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Mazda 5 vs Kia Rondo



  • dona83dona83 Posts: 67
    In Canada we can get the GT (equivalent to the US Touring model) with the optional Luxury (leather, heated seats, 6CD changer) and NAVI package with manual transmission. :) The only thing not available in Canada is the HID lights for some reason. But I decided to get an 07 GT (no leather or NAVI) 5MT instead for now, holding out for Mazda to figure out how to squeeze a 7th seat in there.

    I figure 25% of all Mazda 5s were sold with manual transmissions in Canada.
  • I think only GT trim level (not Touring) has the leather option in the US also but there is no manual transmission in the 09. Anyway, the 2007 Touring (not GT) trim in US did have manual transmission option.
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    Rondo - 1,530 units (1,566 for '08)
    Mazda 5 - 1,197 units (2,072 for '08)
  • dona83dona83 Posts: 67
    Yea it's a shame. Manual is on the brink of death in the US and just barely hanging on in Canada.

  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    Rondo - 1,149 (1,001 '08); YTD: 3,939 (4,234 for '08)
    Mazda 5 - 1,030 (1,509 '08); YTD: 3,728 (6,567 for '08)
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    The Mazda5 made the list :shades:

    Parents magazine and revealed their annual list of Best Family Cars. Having tested essentially every vehicle in the marketplace, the experts selected 15 top models — three each in the budget, crossover, minivan, sedan and SUV categories. Each car was judged on safety, performance, interior, exterior and family friendly features.

    In addition to analyzing, test-driving, and comparing specs, Parents/ took into account feedback from parents who own and drive these vehicles every day. All of the cars on the list are budget friendly — five start at under $20,000 and one checks in at under $15,000. The Best Family Cars of 2009 will appear in the June 2009 issue of Parents magazine on newsstands nationwide today.

    According to the Parents/ survey, the 15 Best Family Cars are:

    Honda Fit
    Volkswagen Rabbit

    Honda CR-V
    Toyota RAV 4
    Subaru Forester

    Toyota Sienna
    Honda Odyssey
    Hyundai Entourage

    Honda Accord
    Chevrolet Malibu

    Ford Flex
    Mazda CX-9
    Chevrolet Traverse

    When it comes to combining family friendliness with value and performance, Honda was the leader: the Fit, Accord, CR-V, and Odyssey all made the Parents/ list. Reviewers raved about these models' spaciousness and thoughtful features such as convenient cup holders and steering-wheel mounted audio controls.

    Mazda followed with three models, the Mazda5, 6 and CX-9 making the list, while Toyota and Chevrolet each had two models on the list. Nine of the 15 models are newcomers to the annually updated list.

    "With the 2009 list, Parents and made an extra effort to highlight the smartest, safest and most budget conscious cars," said Dana Points, editor-in-chief of Parents. "If your family is in the market for a new car, now is actually a good time because steep dealer discounts make this a buyer's market. This list plus our money saving car shopping tips will empower you with all the information you'll need."

    According to the Parents/ Best Family Cars research, superior handling, efficient gas mileage and easy car seat installation are all "must haves" for parent drivers. The extras that won rave reviews from parents were storage related features, including bins under seats, easy to reach compartments in the dash and cup holders in the back seats. Remote start capability and multiple electronic plugs for portable electronics also impressed the reviewers and owners of the models on the Best Family Cars list.

    "There are 340 new car models on sale this year, and busy families could undoubtedly use some help sorting through the choices to decide what is right for them," stated editor-in-chief Karl Brauer. "As a parent myself, I feel sure that just about any family can find a car on this list that will serve their purposes well."

