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Mazda 5 vs Kia Rondo



  • davidfehrdavidfehr Posts: 6
    When I first owned my Mazda 5 I was given the opportunity to test drive a Rondo for a number of months - free. Not the greatest styling but a much more robust and drivable vehicle than the Mazda.

    My family hated the Mazda. When it wen,t I got a Kia. I am much happier than I was with the 5. Mine was definitely a lemon. I would never indulge myself with a Mazda again. Sorry the Mazda 5 just has no guts and it is not utilitarian enough to be really used as a van.

    It has not found a niche yet and before it does I imagine it will go out of production. You can read about mine and my experience with Mazda Credit Corporation,
  • kivokivo Posts: 64
    I'm 63 years old and bought a 2008 Mazda5 about 1 year ago. Although the miles I put on it is very low, I also feel the car handles very well and the steering is perfect. I think the suspension does an acceptable job handling the bumps, and it has plenty of power (of course, there is never more than 2 in the car at one time) but I do have a scooter lift and an electric scooter in the back at all times. So far, a great car!
  • nissmazlovernissmazlover Posts: 162
    Wow, sorry that you had a lemon and such a bad experience with your 5! A lemon, keep in mind, can come out of any manufacturer - included the vaunted ones, Honda and Toyota.

    As for me, I have had two 5's, and with the exception of the suspension crunching I experienced in sub-freezing weather in my first 5, they have both been blissfully trouble-free and reliable.

    As for not being able to use the M5 as a van,'s kinda not designed to be used as an outright van. If someone does want van utility they'd be much better served with a regular-sized minivan such as a Caravan, Quest or Odyssey, not the 5 or a Rondo. However, as far as carrying the ocassional large loads, I have yet to encounter a problem with my 5. It can handle all four of us, plus A LOT of stuff - a lot more than any conventional family sedan could - with the utmost ease. And I think that is the point of the 5 - more utility than a regular family sedan, but less so than a huge "mini" van. My family and friends have all been amazed at the capacity the 5 has and we often find ourselves saying: "Never underestimate Max!" (That's the pet-name my kids gave our 5 since we all love it and it's ironic how such a small mini-minivan can do so much!)

    Hope your Rondo brings you years of enjoyment!
  • nissmazlovernissmazlover Posts: 162
    It really is amazing to me how different human beings can be from one another. And I mean that in a good way! This is a perfect example.

    Whereas you found the Kia's seats to be more comfortable, I find it to be the exact opposite for me. The Rondo's seats made my sciatica ridden back hurt after long trips. At first, they seemed cushy, but boy did that change after a little while! In the 5, though, I can sit happily all day in all four captain chairs, not just the front seats!

    As far as the stereo system goes, I actually thought the Rondo did deliver great sound, too - on par with my 5 since I think it has a great sounding system, too. Difference being that when I rented the Rondo, it didn't have an aux port, wheres my 5 did/does. (Don't know if Rondos come with AUX ports now, though.)
  • dona83dona83 Posts: 67
    I feel exactly the same about the seats in the 5, I can sit in them for hours. My 2008 Corolla had nice seats too as long as I didn't sit in them for over an hour, otherwise my legs and lower back would start acting up. The 5's seats feel a bit flimsy and it's not the most cushioned but boy do they do the job!

    Sorry about the 60 year old comment, I just threw an arbitrary number out there! I just can't fathom the day where I would no longer enjoy driving in Zoom-Zoom fashion.
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    Rondo - 1,024 (1039 for '08)
    Mazda 5 - 959 (1735 for '08)
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    To be honest with the name of that site you have posted here Mazda may not want you to buy or lease a car back from them either :) (BTW, the link seems blocked)

    Best of luck, we hope you get a better deal (car/money) in the future
  • Just picked up a new 08 GT Mazda 5. The driving dynamics of the Mazda are far superior to the Rondo. The sliding doors work better in our narrow garage and the Mazda interior is nicer IMHO, although the Kia isn't bad really. The Mazda is OK on power, but I do wish it had more. The engine revs smoothly and quickly, so it doesn't feel slow, except above 75 mph or climbing a steep hill. But since it corners so well, I don't have to slow down much and can keep the momentum up through the corners. The V6 in the Kia was a bit coarse sounding too.

    The 50 series tires on 17 inch wheels will be painful to replace cost wise. But the "Zoom-zoom" factor makes it worth it.

    Never had a Mazda either, so I wanted to try out the brand. As soon as I drove the 5, that was it for the Kia. I had an 01 Hyundai Elantra before, it was fine, but it was a driving appliance, not a drivers car. It was so boring to drive, I traded for a an 01Ford Focus ZX3 and never looked back.

