dealers - each of whom have proclaim the problem solved. it does get old. Please let me know if you find a solution. I haven't given up yet. And about the seat and carpet issues - you'll know it if it happens, it's not subtle.
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