  • larrytbmlarrytbm Posts: 10
    "According to the Parents/ survey, the 15 Best Family Cars are:

    Honda Fit
    Volkswagen Rabbit

    Honda CR-V
    Toyota RAV 4
    Subaru Forester "

    I looked at 5 of them and choose the Rondo instead because my views are different. As a satisfied owner of an '03 CRV, the new one was the standard to beat. But it was a little dissapointing, it lost some of the nice touches, a little noisey and unattractive interior (huge Titanium colored door handles don't fit the beige interior and too many different colors/textures). The Fit is even noiser with very cheap looking fabrics, especially for a Honda. The RAV4 was OK, nothing significantly good or bad, not the best interior design or engine/trans choices. The Forester was really noisey and rough riding with a very bland interior. The M5 didn't meet our specific cargo needs and the second row buckets just can't handle a 55 lb dog. Someone elses inputs are useful but never the final answer.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    2009 Kia Rondo LX V6. Overall Test Score: 76
    Highs: Ride, quietness, powertrain, access, versatility, controls, available third-row seat.
    Lows: Unsupportive seat, no telescoping steering wheel, suspension noise.

    2009 Mazda5 Touring 4-cyl. Overall Test Score: 86
    Highs: Agility, ride, access, visibility, seats six, controls, value.
    Lows: Reserve power, road noise, no ESC.

    Wagons and hatchbacks, highest test score: 86
    Wagons and hatchbacks, lowest test score: 49

    Sources: a&model=Rondo zda&model=Mazda5
  • leckigleckig Posts: 2
    i read both reviews on consumer reports - I dont quite understand the way these cars are rated. If you read these reviews it seems like Rondo would actually get higher score.

    I wish an explanation was given why 76vs86.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    i read both reviews on consumer reports - I dont quite understand the way these cars are rated. If you read these reviews it seems like Rondo would actually get higher score.

    I wish an explanation was given why 76vs86.

    I've always used Consumer Reports along with other guides (mainly Edmunds) when car shopping. But it is irritating that they don't detail how they arrive at the overall score for a particular vehicle. All you see are those dumb little circles that are partially or completely filled in red or black....but no number values for comparison.

    In the case of the Mazda5 (with a score of 86) and Kia Rondo (score of 76)-

    Predicted Reliability- Kia (Very Good) is better than the Mazda (Good)
    Emergency Handling & Braking- Mazda (Very Good) is better than the Kia (Good)
    Acceleration- the V6 is slightly faster than the 4-cylinder Mazda, but the Mazda gets slightly better fuel economy.

    I'm a Mazda fan (love my '06 Mazda3), but I don't see how those differences result in the Mazda5 ranking 10 points higher than the Kia Rondo?
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • leckigleckig Posts: 2
    neither of these is a sport car boys... I am amazed how some of you are being influenced by a marketing slogan - quite pathetic, really.

    Personally, I like the Rondo better even though Mazda is more attractive from the outside in my opinion. Inside, Mazda looses - it just looks poorly made compared to Rondo and only two seats in the second row??? - this is just weird.

    Well, good luck on your 1/4 mile track... in a station wagon, or a minivan, whichever way you want to call it.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    You are right, these are no sports cars, but if you like driving and car dynamics then the Mazda5 supports its marketing slogan extremely well for the type of car it is.

    Now, if you just need a people hauler to move you from A to B, then no argument on your rationale I guess.

    I enjoy driving, like car dynamics and have driven both cars, so I can tell there is no Mazda marketing ploy, there is a world of difference between both. The way I see it is: with the Mazda5 is not how fast you get from A to B, it is how much more fun you had when getting there :D

    As per the Rondo being more attractive from the outside than the Mazda5, you are right, it is your opinion, I won't argue that
  • vg33e powervg33e power Posts: 314
    Looks are subjective.

    ....for me the Mazda5 takes it all the way, and I have to side with coolmazda5...its not how fast you get there but how fun it is to get there..another one for the Mazda5.
  • stewpidasostewpidaso Posts: 45
    I have that magazine those are road test scores. The mazda5 corners and handles a little better.
  • stewpidasostewpidaso Posts: 45
    we bought an 08' new rondo a few months ago we like it, also liked the mazda5 we test drove. got a great deal on a new 08' rondo lx v6 for 15k otd. I would have prefered the mazda5 because of the sliding doors but couldn't look past the great deal on the rondo. They are both good cars another car we liked was the nissan rogue very quiet and smooth. my $.02
  • 93949394 VancouverPosts: 74
    i'm not able to pick a winner after reading this forum, i believe i must test drive both, however, a test drive is only 10, 15 minutes,

    does anyone (or family) have both Rondo and 5 under the same roof (or close friends/relatives) and can provide a fair comparison, based on a slightly longer term.