    For us, the Mazda was the best overall combination of fun,function and value. :shades:
  • go59go59 Posts: 9
    Off subject, but exactly how do you remove those rubber strips? They appear to be fastened at the front. Cut them?


  • tourist1292tourist1292 Posts: 31
    I have test driven a 09 Rondo LX 4-cyl, 09 Mazda5 GT, and a 08 Rondo EX V6. The engine noise of the first 2 were about the same while the EX V6 is significantly less noisy up to 75mph. We got a quote for a 09 Mazda5 Touring at around the same price of a loaded 08 EX V6. The main reason we choose the Rondo EX is actually for the seats. The Mazda5 has 4" less overall leg room than Rondo. My teenager daughter can barely fit in the 3rd row of Mazda5 when there is an average person sitting in the 2nd row. That means the 3rd row will become useless for me very soon. Besides the extra seat in Rondo, the kids are feeling much more comfortable sitting in the back row which would make a long trip more enjoyable for the parents..
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Hmmm, let's clarify those 4" (4.1" to be precise) of overall extra legroom:

    1st, 2nd and 3rd legroom dimensions:

    Rondo: 41.3+38.2+31.3=110.8"
    Mazda5: 40.7+35.2+30.8=106.7"

    I would appreciate the 3" 2nd row difference (which is of no use for me as I have 2 rear facing car seats and the individual captain chairs' back seat reclining is more critical to me, but 0.4" extra in the 3rd row can really make a difference? :confuse:
  • tourist1292tourist1292 Posts: 31
    Don't forget that you can slide the 2nd row seat forward to make room for the 3rd row. So you can transfer part of that 3" extra leg room to the 3rd row and that makes a big difference in the usefulness of the 3rd row.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    And you can do exactly the same with the Mazda5, plus you have the extra space in between the 2nd row seats to stretch a leg or so when needed, like my dad just did today during a trip to the museum as he had surgery recently (6 passengers, 2 car seats in the 2nd row). Again, I'm not sure I follow the logic with 1/2in extra here and 1/2in extra there (you may also be a not very tall driver, so that might help too), but hey, if that works for your family, that is a good thing, that is what matters :)
  • tourist1292tourist1292 Posts: 31
    I think you've missed the point. Yes, you can slide the seat in Mazda5, but there is still 4" less in total leg room. Tested with my family that my teenage daughter can barely fit in the 3rd row when my wife sit in the second row with the seat already adjusted in Mazda5. In Rondo, both my wife and my daughter got almost 2" more space. Of course, that may not be a problem at all for other family, but there is definitely a 4" difference in leg room between the 2 cars and that 4" EXTRA room can be distributed among the 3 rows in Rondo.
  • dona83dona83 Posts: 67
    That's it, I'm getting snipped after our 2nd kid.
  • kasikinkasikin Posts: 14
    Yeah that third kid - (we nikcnamed ours one too many) really makes things difficult! You need a vehicle that seats 7 if you want to take each kid and a friend somewhere. Gotta get a suite when the family goes on vacation, as most normal rooms have max occupancy of 4.......
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Wait a minute, the latest posts have made me slow thinking, or is a long weekend (in the US) ;)

    3 kids + 2 parents + a friend = 7 passenger car needed? :confuse:
  • kasikinkasikin Posts: 14
    I'm thinking coolmazda5 that you are not a mom. Mom duty = 1 parent, 3 kids, 3 friends (a friend for each kid) = 7 passenger car needed. Dad wants nothing to do with that crowd, so an eigth seat is not needed.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    No, but I own one and my wife owns one, so I would say that I qualify as a Mazda5 owner and daily driver, so no sexist thing here (these cars are not just for moms like in the 70's and 80's, times change you know?)

    Dad-less, just mom, 3 children plus a friend each trip? :D

    It is just funny that the Rondo owners just want to justify the extra 7th seat "as really a plus" with any type of weird passenger combo (what about the cat?), when it is not really the case in these type of cars to be honest, just get a minivan.
  • kasikinkasikin Posts: 14
    Coolmazda you have a bizarre hostility to the Rondo that makes me wonder if one ran over your cat or something.....

    The mom comment was not meant to be rude or sexist, condescending or whatever, but in my earlier post I said each kid and a friend and you came up with 6 - when I thought it was pretty clear what each kid and a friend meant - and think a lot of moms would have gotten what it meant as well. The fact that you think my taking my 3 kids, each with a friend, to a movie or a restaurant is a "weird passenger combo" is downright odd to me. Perhaps it is because your children are still in rear facing car seats. Which by the way, if my children were still in car seats the sliding doors on the 5 would be a huge plus for me.

