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Caravan/Voyager Electrical Issues



  • artm4artm4 Posts: 3
    Hi, I had much the same problem a few weeks ago. Turned out to be the dash board. Everything worked but dash guages and lights. went to a junk yard, cost me a hundred dollars but that was the problem. Takes 10 minutes to change. Art
  • ageanagean Posts: 2
    I am having issues with my '91 Ply Voyager's intermittent wiper operation. At first position of the sliding switch the intermittent works for a couple of minutes and then stops. At all the other intermittent positions the wipers don't work at all. Howevever when switched to continuous operation position I have no problem and the wipers work fine. I would like some advice pl on whether the problem is with the wiper motor itself (meaning I should replace the motor?), or could the problem be elsewhere.
    Thanks very much.
  • pat13151pat13151 Posts: 10

    a really nice guy on one of the forums gave me a link to this site. I paid 13.00 and I'm downloading and printing all the factory info I can find on where the relays and stuff are located. This stuff was not in the chilton or hayes auto repair books. Unlike the mechanics I've gone to the people on the web are making more sense. In my case the common opinion is maybe a bad ground or relay which thanks to the guy who sent me that link I can now locate. I tried to explain to the last mechanic that the door locks ,vents, door ajar buzzer and windows could not all be bad if they work sometimes but not all the time. Now if I could find someone to help me track it down who isn't going to just shake his head and hand me a 3000.00 estimate :cry:
  • tooffytooffy Posts: 2
    well it gave me a warning about a week ago.. all gages, speedomitter,gas,temp, flickering off and on. goes off then back on, tricky trying to drive 55 with a speedomitter going up and down on you.. Now a week later, no headlights, no running lights, no dash guages, no speedomitter, no lights in dash , no inner lights...Where do i start looking??? Please help.
  • tooffytooffy Posts: 2
    thanks ken, i will check this with my van also...
  • I lost my speedometer and odometer a couple months back. Husband tried to find problem and followed all the wiring harness and cleaned all grounds. Since that time I have replaced the speed sensor, computer, instrument cluster, and ignition switch. I have only 5 volts at the ignition switch, the body control module and the power distribution center. Have also replaced that. The wires giving 5 volts are pink, pink and black, orange and black and yellow wire. The van wont start even if try to jump start directly from starter. It turns over but no spark Any help would be appreciated.
  • This started after a situation where I could not restart the vehicle and while trying to start it I noticed all sorts of weird elactrical issues on the dash - guages and indicators going on and off, clicking noises from the starter when I tujrned the key, etc. I tried jump starting with no success. The tow truck operator was able to start it immediately, but as soon as he disconnected his cables, the van stopped running again. In the end I had the van towed to a mechanic, who said I needed a new battery. This got me going again, but now I have the flashing light issue and no front intermittant wiper function.

    While they are flashing the other rear wiper and A/C lights don't come on, although their functions still seem to operate (without the indicator lights coming on). The only thing that doesn't work is the front intermittant wiper. After about 15 minutes of driving the lights stop flashing - at this point the front intermittant function still does not work but the rest of the lights on the rear wiper/A/C panel function correctly again.

    In another thread I saw a description for a self test , but it was for different flashing indicator lights. I'm going to give it a try, but thought I would add this to see if there are any other suggestions out there...
  • Two days ago my vans door locks went nuts while driving (locking and unlocking) themselves. this stopped after i shut the van off and re-started it. today the open door dash light and interior lights came on and won't go off i have checked all door switches and all seem fine. i am lost is space with one please help if you can. Thanks Lew
  • pat13151pat13151 Posts: 10
    I'm not a mechanic and I'm still trying to figure out my issues but during my research I found out that the accessory relay in the fuse box under the hood on the right side can cause some problems like yours if it's going bad. If you turn the cover over it tells you which one is the accessory relay. I'm going to try replacing mine to see if it makes a difference. They run about 6.00 so it's worth a try.
  • Have a 1997 Grand Caravan that had the same issues with door buzzers, lights, etc. going on and off. I took it to a Dodge Dealer who charged me $80.00 for a diagnostic and told me the computer module probably needed to be replaced to the tune of $600.00. Then I checked another forum site and was led to check the door frame where the sliding door makes contact. There were holes where rubber pieces are supposed to fit in which were missing on both sides (left and right doors). This is where the push button (similar to the light button on a fridge door) meets the door frame. I put velcro pads in those spots and have never had the problem since. This was over 3 years ago! Hope you can save some money, too.
  • 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan - Several others have posted problems similar to mine. All at once, all gauges will shut off, service engine light comes on and ABS light comes on. Turn signal indicator lights, radio, internal lights and everything else work fine. No changes in mechanical performance of the car. After a day or two, sometimes within an hour, everything comes back on and the service engine light eventually goes off.

    One post said he replaced the dashboard and it worked fine after that. I would be willing to try this. I am not willing however, to replace everything under the sun as some have said they have done and not had the problem solved. Any other suggestions?
  • Your timing belt has broken; Easy to check, remove the oil fill cap, get someone to turn over the engine..check inside the oil cap opening to see if the cam is turning....probably not. If you plan to have it replaced, also replace the water pump, it's a lot of work to replace the belt, so it just makes sense to do the pump while they (you) are in there. :)
  • i have a 2006 grand dodge caravan. the left side passenger door does not work when you press your button on your key chain, on the console above mirror or the botton as you get in. in only goes so far when closing and opening and the same distance both way. is there any way i can fix with out having to go get it fixed. help
  • All the lights on the Air/ Heater panel blink. I drive the van for about 4-5 mile the lights go off?? The heat and defroster s work. After I restart the van the lights start blinking again???
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,284
    .. for blinking panel lights here on Edmund's, and you should find your solution easily.
  • dfirkadfirka Posts: 2
    Hi All,

    Our Plymouth Voyager starts, but I cannot move the gear out of Parking position. The brake lights work OK, Can you give me any advice on common causes for this problem? Anything I can check being just an amateur.

  • ltd1ltd1 Posts: 13
    2002 Caravan's heater/a.c. suddenly won't work nor fan. Suspected fuse and looks like 40 amp fuse for front fan is okay. Would that mean it is the larger blower fan relay fuse or module that is bad? Are these testable or easily replaceable?
  • dfirkadfirka Posts: 2
    Appearantly the problem is the solenoid that releases the gear.

    I only need to move the car out of the driveway, so if there is any manual way to trigger the solenoid so it will allow the shifter to work.

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