    2016 eSoul - All Electric - Zero Emission
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    does anyone (or family) have both Rondo and 5 under the same roof?

    Damn, you might be asking for too much, I do believe they are mutually exclusive ;). But if you read a couple of pages back I believe there is one person (or more?) who have owned and sold a Mazda5, then got themselves a Rondo, that might help...
  • They would have sold more Rondo if they are shipping more. Weeks of waiting drives people away.
  • ...and if they were better

    Sorry I just had to say it!
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    They would have sold more Rondo if they are shipping more. Weeks of waiting drives people away

    Mazda has the same problem. There is no inventory of the Mazda5. This is the second year in a row that the demand is greater the the supply.

    I have a 13 person wait list for a Mazda5, and I have not been able to order 2010's yet!
  • 93949394 VancouverPosts: 74
    i wonder if KIA was producing less because of the economy downturn, so it is a good sign, may be the economy is recovering faster than i thought it would.
    2016 eSoul - All Electric - Zero Emission
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    I just tried a couple of Autotrader new car searches in 2 random US locations (opposite coasts):

    Location 1 (50mile radius):
    2009 Mazda5s available: 11
    2009 Rondos available: 22

    Location 2 (50mile radius):
    2009 Mazda5s available: 8
    2009 Rondos available: 12

    I do believe it is not a low supply, but maybe the new KIA line-up attracting some of the Rondo's target market buyers: the Soul and the Forte (especially the Soul as a 5-seater "wagon"). KIA as a brand is doing well, just some of its models didn't
  • ldislerldisler Posts: 83
    I think the CFC has helped the 5 more then the Rondo. The 5 is considered a cat1 truck and qualifies for $4500, the Rondo is a passenger car and in most cases only gets $3500. Got my 5 two weeks ago and love it so far. First full tank 26 MPG in mixed driving.

    Plus the 5 is better looking.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Good point, I believe CFC is mentioned in the Mazda press release link posted earlier. cat1 truck, huh? that makes sense :D
  • Coolmazda5....

    So what do you think? Our Mazda5's are not cars but are not really mini-vans. They are not SUV's because they do not classify as that type of vehicle so therefore they do not come standard with privacy glass. Most people call them wagons but they raise contraversy because it has slider doors like a mini-van...which is not, and now the government for the sake of CFC categorizes it a cat1 truck...WTF!

    So our Mazda5's can be a car, a mini-van, an SUV, a wagon, and now a truck...lovely!!

    Man, talk about Mazda making a ripple on a calm pond....and I love it!
  • The problem is that most, if not all, the available Rondo are LX and not the more desired EX trim. 10 out of 11 Rondos at my dealer right now are LX that has no 3rd row seat and moon roof option. In other words, most of the Rondo left are 5 seaters that are not competitive model for Mazda5. Dealers have been receiving mostly Soul and Forte in the last few shipments. On the other hand, the current inventory reflects the outcome of cash for clunkers. Rondo has both 4-cylinder and V6 models, but only the I-4 is eligible due to the 1mpg difference. Whereas Mazda5 only has 4 cylinder models and they are all eligible for the cash voucher.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    So it seems that in this case KIA is being bitten back by offering way too many options for a single model nowadays. That was its strength in past months however.

    Oh well, I hope the Rondo and the Mazda5 stay in the KIA and Mazda line-ups in the US for the next generation, competition is always healthy (those KIA numbers don't help today though, the Rondo is just ahead of the Borrego and the Amanti in numbers for July 09)
  • Sure it is good to have more optional line-ups within the same model if they can deliver the them too. I guess Kia's manufacturing capacity is really limited that they have to cut down the production of Rondo to make the new Soul and Forte. Anyway, let's hope that there will be more competitive models by other manufacturers in this niche.
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