    I traded in a Honda Odyssey minivan for my Rondo. When my kids were younger, the minivan was wonderful. Now that they are capable of loading themselves into a vehicle, I wanted something smaller but something that still worked for the occasional (don't know where you came up with each trip?!?) times I take my kids and 1 friend each somewhere. If I didn't also really like the vehicle, I wouldn't have bought it but I do like it. ALOT. I'm sure the 5 is a fine vehicle as well, just didn't work for me.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    :surprise: the number of "you/your" and "I/me" wording increases and even letter capitalization comes up in the reply, yet I'm the bizarre hostile poster ;)

    The reply is based on the general Rondo owner replies that I've seen here on this thread, nothing else. I actually believe the former Honda Odyssey ownership and comparo you provided gives a lot of credit to the response, which should be good for undecided owners-to-be I hope.

    BTW, I don't like cats, they are too sentimental
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    is dumb. Young, love to drive vs. old and infirm loves comfort. Driving machine vs. appliance. Women discounted and demeaned. This whole back-and-forth is dumb and unnecessary. If people would simply tell the truth and QUIT TRYING TO SELL, this and other threads just like it would be much more useful to people. But, that's only my opinion and observation.

    Let the bickering continue. :mad:
  • kasikinkasikin Posts: 14
    I agree and apologize for being a part of the bickering. The one thing the bickering does show however, is that not all people agree on which of these cars is "better" and no one can tell you which one is better for you.

    So to anyone considering these two cars, please go test drive them both. Spend as much time as you need in the cars and figure out what is important to you.

    From my personal experience, when you have children in car seats, sliding doors are a godsend. So for some of you, that would be a plus for the 5. Alternatively, if you have 3 adolescents (as I do) or for any other reason often find yourself with a car/van full of kids, the extra seat is a plus for the Rondo.

    To me, anyway, the rest of the differences are really subjective and what's a pro to one person could be a con to another. So get out there, see what's available and try them out.
  • tourist1292tourist1292 Posts: 31
    If you have one child car seat, either one is fine. The rear door on Rondo is huge and open to near 90 degree (if you have enough space). We used to have a 2dr hatch back when my daughter was born and we had to switch to a 4dr within a couple months. Rondo is much more car seat friendly than my previous 4dr sedan (higher seat, large door, more leg room). If you don't have the room to open the door widely, then Rondo shares the same problem with other 4dr sedans and the sliding door of Mazda5 is definitely a plus. If you have 2 child car seats, then you should go for the Mazda5 or you cannot access the 3rd row easily. By the time your kids graduated from car seats and becomes teenager, it is about time to get another car anyway.
  • jskayjskay Posts: 5
    Sounds more like people are sold on a slogan then a car. Gearhead sacrificed a 10 yr 100,000 mile warranty for less power and the ability to open doors in extremely tight places. I would rather buy a Rondo and park in normal situations and not worry about some [non-permissible content removed]hole hitting my car with his door.
    Congrats on paying more for ZOOM ZOOM! Good luck with your mazda's!
  • dona83dona83 Posts: 67
    The 5 and Rondo costs about the same, what are you talking about? It's good we have choice, and the Rondo seemed pretty nice but the deal breaker of the day was the lack of manual transmission on the Rondo. Whether people here get the 5 in auto or manual, it's still a fun to drive car either way that may not have a lot of power but since the 5 is good at cornering you don't have to slow down and speed up much anyway so. :P

    Warranty means nothing if it dies at 100,001 miles. I got rid of my 91 Corolla last year with 225,000 miles on it.
  • larrytbmlarrytbm Posts: 10
    I agree that Mazda has done an excellent job selling the ZOOM ZOOM slogan. But if great handling was important to me, the M5 would not be my choice, and certainly neither would the Rondo. Zipping around in just about any car just hurts mpgs so I prefer the extra power of the V6 used only when beneficial. Both cars cost about the same. For me, the M5 has just one real advantage, the sliding rear doors. The Rondo carries 7 for those rare times I need seating for 7 w/o the terrible mpg penalty of a regular minivan. The Rondo absolutely carries more cargo than the M5 which is a much more critical need of mine. Finally, the 2nd row bucket seats on the M5 was a deal breaker for my needs, a large dog just won't ride well in a small bucket seat compared to a 60/40 split bench seat.
  • The prices of the two can be very competitive depending on the options and incentives. I actually was quoted with a Mazda5 Touring and a Rondo EX within $100 difference. There is no manual transmission in Rondo, while it is available in Mazda 5 only at the entry Sport trim level which has very limited options (e.g. no moon roof, leather seat). It will be a big plus if they offer manual transmission at all trim level.
  • tsm280ztsm280z Posts: 30
    What if your car dies at 99,000 miles?
  • dona83dona83 Posts: 67
    I'll let you know. ;) I'm approaching 50,000 miles on mine.
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